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  • The Big Guy uses It's a Small World to drive his inner Discord crazy.
    • Every time the Big Guy trolls someone, it's made of hilarity. Amongst other things, he attacks with Barney & Friends, Kermit the Frog, and more. This eventually reaches a head when, after the Changeling arc, he weaponizes the Disney Animated Canon to punish Twilight.
  • Only in Equestria could Sailor Moon be mistaken for a documentary.
  • An extremely tired Princess Luna rants endlessly about the "betrayal" of various parts of her body while Rarity tries to talk her out of it. Such as having trouble speaking and declaring that "even [her] tongue, loyal servant of centuries betrays her. Were it not for it's long years of service, [she'd] have it nailed to a barn door" while Rarity tries to convince Luna she might need her tongue later.
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  • Mile Stone's thoughts on the reporters trying to get into Big Guy's house.
    Mile Stone: Dear Princess Luna, the creature engaged in some target practice and there were several deaths. Most excellent shooting, but I do think we should set up a proper archery range with range safety officers to prevent a recurrence of this tragedy. No, she would never go for that.
  • When two soldiers are looking around Big Guy's kitchen, one of them spots meat in the freezer and jokes about it being Prince Blueblood. The other declares it a terrible tragedy but they shouldn't let such things get in the way of interspecies relations.
  • The Big Guy trolls all of Equestrian nobility into thinking poking someone on the nose and saying "beep" is how his kind greets royalty, getting them to do the same.
    • Even better, to keep Celestia from having to bow to them so they can greet her, the nobility have to stand on each other's shoulders.
    • Put on the spot, he also makes the Patton Speech to all of Equestria's nobility, none of whom understand a single thing he's saying. Luna notes Celestia's Prankster Sense is going off, "And the poor thing doesn't know why."


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