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  • Kaya's good end has two back-to-back moments of awesome: During her final fight with Munetsugu, when it seems like he's getting the upper hand, she fakes her usual attack, switches hands, and knocks him out with her scabbard. The second comes moments later when Munetsugu—who had been left unconscious in the underground sanctuary—appears out of nowhere to slice Ba Rouryuu into pieces, asks Syouko to take care of his daughter, smiles, and sacrifices himself to close the Gate. Talk about a show stealer...
    • Heck, all the characters have one. Pretty much anytime Michiyuku Shi wo Koe starts playing (like in the above) you know awesome is about to occur.
    • The Grand Route is essentially just a series of crowning moments for pretty much every character. Even the monk (though his awesomeness is only briefly related after the fact).


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