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  • During one Season 3 competition, the green team held the lead for most of the week, winning the first three shows. When the yellow team finally won an episode, they only retrieved two keys, leaving them about 450 points behind. On the Friday show, the yellow team won the Computer Challenge, meaning they won the episode by five points. Still more than 400 points behind, they needed to find five keys in the Maze to win the week. The entire studio was in hysterics before the Key Run, and in a rare move the entire week's players were shown standing behind the yellow team's desk watching the live footage. The runners found four keys quite quickly, but couldn't find a fifth. With twelve seconds left, the yellow player grabbed a fifth key and the half of the studio audience represented by the yellow team screamed so loudly James' commentary couldn't be heard. The yellow team ended up winning the week by less than 50 points in a ridiculous come-from-behind victory...and the icing on the cake? That last key was the Bonus Key, meaning the contestants won a Game Boy for their trouble.

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