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Standing for Keep Until Better Image Suggested, KUBIS is a predefined message used in TV Tropes' Image Pickin' subforum. It means Exactly What It Says on the Tin, namely a vote to leave a page's current pic up until someone finds or makes a better one ("It's not ideal, but it's all right"). Until its creation, all kinds of different phrasings of that sentiment were in use, until Plenum suggested KUBIS as a short, simple acronym that would say the same thing a lot more efficiently.


Prior to the arrival of KUBIS, votes in Image Pickin' were semi-formally divided into "keep" and "pull". While KUBIS can be interpreted as a soft "keep", its influence on the thread can be significant. If the majority leans towards plain "keep", then the thread can be closed soon, while if they vote "KUBIS" the hunt for new images can still be commenced and the thread can continue.

A spinoff phrase which you may be here in search of is BUPKIS, standing for Blank Until a Pretty Kickass Image Suggestion. This is sometimes used when the current page image deserves pulling and finding a new image may be hard because the trope isn't something that is easily or concisely depicted visually.

If you type "KUBIS" in the forum, it automatically displays as "Keep Until Better Image Suggested". If you try to link to this page by typing "{{KUBIS}}", it displays as "Keep Until Better Image Suggested", as the {{ }} makes a link, but the spacer means the actual URL contains spaces like this: Until Better Image Suggested.


Alternative Title(s): Keep Until Better Is Suggested, Keep Until Better Image Suggestion, Keep Until Better Image Suggested


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