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Administrivia / Needs a Better Name

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Like Do We Have This One? and How Did We Miss This One?, one of the Trope Launch Pad Stock Phrases. Common when you know you've got a trope, can describe it fairly well, and even have a few examples at hand. But you just can't come up with a name that can describe what you're talking about while also being snappy and memorable. Or worse, the one you are thinking of is just terrible.

So you slap 'Needs A Better Name' on the top and let the Wiki Magic take care of it.


A useful resource to get A Better Name is the Naming a Trope page. If it got launched with a crappy name, you can also take it to the Trope Repair Shop and ask for help.

Never attempt to rename an existing trope without bringing it up for discussion, it will be quickly reverted — see Everything You Wanted to Know About Changing Names. And remember that Redirects Are Free.

Compare Needs a Better Description, and Needs an Index.

Alternative Title(s): Needs A Snappy Name, Need A Better Name, Need A Better Title, Needs A Better Title


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