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aka: Registration

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The Basics

Welcome to TV Tropes! Here, "Registering" (formerly called "Getting Known") means to create a user account on this site. Once you have registered, you will be an official member of the wiki: a troper.

There are two stages of registration: introductory and approved. All users, regardless of status, may read the site and manage their profile. Once verified and approved, you will be given the privilege to edit articles, post in the forums, and otherwise contribute. It was once that those who were not known possessed edit privileges, but, due to circumstances which are beyond our control, they may no longer do so. Good Night, Sweet Prince.


Logging in and out may be done by clicking on the profile icon on the top right of the main toolbar. You can also go directly to the login form using this link.

Happy troping!

Account Controls and Maintenance

  • To edit your profile, go here. You can change your site preferences, upload an avatar, and perform most of the functions listed below.
  • To change your account password once you are logged in, head over to this page.
  • To recover a lost password, go here. This requires that you have an email address associated with your account, and that you have access to that email account.
  • If you created an account prior to the email verification requirement, you may associate an email address with it here.
  • If you forget your password, and you do not have an associated email address, we may not be able to recover your account. You may use our contact form to request assistance. Please try to use the same connection (internet address) as when you were logged in to your account.
    • If we approve your request, your original account will be "reset", meaning that you will have to register it again with a valid email address.
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    • If we deny your request, it is because we cannot associate your current information with your previous account. You will need to register a new account.

Registration Policies

  • Your username (AKA handle) may only contain U.S. English letters, digits, and certain limited forms of punctuation.
    • If your handle doesn't start with a letter or contains any punctuation other than a hyphen (-), you will not be able to create a Tropers page for yourself.
    • Certain types of punctuation may also prevent anyone from sending you a private message. If you have a handle like this, we may request that you make a new account, and/or block your account.
    • You cannot change your handle once you have created your account. We cannot transfer history, PMs, or any other data between accounts.
    • We are unable to support diacritics or any other non-English characters in handles.
    • Offensive or provocative handles may be refused at moderator discretion.

  • To register, you must provide a working email address. An email will be sent to that address to confirm your registration. You must click on the link in that email, or paste it into your browser, to activate your account.
    • The use of a disposable email address during registration may result in your activation being denied.
    • Any given email address may only be used for one account at a time. Changing the email address associated with an account will "release" the old one, letting you use it again.

  • By registering, you understand and agree that any IP addresses you use will be logged and may be employed by us to establish your account's identity.
    • The use of a VPN or anonymizing proxy during registration may result in your activation being denied.
    • You may use a VPN or proxy after your account is activated.

  • Creating multiple accounts in rapid succession may be viewed as an attempt to circumvent our security checks. Please do not do this.

  • If you have been suspended (see What to Do If You Are Suspended) from any part of the wiki, do not create a new account. Doing so is considered ban evasion and will result in all handles you create or have created being permanently banned.

  • After registering and logging in, your login information will be stored in a site cookie on your device(s). If you do not have cookies enabled, certain features may not work properly. To delete the site cookie, log out.

  • We cannot and will not "delete" accounts. Account histories, including forum posts, wiki edits, reviews, and so on, are retained regardless of whether an account is active or banned. If you no longer wish to use your account, our recommendation is that you scramble your password and then log out.

  • Privacy notice: All information collected during registration, including email and IP address(es), is used only to identify you to us. TV Tropes does not sell or make any other commercial use of your registration information. For more information, see our privacy policy.

Registration Process and Account Restrictions

After creating an account and verifying your email address, you may immediately:

  • Read all areas of the site.
  • Manage your profile settings and viewing options.
  • Follow articles and forum topics.
  • Subscribe for ad-free viewing.

In order to edit or post, your registration must be approved by a moderator, who will review your account to make sure that it complies with our policies. If we deny your request, you may still read the site as stated above. If you believe you were denied in error, or have any other issue with the registration process, you may use the contact form to get help.

Once your account has been approved, there is a brief waiting period during which you may be subject to certain restrictions. We do this to help contain attempts to vandalize or spam the site.

  • New accounts may not post in the forums for 24 hours after registration.
  • New accounts may not make any forum post that contains an external URL.
  • New accounts are limited in how many forum posts they can make in a short period of time.
  • Wiki edits made by new accounts will be flagged in the Recent Edits report.
  • New accounts may be monitored directly at moderator discretion.

If you violate any of our rules, you may be suspended or banned. If this occurs, see What to Do If You Are Suspended to learn more.

Known Issues with Registration

The following are technical and other issues that are known to exist with registration. We are continually working to correct them and improve the registration experience.

  • If you attempt to register the same account more than once with different email addresses, or change your registration email too quickly, we may not be able to correctly approve it.
  • Denials must be appealed within a few days or we may be unable to reverse a decision.
  • In certain circumstances, you may receive multiple emails indicating approval or denial.
  • Registering or logging in using Facebook integration may occasionally fail or appear to hang.

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