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Administrivia / Edit Stomp

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This is a term for when wikis (like this one) that put up a "lock" on edits for a brief period, so one person can make an edit to an article while another editor is trying to "get at" the article. If two people take the article open for editing at the same moment, or override the other's lock inadvertently, there is a chance that one editor's changes may be lost, except in the page history. On the Trope Launch Pad, where no such lock exists, the odds of this happening are increased — and it's one of the many reasons people are discouraged from editing someone else's draft.


In the worst case, this can make an editor look like they are arguing against... nobody. It can also make it seem like they are ignoring feedback, if history is examined. It is not to be taken as any more evidence of insanity or rudeness than you would automatically afford any other troper.