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Live Blog Let's Read fallout Equestria: Project Horizons.
darkabomination2014-01-25 08:54:56

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foE PH 00: In Which the Author Attempts to Justify Such an Insane Decision, Meanders a Bit, and Who Knows? Just Might Get Around to Something Worth Your Time.

Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons. The name alone will stir up controversy in many a pony fan forum. It has been described as everything from a masterwork of pony fanfiction, an overwritten hellhole that should have collapsed under it's own cynicism 400000 words ago, a great if flawed work deserving of it's fans, and many other things both glowing and contemptuous. It has inspired a respectable quantity of fanart, critiques, a fanfic or two of it's own, just over a dozen fan songs, and has neatly divided the Fo:E community between those that love it, those that hate it, and those caught somewhere in the crossfire.

Whatever the readers' opinions on the work, two things are generally agreed upon by all involved. It's very, very long, and very , very dark. over 1.2 million words and counting, Project Horizons is easily the longest single work of ponyfic. Despite it's vaguely optimistic-sounding title, it is a very bleak story wherein horrible things regularly batter down the main cast every chance it gets. Unlike it's inspiration, the story doesn't shy away from subjects only alluded to or unmentioned by Kkat, including realistic injuries and trauma, sexual abuse, psychological problems brought upon by the setting, and staggering amounts of violence that a healing potion can't cure.

Yet despite or perhaps in spite of it's bleakness, the story remains ultimately hopeful and optimistic, something this blog will hope to prove as we journey through Hoofington.

Because of it's great length and perhaps an even greater reputation for suffering, it's understandable why many would be intimidated and decide not to read it. Indeed, it isn't for those with weak stomachs or the faint of heart. Yet for those who remain curious about it's contents, I hope to provide a clear and readable summary for each chapter, highlighting the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I make no promises these posts will be as critical as they should be, as I am a self-confessed fan of this fic. Details may be glossed over, the quality dropping without my notice, flaws ignored, and in general there will be things I've missed. which is why I welcome any criticism of and or comments relating to my interpretations of this story.

Now then fillies and gentlecolts, without further adieu, let's take a trip down to Stable 99 and meet our heroine, Blackjack.


Jan 25th 2014 at 10:18:56 AM
So I gots another concurrent liveblog. Funtimes.
Jan 25th 2014 at 9:18:54 PM
"over 1.2 million words and counting, Project Horizons is easily the longest single work of ponyfic."

No no, not even close. I actually wrote a comment on Reddit about this—you can check that for more details. Either way, the longest work of pony fanfiction is actually 4.4 million words long.
Jan 25th 2014 at 11:14:19 PM
Diaries of a Madman. Fuck. And it's got a hell of a detailed trope page.
Jan 26th 2014 at 10:19:56 PM
welp, there goes my first screw up.