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Live Blog [Insert Hilarious Joke About Turtles Here!] i.e. Crewe watches Ninja Turtles
Crewe2013-03-05 15:05:51

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Hello. I come in peace. I hope you enjoyed the over-used joke in the title. I'm sure it really hooked you in. Welcome to the place known as the awkward introduction section of this thing which is known as a liveblog, in which place I introduce the liveblog in a way which is known as awkward.

With that pitiful excuse for an opening (and Kraang impression) out of the way, hi! I'm Crewe, in case you hadn't noticed. I happen to be a big fan of the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. And because I spend a lot of my time thinking about it (I have no life, I'm sure you'll come to find), I figured I might as well put those thoughts down on paper somewhere. Screen. Textbox. Whatever. You know what I mean. Anyway, while my motivation is primarily for my own amusement, hey, maybe you (yes, you, random Troper!) will find some sort of entertainment in my ramblings.

So anyway, because this is my first ever liveblog (she says as if it's not obvious), I have no clue what I'm doing. So I'm pretty much gonna throw stuff at the proverbial wall and see what sticks. Like spaghetti. If my liveblogging skills are properly cooked, they'll stick to the wall. I do know that I'll probably do something like watch an episode and just kind of talk about it. The first two episode I'll count as one, since it's a two-parter. Other than that, I guess we'll see.

Oh, there is one thing that I definitely will not be doing, and that's comparing this show to past TMNT cartoons. The simple reason for this is that I haven't seen them. Before this show, the only exposure to TMNT I had was that CGI movie, and while I have some sort of vague recollection of the plot, I couldn't name all four turtles if I had to. (I could maybe name three. But there was no way I'd remember 'Donatello'. Which is ironic, considering how much I love this Donnie.) So yeah, if you were looking for some sort of compare/contrast with past turtles, this is not the place for you. Maybe someday I'll watch them. Who knows. It could happen. Maybe. Someday. Probably not, but maybe.

So if you enjoy my cutting wit (and parenthetical ramblings), welcome aboard! If you stick around because you hate my guts and want to tell me so, you can stay, but you'll have to sit in the back corner and throw your spitwads from there. If you stuck around this far but have already decided you'd rather not continue, so long. But hey, I have a decent grasp on the English language and plenty of words to spew at you, so why not stick around? I'm sure I can be entertaining if you squint hard enough.

With that said, next entry is the first (two) episode(s)! It'll go up somewhere around today or tomorrow. Just when is a mystery (oooh!), because I like to keep people on their toes. And not because I'm easily distracted, of course not.

See y'all around, and thanks for clicking on that truly terrible turtle title. And now for the awkward ending to the awkward intro. So long!


Mar 5th 2013 at 3:12:39 PM
The Kraang impression wasn't that bad actually.
Mar 9th 2013 at 10:55:52 AM
You have my attention. I'll be looking forward to future installments.