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Howdy. I am Crewe, lurker extraordinaire and human female from the US of A. I love animation in pretty much all of its forms, though not so much comic book type 2D. I love action shows, and have a thing for animated martial arts. I prefer overarching story arcs over episodic shows. With my obsessive mind, I tend to latch onto things and make it my life for as long as it continues to amaze me, and move on to the next thing afterwards. Past obsessions have included Danny Phantom, A:TLA, Megamind, HTTYD, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Gravity Falls, and TMNT 2012. See? Cartoons.


I also like to RP, and have been a proud member of the We Are All Pokemon Trainers RP and community right here at TV Tropes for over three years now.

I'm a lurker at heart, more interested in seeing what other people say than putting in my own opinion, so sometimes I show up in a thread out of nowhere that I've been following for a while but haven't posted in. So, uh, don't be alarmed. I come in peace.



  • Hey Crewe, just droppin' by!~Braincogs
  • Flank speed! -desdendelle
  • YO! -TheMeddler
  • You can't hide from me, not even on your Troper page~ -Slouch
  • Hi, Crewe. I found Damian, Masque, and Rampage. I'm just gonna keep 'em for you, kay? - Rex
  • A strawberry plant sprouts from the end of the page, and spontaneously grows fruit.
  • Happy Summer-soon-to-be-Decemberween! -Quarter