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Live Blog A (positive) Re-Read of Fallout Equestria and Side Stories.
Seraphem2014-04-04 05:57:45

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Yes yet ANOTHER liveblog of Fallout: Equestria. Though this one is slightly different, since well i've already read it once. And also I loved it. So why make this you might ask. "Oh yay mindless gushing about this from a fanboy" you might think. Well, no. Yes there are already two liveblogs of this story, one that's been pretty much abandoned, and another that is now a mash up of various MLP fics. And while I do like both the people doing them, they have a very negative view on the fic, more so then the vast majority who have read this. And I'm sure that anyone whose read Pannic's blog of it recognizes me and knows how much a disagree with his views on the story. I simply want to give another opinion on it.

Also it's been about a year or so since I read the fic, I want to go through, re-read it and see how time/Season2&3/seeing the various criticism, discussions, debates about the fic have change the way I see it.

And there is yet ANOTHER purpose to this, to work myself up to a fic I have been dreading reading, that I have been both interested, and repelled by from everything I've heard. And finally worked out a way to read it, via making it about the liveblog not me reading it myself (and yes it makes sense in my head, that's what matters.) So this is both a test run of working out how to do a liveblog, and directly related to the next fic since that one is Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons.

Hope that you all enjoy, feel free to comment once I start (will be soon, though going will be slow for the first month I work retail so this is a VERY busy time for me.) but I'll get it going as soon as I can and, well hope someone reads and enjoys this.

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