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Live Blog The Adventures of Trainer Hannah
Yomegami2012-10-12 15:38:25

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The Introduction Thing

Hello, people who decided that this thing should be interesting! I am D.L. Yomegami, and this here is a liveblog of the recently released (as of this writing) Pokemon White Version 2.

Since this is a liveblog, there is no doubt some of you are expecting a Nuzlocke, Egg Run, or some other form of self-imposed challenge common to the Pokemon games. Unfortunately, if you're looking for something like that, then I'm afraid you'll need to look elsewhere. This is more or less a Let's Play in text form. About the only difference here from a normal playthrough of a Pokemon game is my usual self-imposed restriction that whiting out is equivalent to a game over.

Admittedly, this sounds a little boring on paper. However, I'm not going to be writing this in the first person like many other people do. Rather, this is being told as a story from the perspective of the Trainer Hannah (I'm picking the female option, as I always do for Pokemon games). It will be in the third person, and generally much wordier than the usual liveblog.

I should also note that this isn't going to be a Sadist Show with lots of Dead Baby Comedy - that can be funny in moderation, but in excess it kinda loses its edge. There are better ways to make something funny. Also, I'm not going to openly trying to make this a comedy, though there will be humor where it's appropriate.

I'm planning on covering the entire main game, but only select parts of the post-game. I'm not going over every single thing the game has to offer, though.

One final warning, to the people who are planning on getting Pokemon White/Black 2 themselves, or have the game but aren't finished with it yet: there will be spoilers in here. In fact, for me this is going to be a mostly plot-blind run. I say "plot-blind" because I've avoided plot spoilers, but went ahead and informed myself of stuff like Gym Leader teams ahead of time. As such, the reactions to various events will probably be my reaction to such events when I first encounter them in here.

I think that should be everything worth noting about this little run. Next installment: the story begins!

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