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Live Blog Pit Fighter: Season 1
KyleJacobs2012-07-18 23:45:29

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Masked Oblivion vs. Brute

  • Masked Oblivion triggers his rage, moves into position, and throws a knife at the Brute. The knife goes wide.
  • The Brute steps in line with Masked Oblivion and bellows in an attempt to intimidate him. This doesn't work.
  • The Brute begins to rage and charges towards Masked Oblivion. Masked Oblivion's claws extend and rake the Brute for 14 damage. The Brute's attack misses.
  • Masked Oblivion makes a perception check to examine the Brute, looking for weaknesses. This succeeds, inflicting a -2 penalty to the Brute's saves.
  • Masked Oblivion proceeds to grapple the brute, putting him in a choke hold and squeezing. This scores a critical hit and inflicts 17 damage, knocking the brute out.
  • Seeing the masters give the thumbs down, Masked Oblivion severs the Brute's head and holds it up, to wild applause.

Style Breakdown:

  • Rage - 1 point
  • Perception check - 1 point
  • Grapple - 1 point
  • Critical Hit - 1 point
  • Execution - 3 points

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