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IkuMasamune2012-01-13 19:23:34

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A Very Ordinary Start of Darkness

Hello, Tv Tropes. Iku Masamune - another generic anime fangirl who likes her anime well-done like eggs - here with her first Liveblog. Today, I will start a liveblog of THE anime series of 2011. As my friends and family know, my favorite anime is One Piece, which is still going very strong in 2011. Let's save that and all Akainu/Blackbeard-related griping for later. Instead, we're going for a darker route - Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Warning: There are spoilers and moments that made people cry in this anime, and they will be in this to re-cap the episode. Also expect comedic moments - deadpan or not - to show up in this blog to provide readers of this blog (and me) some cheering up from watching a sad, sad anime.

So, anyway, the anime starts off with our Ordinary Middle School Student, Madoka Kaname, run through hallways of black-and-white tile. Sorry, Inception fans, your paradoxical staircase is not in here, but it's still surreal. Speaking of surreal, Madoka finds an exit - And it leads to nowhere, as its revealed that she was inside this lady (or witch or robot. Hell, it could even be a building) floating in the sky. Then, this beautiful girl dressed in some sort of fallen priestess/vicaress/princess/socialite-type outfit appears and fights it. Then - Aww! Look at the widdle ferret - I mean, some adorable ferret-type thing shows up and gives a speech ending somewhere along the lines of "your wishes can come true if you make a contract with me".

Then, Madoka wakes up. I hope you bookmarked the previous scene with the ferret, the fallen vicaress, and the lack of paradoxical staircase.

The following montage goes like this - Madoka wakes up, wakes up her (presumably hungover) mom, gets dressed, gets ready for school, has breakfast, and walks to school with Sayaka and Hitomi, Madoka's two friends who will be key players of this game.

And, they make it to school and all is well. Until transfer student Homura Akemi shows up.

This could still pass for a normal school anime if Homura didn't give her lecture to Madoka on what she cares about the most.

It's still looking like a normal school anime - Everyone talks about Homura and how great she is, Madoka, Sayaka, and Hitomi go out to eat after school, and Sayaka and Madoka listen to music at the record store in the mall. Life is good, and it's all Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows.

Until Kyuubey falls out of the ceiling.

Yes, you read that right. Kyuubey fell from the ceiling.

And, then, the animation gets all surreal and Mind Screw-like, since Gertrud, our first witch, wants to battle.

First, here are some things you need to know about Gertrud:

1. She likes the Pringles logo. A lot. Or, it's cotton balls with hipster mustaches. Take your pick.

2. She also likes - or lives in - Europe, as we see European landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. (And, I think I saw Big Ben. If not, blame it on the Mind Screw and the fact I saw it before going to bed)

3. Gertrud has a dangerous obsession with scissors and hedge clippers.

So, Madoka and Sayaka - naturally - are scared and don't know what to do. Then... German bar maid with guns, I choose you!

This isn't Pokémon, but Mami, the girl wearing the outfit that reminds me of a German bar maid, enters. Our Poké - I mean, witch -, Gerturd, flees and Homura - who is in the fallen vicaress -

I know what you're thinking. "Is Homura - THE transfer student - the fallen priestess/vicaress/princess/socialite-type girl from Madoka's dream?"

Nope! Just Chuck Testa.

Kidding. It's Homura. Oh, and Kyuubey - who was the ferret in the dream - appears as well. Mami and Homura explain to Madoka and Sayaka about Puella Magis and what they do, leaving out the darker parts we'll save for later. Kyuubey wants Madoka and Sayaka to make contracts with him so they could become Magical Girls, and the episode basically ends here.

Will Madoka and Sayaka make contracts with Kyuubey? What was that thing Madoka was inside of in her dream? Will Inception be referenced in the anime? Stay tuned!


Jan 23rd 2012 at 3:58:24 PM
The title made me think that this would be a Madoka liveblog done in character as Ika Musume.

Oh well.