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Live Blog Johto AKA The "Nice" Adventuring Group
EviIPaladin2011-10-29 22:41:07

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Welcome to the World of Pokemon...

First time Liveblogger and GM here, Evi I Paladin. Nice to meet you all.

In this Liveblog, I shall be write of the many accomplishments (and, inevitably, failures) of four brave Trainers: Dan (as played by Talden), Seth (as played by Awe Striker), Anza (as played by Hashil), and Honip (as played by Xiphoniii). As they traverse Johto in this parellel universe to the canon Pokemon world, they will face trials, meet friends, and have silly Oo C moments (mostly the fault of the GM, yours truly).

A little bit about the group...

Dan is a young male of 18 years. He is easily the heart of the group, being a walking ball of joy and happiness. He is a talented Chef, working for his family. Embarking on a long journey, he received an egg from a man who visited the restaurant in which he worked. This man had no use for it and Dan quickly hatched it into a Spheal which he would name Boolie (to my continuous ribbing about its cruel behaviour).

Seth is the youngest of the group at 15 and is probably the most psychologically worn. He lost his mother in a terrifying thunderstorm when he was younger. He has since sworn to undertake learning how to control the unforgiving elements which led to her demise: the wind and lightning. His abilities as a Psychic are appreciated by the group, such as his ability to seemingly warp the time-space continuum to allow for allies to re-try abilities at the cost of some of his health. His Mareep, Faraday, is also a supportive character while still being able to throw her weight around offensively.

Anza has thus far proven to be the most morally dubious of the group. At the ripe age of 16, he truly is beginning to embrace the teenage stereotype of snarky and douchy. Having just returned from a long exile in training as a Mystic, he has lost a bit of touch in trying to be empathetic with people. However, he can relate to Pokemon quite well. His Mienfoo, Nyeri, is a partial example of this. The muskrat (not a weasel) met Anza while he was undergoing training and almost hospitalized the teen. However thanks to trickery, Anza triumphed and captured the little bugger. After it nearly eating all of his food, the two have begun to get along better.

Honip has not yet made an appearance or had any extensive amount of backstory made yet. He does seem to enjoy Watching Pokemon, if his character sheet is to be believed... His Abra is definitely a thing. I think...

Together, they shall roam Johto. Catching Pokemon, beating up Gym Leaders, performing in Contests, punching kids in the face... It's all in a day's work for Team Johto*

! Who knows? Maybe one day they'll get their acts together, confront the new (possibly) evil team and maybe even meet their Kanto counterparts. All I know is that someone's Minun is breaking the game and it is my fault.


Oct 31st 2011 at 11:03:29 AM
Boolie is not a bully, gaddammit'!
Oct 31st 2011 at 12:45:36 PM
Didn't know there was a Pokemon Tabletop RPG. I'm interested in it.