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A fellow gentleman coming from the flat land of Belgium.

Describing himself as "A stupid fanboy with a head full of projects", Talden is a young nerd who dabbles in a lot of different subjects. While he has some limited drawing abilities, went to an animation school, and aspire to be a video editor one day, what he likes the most is creating stories and characters. Which probably explains why, after making first contact with TV Tropes in 2008, never left it and keeps consulting it after every work of fiction he sees.

Originally French-speaker, he had very limited education in English before he found a video from That Guy With The Glasses. Seeing that he could understand spoken English, he kept watching three to five videos a day for several years, and now possess enough vocabulary to be somewhat fluent in the language. People are frequently amazed by that.

Is a huge fan of whatever Ankama produces, in any format available (video games, comic books, animated series, merchandising, ...). He has produced a small number of fan works related to them, the most recent being a comedy web show called Krosmaster Funnies (a series a humorous scenes acted by miniatures from the eponymous board game). Other than that, he's also a frequent player of Tabletop RPG, Board Games and Collectible Card Game, has a particular love for Western Animation in general, and also does other geeky things like watching Doctor Who, My Little Pony, et cetera.

He seems to possess an overactive brain, constantly spouting new ideas and stories as days goes by. This capacity is only matched by his legendary laziness, meaning only very few of his projects will see the light of day. He even started a series of vlogs detailing those unfinished projects... only for that to fall off the roof after a couple episodes.

Has a Twitter, though most of the time in French. His Youtube channel Chez Talden is also mostly in French. So is his DeviantArt account, not that it matters when you look at badly drawn pictures.

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Any contribution is welcome to enlighten Talden about himself. Really, go ahead.


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VERY WELL. You are a ...silly person. -Evi I Paladin

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