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Live Blog OK, here goes nothing
KyleJacobs2011-09-24 12:04:54

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OK, getting started on Sinfest. This'll cover the first 150 strips.

  • 1-11: Alright, I'm interested. Haven't seen anything great yet, but there's definite potential here. I like some of the concepts, and I'm getting a bit of a "Doonsbury" tone from it.
  • 12-41: The main character's antics seem to flip between amusing and supremely annoying. The jury is out on how much this will affect my enjoyment.
  • 42: Oh, no. He did not just do that to Calvin and Hobbes.
  • 43-72: More of the same. Monique is growing on me.
  • 73: I could have gone through the rest of my life quite comfortably without seeing Peppermint Patty naked, thank you very much.
  • 93: Ah, I was starting to wonder when Captain Activist Fundamentalist Antics was going to show up.
  • 126-131: Liking the God vs. Dragon bit.

Nothing else particularly notable here. I'll probably do another 150 some time this week.

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