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Live Blog Let's Watch Beavis and Butthead
RobbieRotten2011-07-22 22:21:25

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Blood and tonight's nightmares

Hello tropers,.

I decided a liveblog was in order.

So there's some new Beavis and Butt-Head episodes coming this year. I'll be honest: I've never seen the show.

Yes, i know. Well today, i will start watching it...with you!

Welcome to this live blog of Beavis and Butt-Head.

We'll start with the first episode

'EPISODE 1: Give Blood

(I'm not sure if this is real first episode, wikipedia says it's door to door, while the youtube video says this is it. But, since this sounds funnier, i'll tackle it firsr)

Let it be known that Mike Judge himself himself hates the early episodes. He said it was "awful, I don't know why anybody liked it... I was burying my head in the sand".[


So let's begin.

We start with our heros watching a fake trailer for an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie called "The Medic". I bet they almost made that,. until this show sold them out.

So then we get the most popular part of the series: the music video parts. This is where they riff on music videos. I don't know half of those songs, so don't kill me if i skip over them.

This one seems to be okay. Can't place the song but they say "Let's get physical alot". Stupid song, but the boys make some funny comments. Doing good so far.

But the animation does kinda suck. But hey, so does south park's.

So then switch to another song. Can't place it, but i like it. Rocking. This time they don't say much. Not much of a complaint, but if i wanted to listen to this song, i'd look it up.

So the boys go out to give blood to get money to see that movie.

They arrive to see that it's a dump, and the nurse seems to have low standard. I sense halirty ensuing.

She stick needles in the,. then gets interrupted by a phone call. Said call seems to be from an ex-husband who vanished for 15 years and then called her up at work. She gets distracted, and the blog bags get comedicaly huge. Thank god they weren't donating sperm.

So they go home with huge blood bags, and bam! Music video!

....I have no idea what this one is, but i don't wanna know. There's some black guy who really wants this one women.


Channel change!

Now it's some rocking rock song. Not much to comment on.

Then they see a trailer for a movie called blood bath...while they are giving blood again. Irony, and a little funny.

Geez, another music video? Eh, i;m game.

Another okay music video.

But with that, it ends. Not much of an episode.

Let's check out episode 2, before we end this.

EPISODE 2: Door to Door

So we open with them flipping channels until they find...well just guess.

This one's pretty rocking, again, i can't place it. This liveblog must suck to read for people who haven't seen the episodes.

This one goes on long without much comments. I don't know, these are okay, but i really wish there was more of the actual cartoon.

Hey, another one, with a song i KNOW! Baby Got Back by Sir Mix alot.

I don't think i can say much for THIS one, but the comments are actually funny.

So then we cut to school,. where a teacher is is talking about a door to door fundraiser thing. And they are given the option to do the resulting report written or oral.

They choose oral. Yes, hard to believe.

So then they go door to door, to collect for the poor with some very fumy bits.

Eventually, they reach a house they run into...

an old lady BDSM mistress named Koura Anthrax.

Uh....words can not sum this up. they're home. Uh, what happend? Did she let them leave?

Whatever, music video!

Can't place the few that show up here. It's okay, again.

Now it's back to school. Okay

So the school got 8 dollars overall. Sad. But..that scary chick leaves a note saying good things about the boys. Well, I'll have good dreams tonight, And sends a check for 100 bucks. So the boys win 2 albums of...i couldn't place the name. Man, i suck at this.

They ruined them, as we expect, and we get another music video. Meh.

So those are the first two episode.

Eh, i liked them. They weren't great, but they had funny moments, my only complaint is that the music video parts are underwhelming. They can be funny, but they bore me mostly. But i won't mind having them for another 90 something episodes and a movie.

I'll grade them both: B

See ya next time!


Jul 22nd 2011 at 11:59:32 PM
Watch Frog Baseball. That's the REAL first episode. : D
Jul 23rd 2011 at 12:44:10 AM
I'm skipping the pilots as mentioned on wikipedia. But maybe i'll get to it.
Sep 16th 2011 at 11:35:26 PM
Seriously? You don't know Ramones? Judas Priest? Olivia Newton-John!?

Funny review, tho