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Live Blog Fight It Out! Let's Play Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen
Ghilz2011-06-12 23:27:41

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Hello there and welcome to my first ever LP, which I decided to dedicate to Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen (here on referred to as MOTBQ). What's this game? Well it's a SNES game released in 1993 from QUEST, the predecessor of the Tactic Ogre games, which in turn lead to the Final Fantasy Tactics games. MOTBQ (and Ogre Battle 64) are quite different from these games, being a unique brand of Real-Time Strategy games. But we'll get into those details in due time.

MOTBQ also has another thing going for it: It probably deserves some sort of Guide Dang It! lifetime achievement. The game manual is incredibly incomplete, barely telling you how to work the interface, but leaving out so many details that it may be unlikely for one to finish the game (let alone get the best ending). But once you do learn how to play it, it's a game of incredible complexity and depth. This LP aims at explaining how the game works.

Because MOTBQ is a bit light on the story side compared to its successors, I will try to spread exposition on how the game works across multiple update, as I go through the game's first stages. But let us get down to business:

Ogre Battle Saga - Episode 5 - The March of the Black Queen.

The sage Rashidi, perhaps driven by madness, assassinated his former friend, King Gran Zenobia and joined with Empress Endora, leader of the northern Highlands to wage war of 4 kingdoms.

The overpowering military of the Highland legions took but a year to subdue the whole continent and the Zeteginean Empire was born.

The rule of the empire was a pure regime of terror. Merciless persecution was directed against survivors of the old kingdoms and those who would escape the tyranny. The heart of the people were trouble by secrets and betrayals and much blood was spilt over the land.

Imperial Year 24

Here on the frontiers of Sharom the last survivors of the Knights of Zenobia were planning a final challenge...

So here's our setting. Assassinated royals. Evil Empire. Rebellion. Yaddy Yadda. Looks like we have our plate full! In case you may ask, no, there is no (yet) Ogre Battle episodes 1 to 4. 1999's Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber is episode 6, and 1995's Tactic Ogre: Let us cling together is episode 7. Tactic Ogre: The Knight of Lodis is a Gaiden Game and not given an episode number. Yes, this series is big on releasing titles in a puzzling order.

Next time: Fate will select a hero to lead the rebellion

Oh yes, and visit gentlemanorcus's LP of Tactic Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.

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