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Live Blog Let's Play Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis!
gentlemanorcus2011-04-18 18:10:56

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Long ago, there was a time when strength ruled and evil held the world in it's vile clutches... The Age of Zeteginia...

Welcome! Again.

This is The Knight of Lodis, prequel to Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together! Recently, the remake for LUCT came out on the PSP, so I thought I would LP this game to commemorate that.

In gameplay terms, this is kind of like LUCT's little brother. It's shorter, it's easier, and the story is less complex. But it's still decently long, it still offers a decent challenge, and it's story is still pretty good. It also has an interesting "emblem" system, which I'll explain later. It also retains a branching story, though the two branches are not nearly as different as LUCT's branches were, and don't offer the same moral complexity.

But on the downside, some of the lost complexity makes the game feel dumbed down, and the graphics look a bit too much like FFTA graphics. Regardless, it's still quite a fun ride.

Just as a heads up: I don't know as much about this game as I do Tactics Ogre: LUCT, and I've never played it all the way through. Also, because of school, I won't be able to keep up the one-a-day format of LUCT. I'll try, but expect some delays.

This LP will contain music from the game just like the last one did.

I just realized that liveblogs have table of contents built in, making this page pointless. To make up for it I'll definitely upload some gameplay today.

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