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Live Blog Stevebat runs Blind Lets Nuzlocke Pokemon Platinum
stevebat2011-02-07 19:47:33

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Hello one and all welcome to my self demonstration of Masochism. I am playing Platinum and outside of hearing about how hard it is and playing some of the earlier games in the series I have no clue what I am getting into So Tally ho let us be away to watch me fail at Nuzlocking

Pokemon Platinum

First things first... Oh this Rowan guy is he the new professor of this game? Finally somebody who doesn't have the name of a tree Oak, Birch etc I HATE TREES. Yadaa yadaa pokemon yadaa Controls Blah blah what is that a bunny with random tufts of fur?. He's done lecturing good now I can tell him... Okay seriously Why? Come on its been a good 20 years since the first game you think people would know their genders by now. For name I shall use Stevebt because Stevebat is too long. Name my friend and/or rival Gavin because he looks like a Gavin kind of guy. Okay Whenever I wipe I am savestating Here for further notice so I am always the same guy with the same friend/rival. let us begin our grand adventure!


Feb 8th 2011 at 7:56:09 PM
Actually, if you don't mind me using The Other Wiki as a resource, rowans are small trees native to cool regions in the Northern Hemisphere. Rough luck, I guess. Other then that, all I can say is that I wish you good luck.