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Alfric2011-02-10 17:47:22

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Chapter 0: Lets' Play Tales of symphonia a bit differently...

... by soloing the game with Lloyd! sort of.

So a few months back I started to think of a playing Tales Of Symphonia again, but I'd already played through it a lot and wanted to try something new. I decided, after I saw videos of Lloyd absolutely DESTROYING certain bosses, that I'd do a solo through it with him.

The settings of the solo were 10x exp on Mania mode. The rules are:

-All allies set to semi-auto so they can't do anything

-Lloyd is the only one allowed to use items in battle with one exception (I'll get into that later)

-Allies are allowed to act as distractions, but I can't revive them if they're killed in battle until you sleep at an inn

What your allies CAN do:

-heal me outside of battle with magic

-revive me with life bottles in battle

-cure petrification

-use techs in unison attacks, and can be used to set up for unison combos

So far I've reached the Balucruf Mausoleum and am planning on training there for a while. I'm at level 40 so far.


Feb 6th 2011 at 10:41:36 PM
Sounds like a difficult challenge...then again, if you're already this far, and you gathered enough Grade in previous playthroughs to acquire that EXP modifier, you're probably going to do fine.

By the way, if you don't mind me asking, what playstyle are you going for with your protagonist? Are your skills leaning more towards Strike, or to Technical? Prefer a well-rounded title, or one that gives major boosts to a few vital statistics? I'm just curious...
Feb 7th 2011 at 2:11:31 PM
Thanks for the comment! I actually haven't had too much trouble so far, although the difficulty does seem to be catching up to me so I may need to grind a bit more. On my Lloyd setup, my skills are mostly strike (I'm using Life-Up and Spirit-Up compound EX-skills to get my HP and TP up) and I prefer a title that helps the stats I need. My best title so far is Master Swordsman since I didn't transfer titles over, although I'll probably switch to Sword of Swords when I get it.