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Live Blog Let's Play Cyber Knight!
Clawshrimpy2011-02-04 00:55:20

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Introductory, Q&A and intial introductory video.

Hello and welcome to my Cyber Knight Let's Play!

the Cyber Knight games are a wonderous japan-only gem of the SNES. it's a sci-fi Humongous Mecha JRPG with a huge explorable solar system and interesting game play conventions, including leading a 3-man team of mecha in strategic battle. This isn't just Fire Emblem IN SPACE like Super Robot Wars, Cyber Knight instead offers some really novel and interesting game mechanics for it's era in gaming.

Q: What's all this then?

A: Cyber Knight was a 1992 SNES port of a PC Engine game, the graphics are kinda....low for the SNES, but the gameplay more than make up for it, with a huge explorable solar system, and interesting gameplay from how battle works, to equipping your modules, down to using remains of enemies at your lab to develop new tech (ala X-COM) however, the game is not without it's flaws, the huge explorable solar system is hard to find where to go or what to do on your own. and the game is also known for having an extremely high random encounter rate, even for JRPG standards. However, I still find it intriguing.

A Sequel was made, Cyber Knight II, with improved graphics and whatnot, I may or may not LP it as well.

Q: Are you playing this blind?

A: the answer is Yes and No. While I do have a guide for the game at my perusal, I have two files for this game, the first of which is further in the game and is just to play through to make sure I can do it while recording

Q: This game never left Japan? does that mean it's ALL IN JAPANESE?

A: No, in fact. There are translation patches for both Cyber Knight and it's sequel.

Q: Any other information on Cyber Knight?

A: Yes, this very small fansite.

This is a video LP here is the first introductory installment for the Cyber Knight Let's Play.

A Breif Histroy of Cyber Knight and the introduction cinematic: Youtube Dailymotion Vimeo


Feb 4th 2011 at 11:42:32 AM
Hehe... I was the editor for the translation patch. Good times. 8-)
Feb 14th 2012 at 11:56:37 PM
just downloaded the roms for both 1 + 2 amoung a myriad of others (chrono trigger for 1) can't wait to get stuck in to good old fashioned snes rpg's