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Live Blog The HYBRID Experience 2.0
NorthRaider2010-12-18 00:29:51

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[Names of two of my closest friends], if the Slender Man starts (going) coming after me within the next couple of weeks, you know who to blame.
—my private online journal, August 3 2010

Prior to my first actual viewing of an Everyman HYBRID video I had discovered the Slender Man Mythos via this very wiki, then proceeded to do an archive trawl of the original Something Awful thread our favorite Humanoid Abomination debuted in. (In broad daylight even. That's a testament to how effective this mythos is.)

As far as "canonical" Slender Man works are concerned however, surprisingly I had gone through Just Another Fool first before moving on to the grandaddy of them all, Marble Hornets. Somewhere in between all that was my brief phase of lurking the Unfiction forums for whatever Slendy-related information I could.

In hindsight that lurking phase may have put me on the Spoilered Rotten path as far as the so-called heir apparent to MH, Everyman HYBRID, is concerned. Last week was my first (failed) attempt at a marathon viewing of the series, in which I only went as far as the first 2 3 videos (Introduction, The Night Jog and Dreams & Eating) because I was too busy switching back and forth between YouTube and the series wiki in fearful anticipation of when Slendy or the Rake might show up. (I am a notorious wuss when it comes to horror media, you see.)

This was seriously hurting my immersion in/appreciation of the series, so today I am going to start anew. And this time there will be no relying on the wiki (hopefully with very few exceptions, like maybe the spin-offs), no nervous skimming through the series' TV Tropes entry, and definitely no lurking the Slender Man Mythos area of the Unfiction forums until I'm fully caught up. (Thank goodness Marble Hornets has its own section.)

From this point on, I am going into Everyman HYBRID mostly blind. In other words, the way a series like this should be gone into.

Disclaimer: Expect a lot of unsavory language at some point during my blogginations.

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