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Live Blog Badfic Fetish has a thing for Stand My Ground (No, not that way!)
BadficFetish2010-12-15 07:14:55

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The Goffik Carnival is pressed into a corner (even though they don't have to be).

Capter 21 The Revevelation

Well, wasn't that soon? Anyway, Doryomaru offers to help Bratney with the raid that won't be the (relative) spectacle of Chapter 8. Meanwhile, Linda and her harem have IKEA Erotica in her dorm. Dracola is the primary sexual partner, which is a good thing as Draco's a spineless wimp.

Then, Snap, Loopin, and Britney come in, without so much as a dramatic entrance. Linda sums up her feelings about this with a: "U r bak, stoopid prep, coming oot of Nakaku." Bratney gives out the fact that the new student is on their side, and Doryomaru enters the room.

He turns out to be....MORYOMARU! This is a surprise how? Anyone with Inuyasha spoilers could tell that was him! He did a big laugh, "Wahahahaha." Then he flewed up and did the shooting with lightning power. Linda manages to muster enough gumption to counter this, and there was a big explosion and we got to escape.

Britney rages and says: "Damn dem goffiks, always sneakin away, tell Joran to kidnape them." The preps who were pimps and Danderhoot appered whil we wur escapin. You know, it would have been better if it was the Nazi Servants or Corrupted Self who initiated the ambush. Mere pimps with no Nominal Importance and a character who Linda has already escaped from once? They'll be like a paper umbrella in Acid Rain.

But it seems that Linda and her harem would be nerfed today, as Vandersloot says I will make the kidnapping of you and take you to Aruba's next door island", while our Sue only replies with an Oh shat. Dun dun dun!