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Live Blog Let's Play Jagged Alliance 2! (Redux
Nimitz2010-12-12 13:24:07

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The team is trekking toward Drassen's airfield as I speak. It should take them a couple hours, but I'm sure they'll have little difficulty getting there.


Oh, God dammit.

Generica: Heads up, guys, I see movement over by that farm. Can't tell if their civvies or not.

C: How many are there?

Generica: Can't say. I couldn't get too close without being spotted.

Ben: What's our next course of action, C?

C: Alright, listen up! We'll split up into two teams. 'Rica, Ellie, Bunny, you'll take the central road. Ben, Ira, Cia and I will head up to the barnhouse from the south. Clear?

Everyone: *agrees*

C: Alright, move out! Hold your fire until we can properly ID the contacts. Cia, take point.

Cia: Righ', moving up.

Bunny: Stay low, girls...this doesn't feel right.

Generica: I see one of 'em...looks like he's armed. Wait, what's he got...oh shit. He pulled out a radio. I think we've been made, C.

C: Great...lock and load, people. You're cleared to engage, but confirm your targets. There may still be civilians around here.

Generica: Oh crap.

Ellie: That may not even be all of them. We need to dig in! Into the field! They'll have a hard time hitting us there!

Soldier: *pow*

Cia: Nnngh, FECK!

Ben: Cia!

Soldier: *pow*

Cia: ARGH!

C: Jesus Christ, are you okay?!

Cia: Yeah, *cough*, don't armor took the last one.

Bunny: Oh snap, I see two more!

Soldiers: *pow, pow, pow*

Bunny: We're takin' fire over here!

Cia: Shoot me, will ya... *ratatat* Have some of that!

C: I'll take the other. *crack, crack* Hostile neutralized!

Ben: I'm headin' one up ahead!

Generica: Holy tits, they're everywhere! *pow, pow* Damn it all, I missed!

Enemies: *pow, pow, pow, pow, pow*

Generica: FUCK! There's bullets landin' around us!

Ellie: Pull yourself together. We can take them.

Ira: Ya got a cleah shot, big guy! Take him down!

Ben: Yeah, I got it, Ira. **crack, crack* ...I got him. Fuckin' metal.

Ira: Yeah, he's mine now, ya heah? *pow* Aw, dammit!

Bunny: *crack* He's hit! *crack* Agh.

Ellie: *crack* Bene!

Soldier: *pow, pow, pow*

C: Close one.

Ira: I can't miss this one! *pow* Yeah!

Ben: *crack*

Soldier: Ungh!

C: *crack* He's hurtin'.

Bunny: *ratatat* Shot, he's down!

Generica: *ratatat* What?! *crack* He's got armor!

Ellie: *crack* Argh, why won't you die?! *crack* There we go.

Soldier: *pow*

Bunny: D'OH, BALLS!

Generica: You alright?!

Bunny: Yeah...just grazed me!

Ellie: You reacted pretty badly for someone who was just grazed.

Soldier: *pow*

C: Oof!

Cia: C's hit!

C: I'm fine. Thank God for kevlar. *crack, crack* Shit.

Ira: *pow, pow* I told you guys my mahksmanship was lackin'!

Ben: *ratatat* What the bullshit, I'm closer to him than the other guy!

Bunny: Okay, I've just about had enough of this! Frag out! *BOOM* Booyah!

Ellie: Nice throw. Let's clean these bastardi out! *crack*

Generica: Allow me. *ratatat* There we go.

Ellie: Mostra.

Soldier: *pow*

Ellie: Aiigh, cazzo! You will pay for that! *crack, crack*

Bunny: *POW* I love this thing.

Generica: *crack* He's finished.

C: Fuckin' die already! *crack* What the hell?!

Cia: *crack* Was that so hard?

C: Yes!

Ira: *pow* Flippin' eh!

Unfortunately, the feed stops there. Must've been a glitch or something. It's fixed now. (OOC: IRL, Fraps decided to stop taking screenshots. Damn you, Fraps!)

Fortunately, there wasn't too much action after that. Most of the enemy force had been wiped out by then, and the team had no trouble killing the stragglers. C, Cia, Ellie and Bunny's light wounds were easily patched up. Their performance shouldn't be affected. Now, with that finished, they can finally move on to the airfield. Even though this is only the beginning of the operation, they're doing a very fine job. I just hope they can keep it up. Nimitz out.

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