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SapphireBlue2011-05-13 12:21:26

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Chapter 21: Holy Eclipse (part two)

I gotta apologize for how long it's taken me to update. I've been hooked on Maple Story for the last month, and I've just never felt like working on this liveblog. However, I'm going to get back on track. I really do want to finish this.

As for the game, I start right from where I left off Ė the beginning of the second battle. My opponents are four ďAlch EyesĒ and one ďAlkemion.Ē I donít remember this being very difficult. I also remember that the Alkemion is stationary, which will make things easier.

I begin moving forward. It looks like the smaller Eyes can use thunder magic. Iíll have to be careful not to clump my guys. I also think Iíll try to take them out first before I go for the big one. They seem to be susceptible to physical attacks and resistant to magic ones.

Kai is the first to die. Guess his magic defense isnít very good. I have Cecille bring him back. Doing so makes her level to 43 and has her learn a new spell.

At some point, the big eye gets its first attack in. It does this sniping thing that deals a lot of damage. Iíll try and stay out of its range until Iíve killed the other eyes.

Kai is killed again before he can do anything. Iíve killed two small eyes at this point. Make that three. I have six of my guys still alive, so I think Iíll be able to do this.

I soon finish the last of the small eyes, and head over to the big one. My physical attacks donít seem to be doing much. Maybe magic will do more?

Nope. Magic does nothing. Absolutely nothing. Guess I just have to keep pounding this thing. I decide to keep one or two of my guys out of range in order to resurrect anyone who dies. A while later, I have six guys on the field. Hopefully this will keep going well. The thing has about 500 HP out of 750.

Now I have four guys. Actually, make that six again.

Things are going reasonably well. Iím hanging in there. The thing has about 250 HP at this point. Right now Iím just pounding it.

68 HP left. Almost there. And there we go, itís dead. Time for part three. I get 7800 Rico and four Vitae, just like last time.

Kingston isnít happy about losing, so he runs back to the altar to get the Water Lapistier. Priel tells him that Johannes has startedÖforming a cocoon? What? We see a shot of a stringy pink cocoon at the front of the church. Guess this is how Zehaal will be reborn? The group wants to break it before itís ready. Sounds like a good idea. Letís go!

This time I bring in Leon, Kai, Mel, Claire, Mel, Heath, Mavi, and Saki, along with Alph. Before I do anything, I save again. Wouldnít want to have to restart now, after all.

My opponents are two knights, a cleric, a mage, and Priel. Strangely enough, it doesnít appear that I can actually attack the cocoon. I canít even select it, so technically itís not in the battle. No surprise whatíll happen after the battle finishes. First thing I do is focus on attacking the knights, since theyíre closest to me. It doesnít take long to finish them, but unfortunately Alph and Mavi are killed in the process. Iíll get them back as soon as possible. Actually, itís Melís turn right now, so I bring Mavi back.

Priel manages to charm Kai and Saki. I heal Saki of it, but then Kaiís turn comes and he attacks. I heal him afterwards, but it still hurts. He dies shortly after.

I try to kill the mage, butÖOK, Iíve basically lost. Iíve got two guys left. I think Iíll just restart.

Alright, trying again. Mavi buffs four of my guys for defense, and I start pounding away at the nearby knights. Heath levels to 42 after an attack. The cleric comes in and heals one of the guys I was attacking. Since sheís been kind enough to bring herself nearby, I bring Leon over and start attacking her. Kai hits her next, and then Saki finishes her. Unfortunately, Priel charms both her and Kai. Time for some item-using. Mavi cures Saki, since sheís way faster than Kai. I have Alph attack a knight, Heath heal Claire (who barely survived being hit by both knights), and Leon cure Kai. And then itís Kaiís turn. He goes over and starts pounding the mage. He was wounded a little, but his leveling to 39 helps with that.

Both the knights attack Claire, and she goes down. Iíll have her revived as soon as possible. It just happens to be Melís turn right after Saki attacks the mage, so I have her bring Claire back. Then Mavi gets killed. Ah, well. I can manage.

First kill goes to Leon, on one of the knights. He levels to 42 for his trouble. Priel goes over to where Mel and Claire are, and kills off Claire again. Wow. This sucks. I think I can manage, though. Leon kills off the other knight, leaving only Priel and the mage left. Considering that I have six fairly healthy guys left, I think I can do this.

Mel heals Saki and levels for it, andÖoh CRAP. Priel kills off Alph and Heath with a flash drive. I KNEW I should have healed them insteadÖwell, guess I can still make it. Saki uses her second flash drive on Priel, whoís now down to about half her heath. Leon uses his second flash drive on her, so sheís almost dead.

The mage hits Leon and Mel, but that wonít help. Iím totally winning this. The mage seems to have one of those shield spells on him that makes the next three physical attacks miss. Iíve hit him with two. I could get rid of the last one with Saki, but since Priel is almost dead, I figure Iíd be better off finishing her. So I do that. She levels to 44.

I have Kai use a Vita Mint on Mel, just in case. Leon moves next. I have him go in and attack the mage, which makes his shield wear off and pretty much seals his fate. The guyís only got 50 HP left. Leon levels to 43 for that.

The mage attacks Mel and Leon, but they both live. Mel goes in and deals the final blow. Battle over. Finally, this string of fights is done. I get 8000 Rico and some Vitae for my trouble. I choose to intermission with Leon this time.

Priel is complaining about how we hurt someone as pretty as her. As if that makes her any less of a bitch. Unfortunately, our fighting just gave the cocoon the time to hatch, as if it wasnít obvious enough that that would happen. Lucia is shocked. Priel is excited about seeing him, and says sheís going to ďthe place.Ē She leaves Kingston behind, however. Kingston is annoyed about that, but he does say that heís going to use the device the Round Table Council made that will let him take control of God. I doubt that will end well for him, but weíll have to see.

Claire says something about the cocoon flying (lolwut?) towards Kursegrad, a place where the Witches fought God in the past. Apparently, this place has more power than anywhere else in the world. Presumably, this is where they will try and revive him.

Once the group is outside, Theo asks if God is strong. Alph says probably, or he wouldnít be called God. However, all that Alph knows about God is from the Luminous Verses. Heís never seen him in person, so he doesnít know what the reality is. Heíll have to smash the cocoon before he has to see. After a bit more conversation, the two of them get a synergy.

As for the intermission, Leon wants something to say when he wins a battle. My options are ďFear the Young Lion King!Ē ďYouíre not on my level,Ē and ďYouíre just the baby school!Ē I would normally pick the middle one, but I figure Leon would like the first one better. So I choose that one. His response is simply ďHell yeah!Ē

Kopin was drifting for a while, and landed on a deserted island. Vanessa came to pick him up, but the first thing she said to him was ďWho the hell are you?Ē

Alright then, it looks like Iíve got at least one battle before I reach my destination. I canít tell if there are any more, though, because my destination is on another map.

Thatís all for this time. However, to make up for how long it took me to update, Iím going to do another chapter right now. Expect to see that one up in an hour or two.

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