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Live Blog Let's play Luminous Arc!
SapphireBlue2011-10-01 11:55:22

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OK, time to try this again. Last time, my patience wore thin after a long, long battle with Zehaalís ďWings of DoomĒ form, and I ended up quitting in the middle.

This time, Iíve got a plan. Two characters will be stationed at each of the three points that Zehaal warps to. Mel and Cecille will stay towards the middle of the stage, providing healing and resurrection for whoever needs it. That way, I wonít need to run around every time he changes position. Iím hoping that this will work, because Iím not really in the mood for long, drawn-out final battles. Hereís hoping Iíll get lucky.

For the sake of keeping things interesting, I wonít describe every little thing that I do. Iíll just try and give an overview. Here goes.

When I saved, it was Melís turn. I begin to move everyone to their positions. All of a sudden, Zehaal uses an instant death spell. Thatís odd. Iíve never seen him use that before. Anyway, Alphís out for now. Iíll wait until Mel or Cecilleís turn, seeing how I want to conserve my items. When Melís turn comes around, I have her do it.

Man, Zehaal is so incredibly hammy. ďMY WINGS ARE THE WINGS OF DOOOOOOMMM!Ē Itís pretty laughableÖor it would be, if this fight wasnít so annoying.

Iíll be honest Ė this strategy isnít working out too well. I think itíd be a good idea to use up all those FP-boosting items I have lying around. This is the final battle, after all, and flash drives are probably my best bet.

He uses his third flash drive, and kills three guys. Iíll try and bring them back, but itíll be kind of a pain. Right now, I just need to heal the ones I have left.

My guys are still dying here. Not fun. Iím still wondering why I brought in Theo and Nicolai. Theyíre my lowest-level characters, and theyíre just not very useful right now. Zehaal has charged up his flash drive again, meaning another round of slaughter is coming up. Iíd better heal.

I guess I did a good job, because only one or two characters died. Zehaalís HP is at about 600 at the moment. Heíll probably heal, but Iím hoping he doesnít.

Shouldnít have said that. He heals himself to maximum HP again. Iíve noticed that he did this when there was no one nearby to attack. Maybe I could take advantage of that, assuming that Iím onto something here.

At some point, I decide to bring Nicolai back. His buffs might be helpful. On a completely off-topic note, Iím not too happy with how it says my status effects can hit, but Iíve never seen it actually work. I kind of doubt it would.

Right now, my healers are the only ones left. Better put them to work. A few turns later, I have six guys left. But then Zehaal uses his third flash drive. You know what? Iím restarting. This isnít going anywhere. And I really wish I hadnít battle-saved here. It wouldíve been much better to do that right before I won the last fight, so that I could have changed characters if I needed to. I shouldíve swapped Mavi and Leon out for Theo and Nicolai.

Second try. I try buffing a bit more this time. I also remember that Claire has lots of debuffs, which could really help me out here. A while in, I still havenít done much damage, but Iím surviving nicely. Once I start dealing damage, itís mostly with flash drives. I want to do damage in larger increments if possible. Alphís third flash drive is the best Iíve found, but everyone else can usually do a little bit.

Iím actually doing a decent job right now. Almost everyone is alive, Iíve got about 200 of his HP down, and everyoneís got pretty good health. Zehaal seems to be charging for his third flash drive, though, so Iíll need to be careful.

A few turns later, heís fully charged. I have Cecille move away, and try to heal everyone. By the time he uses it, everyone is sufficiently healed so that only three characters die. Not good, but I can still get them back easily. Iíve now got Zehaal down to about half his health. Cecille heals the remaining characters. I think the trick now will be to make him focus on attacking so that he doesnít heal.

Annoyingly enough, Zehaal gets two turns in a row, leaving me with only Cecille and Alph. Even so, I still try to provide targets. I canít let him heal. Over the next few turns, Iíve recovered well, having six guys on the field at the moment. Well, make that five. Vanessa just died. Then the rest of my group starts to fall apart. Mel is currently confused, but sheís slow and doesnít have much in the way of offensive power. I go over and let Vanessa cure her.Once I get more guys out on the field, I might end up saving.

And then he heals. Heís back at like 800 HP. I canít do this, I really canít. Reset time. This time Iíll save partway in so that I donít have to repeat so much.

I have to deal more damage, more quickly. But thatís really hard to do when Iím trying to keep everyone alive. This time Iíll try and not describe much until Iím a good way in. Partway in, I save. I think Iím at a point where Iím doing well. Really hoping I donít regret this. Thankfully things go well after that. Eventually his HP is at about half. I continue to do pretty well, slowly taking away his HP.

He heals, but heís still short about 200 HP. I think I can keep this up. Then he heals again, leaving him at full health. This is so stupid. I reset again. I really would rather not do this, but I have to. Iíve got to finish this liveblog. It wouldnít be fair to you guys to just give you the ending video or some crap like that.

He has 788 HP at the point I saÖ.yeah, he just heals. Thatís odd, he didnít do that before. I reset, and he does it again. Wow, what a pain. Now I have to essentially start over, and Iím not in as good shape as I was on my last save.

Iíll be honest Ė I have half a mind to do the first half of the final battle over again so I can pick new characters for this. Itís something Iíd rather not do, but if it comes down to it Iím willing to do that.

Fortunately, though, Iím making good progress. Until he heals. You seeing a pattern here? If only there was some way to stop him from DOING that! If he didnít heal, I wouldíve won by now. Itís ridiculous.

Four of my guys get confused, and I decide to quit for now. Iím sorry about the pointlessness of this entry, by the way. I can't really predict what'll happen.

I need different characters. Specifically, I need Leon and his ridiculously powerful attacks. I could probably use Heath and Mavi as well. Iím not willing to try everything over right now, but maybe later Iíll be up for it. For now, Iíll stop.

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