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Live Blog Real Time Lords! Let's watch Doctor Who!
Fusionman2010-12-12 11:00:33

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Doctor 1 is a Jerkass.

Welcome to An Unearthly Child part 1 Watch here. so first Squee the theme! Trippy. OK so we see a cop walking through fog. Is he walking in a circle? I saw Foreman, Doctor that you? OMG THE TARDIS!!!! Apparently this was written by Anthony Coburn who also wrote The Robots. Oh so the text on 9 and 10's police box is a Continuity Nod. Sweet.

We fade to Coal Hill School yes School in a Time Travel show. Words I can't understand are spoken but seem to be about grades. GET TO THE DOCTOR!!

Oh there's Barbara talking to Ian. Also she's hot. Susan is a issue but why? Being 15 isn't a issue, Hell I'M 15! oh she knows more science than Ian.grin Same with history. well she is a Time Lady Interested in specializing but doesn't want Barbara over. Granddad doesn't want strangers Doesn't seem like our doctor. He's a doctor What a coincidence. Grades going down No that's either laziness or love troubles kicking in. No house at the address? just bugs me NO ONE FOUND THIS WEIRD TILL NOW?! It's a junkyard wild mass guess Susan and her granddad are hobos? also I'm NOT 5 MINUTES IN YET! There's NOTHING at the address? BUT YOU SAID IT'S A JUNKYARD! Oh they're going exploring! No subtext here. Wow she's reading a book on the French Revolution. GO HOME! I mean your junkyard! The plan..... TO STALK HER!

Susan(?) is "Rocking out" to generic guitar music. She's also Asian(?)and HAWT! What are you doing with your hands!? HUH HUH Susan said Fabulous. Don't talk about the music! Science teacher knows bands? Susan's more stereotypical British than Ian and Barbara!? She likes walking through the dark cause it's "mysterious"? Weird. She's nitpicking the book. Cool.

Barbara you got there first for 2 reasons. 1. You have a car. 2. She's reading at the school remember? Of course you're figuring out about her! Wasn't that the plan!? Whoa she doesn't know how many shillings in a pound! That's bizarre. Doctor try better to blend in! WE DIDN'T NEED A FLASHBACK! and why decimal system? Again Doctor, TRY TO BLEND IN! You just blew being a time traveler! Britain went decimal in 1971, this is in 1963 BTW. Dealing with active chemicals would be fun. STOP EMBARRASSING YOURSELF! She wants 5 dimensions time and space added? It'd be harder but it would work.

She's made it to the junkyard! Wait that must have been a SHORT read. Finally the boy idea shows up! 15 plus abandoned place usually equals secret date/lover. She feels like she interrupting in something that should be left alone?

Whoa Susan's become a tomboy! They're going at last. Ticking clocks... SYLAR RUN!!! Nice Ian trip over something when you're being sneaky. You have a torch! And you lost it! How do you lose a TORCH! Yes start calling for Susan. Idiots. You found the TARDIS! Vibrating? Well looks like you were right! It's a boy there!

Hartnell! Took you almost 12 minutes to arrive! Susan's granddad is Hartnell? Awesome! Why are you showing yourself! YES Hartnell told you off for stalking! Ooh backfired on you there huh Doctor! I like this conversation. Why bringing him to police again? Think he's a serial killer? a rapist? WHAT? Um guys talking softer would be smart right about now! Doctor! Stop owning people!

Sweet we're FINALLY in the TARDIS! Why doesn't Nu Who's TARDIS have a door opening/closing switch? Yes we know you walked all around it Ian! He wants to understand? BEST. TEACHER. EVER. Nope not illusion. Wait is THE DOCTOR insulting humans? What's gonna happen to Ian? Wait SUSAN named the TARDIS that? AWW YOU ARE A SOFTIE DOCTOR! He NEVER calls it something different! Yes this box can go through TIME AND SPACE! Why do aliens get all the cool toys? They don't believe you Susan cause it sounds ridiculous! The Doctor calling humans savage? You're different from 10 to say the least. They referenced the Time lords! When are they called that? I want to wander the 4th dimension! Wait cut off? Why? Stop whining Susan! You're 15 not 10! What time were you born in Susan? Doctor did Evil Laugh. What happens to you to cause this drastic of a change? No Ian do not press random switches! The TARDIS HURT IAN! This Doctor scares me.

((Oh yeah guys these ones are typed up as I watch the episode.))



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