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LouieW2011-02-08 18:58:37

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Episode 24: Sappy Stuff And Furries

  • This is the last episode, so only the special is left after this. The episode starts with the recap of the season fairies helping to guide the kids as they flew around with the piano. It looks like I was right about Sugar's magic flower blooming as well.

  • Salt and Pepper have to return to the Fairy World. I still do not totally understand why they were sent back to the human world. I guess the Elder is clairvoyant or something like that. Sometimes he seems like he has a lot of wisdom and actual common sense, but other times he seems like he is a bit crazy (like when pursuing Ginger).

  • Sugar does not want to admit that her magic flower is blooming since apparently she wants to stay with Saga. Yep, I am not surprised.

  • Greta is actually using her piano now, but it is back in the music shop now. The music shop's sign is fixed as well. Sadly, Greta gets a hand cramp and cannot continue playing. Saga takes over, but Sugar is still worried about her flower blooming for the previously mentioned reason. She actually flies out of Saga's room in disgust when Saga says it is okay for her to leave.

  • Sugar goes by the punk fairies who claim that their magic flowers are going to bloom soon too. I still do not understand how that would work because I do not know how exactly they have a bond with a human, but whatever. The punk fairies are ignored yet again by Sugar.
  • Sugar literally runs into the Elder on her way past the punk fairies. He encourages her to figure out the answer for herself.

  • Flashback to Sugar first eating a waffle. Saga seems worried again. With her separation anxiety, I am a bit concerned about her well-being myself.

  • The second of Sugar's three magic flower buds blooms. An image of an adult snow fairy comes to Saga's mind. I wonder if that was supposed to be Sugar or Sugar's mother, but there was no explanation either way.

  • Actually, I was wrong, Saga explains to Sugar how she had once seen a snow fairy when she was 4. Saga decided to hide underneath a piano cover, but the piano she sat on was raised high up into the air. A snow fairy saves her. I guess that was the flying piano vision Saga kept having.

  • Now there is some garbage about Sugar's snow being a treasured memory for Saga. Sugar and Saga talk about how they were happy to meet.

  • The third flower has bloomed. I guess it is good bye time for Sugar. She finally understands what a "twinkle" is. Then she finally floats away.

  • Saga is crying as one would expect. What surprises me is the fact that Saga's loses the ability to see season fairies after Sugar leaves.

  • I guess this is the epilogue. Saga ditches her friends for a bit to play piano. Now we see all of the main characters in town again including, Phil, Jan, Alan, the waffle stand guy, Saga's teacher, Lancelot, and the dove.

  • Greta is unfortunately unable to challenge Saga, but now the theater troupe is back again so Norma fangirls about Cheryl more. Also, the poster depicts a cat-eared, furry tailed bishonen, a bear playing the keyboard, and some other little bears playing other instruments.

  • Kanon is back too. Saga explains to Kanon that she has to be clean because she is a girl. There you go, reinforcing gender roles. Actually, I am not really being serious. Saga explains the idea of season fairies to Kanon and right before the episode ends with the opening theme, Sugar says that she is right there.

  • Actually, the opening theme has some new scenes, including Pepper moving a windmill's blades and Salt becoming a Cloud fairy. As expected, he is dressed in a white, cloud uniform now. Ginger, the punk fairies, the Elder, and Saga also make appearances before the episode ends.

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