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Live Blog Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares
LouieW2011-02-03 21:25:02

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Episode 2: Searching for the Twinkles with some help from the Rubettes

I realize I went overboard before and decided to cut down the amount of commentary. It still is overwhelmingly unfunny and dumb but whatever.

  • The first use of the opening in this episode. Apparently, moe fairy has a lot of friends, some of which are less moe than the others, but still pretty moe. Moe Sue delivers a bouquet of flowers with an envelope to a piano during the opening, but I do not really see what that achieves. Maybe the piano is her companion cube? Another thing to note here is the fact that creepy/ rival moe creatively pushes all of the other characters out of the screen every time they appear.

-Oh, by the way, the opening theme is a Japanese cover of some song by the Rubettes (some 70s group from the UK I think).

  • The episode starts with Moe Sue using dehumanizing language again. Moe fairy asserts that she is not just a thing and has worth. She has a name after all. Well, animals have names too.

  • Moe Sue asks what the fairy is. A fairy, a ghost, and an alien seem like good choices, but she might as well add a time traveler, esper, and slider to that list.

  • Moe Sue wonders why only she can see the fairy. Moe fairy dodges the question and goes to the window to yell at the wind instead.

  • Apparently in the Moe world a different fairy is responsible for each season and kind of weather. This seems to raise a lot of questions and I wonder why the maker of this show decided make it unnecessarily complicated like this. For example, why does a Sun fairy need to make the sun shine? I thought the Sun did that by itself. Is contemporary meteorology completely false in the Moe world or is it just driven by invisible fairies?

  • Moe fairy is an apprentice and is trying to study about humans because that will make her better at making snow I guess.

  • Oh, the fairies are part of what seems similar to a MMORPG. There are multiple fairies for each season and type of weather. If that is true then there should need to be something like millions of fairies all over the place. Moe fairy's mother is one of those MMORPG participants.

  • Moe Sue will not let the fairy go to school and instead traps her in a cage of books. Wow, that was pretty mean. Did she ever think of how the fairy was going to eat or do anything all day trapped like that? I feel bad for the fairy now. I hope Moe Sue realized that Moe fairy would break out and did not worry about it. Otherwise, imprisoning a small, rational creature like that was absolutely awful. Oh yeah, and some seed dropped from the fairy onto a mini piano to make it start shining.

  • Moe fairy bothers Moe Sue to get her food because she is hungry which seems reasonable, but the fairy is quite indecisive when choosing what waffle to get.

  • As expected, Moe fairy calls a waffle, a waffo. At this point, Moe Sue is quite annoyed about the fairy running counter to her plans and glares menacingly at her. Of course, Moe fairy has fallen asleep. Sue blows in her face to wake her up.

  • There are only about five kids in Moe Sue's class. She manages to make a fool of herself in front of all five though, arriving early and then punching herself in the face. Though I suppose that is better than what she wanted to do which was to punch the fairy.

  • Creepy Moe says to start class already and says that "the earth is not rotating around [Moe Sue]". I guess she has not gotten the memo that Moe Sue is the main character and an sueish one at that. The
teacher thinks that Creepy Moe was standing up for Moe Sue, thus annoying her even more.

  • Pigtails and Hairclip both think that Moe Sue is crazy seeing that they see her talk to herself and ramble on about "season fairies". Creepy Moe appears and actually brings along a theme song with her.
Not long after Moe Fairy yells something about "Twinkle", the teacher pulls creepy Moe (who now seems to be more like Moe Rival) out of class because she is wearing a shiny ring.

  • Moe fairy is after these "Twinkles" which she must collect in order to become a full-fledged fairy. For some reason, the fairy tells Sue this in Chemistry class. They have chemistry class using Bunsen burners in elementary school in Germany Moe Land? That seems a little odd to me.

  • Dr. RobotnikMoe boy creates his greatest invention ever, a rain making machine. It explodes because of the moe fairy's magic. At this point Moe Sue has had it. She yells at the fairy in class while everyone watches her and then has to talk to her teacher.

  • Sue decides that she was better off not having ever met Moe fairy because her plans are all messed up now. While that melancholy is going on Salt(Sun fairy) and Pepper(glasses Wind fairy) fairies appear. I can understand having a salt fairy because of the importance of salt in the world, but a pepper fairy would only seem to make sense if there are fairies for each kind of spice.

  • Oh, I guess there are not actually fairies of edible things, but are just called stuff like Salt, Pepper, and Sugar.

  • The fairies must plant their seeds in order to find a place to live. I guess Moe fairy is going to live in a mini piano then. By the way, this sounds disturbingly similar to an alien invasion setup. Planting a seed to take over different territories, then harvesting Earth’s resources seem pretty par for the alien course.

  • Yep, I was proven right. Moe fairy is only able to find where her seed went when Sue points out the shining piano on the windowsill though.

  • So now, the two are stuck together. Moe Sue has to grudgingly accept this. By grudgingly accept I mean make the fairy a tiny bed to sleep in.

  • Now the two must embark on an epic quest to find the Twinkles, see to it that the magic sprout blooms, and make sure that moe fairy can become a "full-fledged fairy" whatever that means. It seems nice to actually have a plot now.


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