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Chapter 2: Not so sinister woods

{We begin at the edge of coastal Route 104}

Shay: Okay girls, it's time we got moving!

Luna: Yeen!

Exde: See!

Shay: We should keep an eye out for trainers to fight. Maybe over there!

Battle girl?: Oh, no, I'm not a trainer. But that's right, if Trainers lock eyes, it's a challenge to battle. If you don't want to battle, stay out of their sight.

Shay: (...I think I need practice with that.)

Youngster Billy: Leaving footprints in the sand is so fun!

{Billy starts off with a Zigzagoon, but he's outclassed by Luna. Billy also has a Seedot. Shay switches with Exde to normalize stats, then lets Luna take him down.}

Billy: Waah! I got sand in my runners! They're all gritty!

Shay: Well, that's what happens. It's not worth crying over.

Billy: I want to leave my footprints in the sand everywhere, but they disappear quickly...

Bug catcher?: The sea, huh? I wonder what it's like at the bottom of the sea?

Fisherman Darian: I fished up a tough-looking pokemon! It has this magical quality to it! It surely looks tough, yes it does!

{The tough-looking pokemon turns out to be a Magikarp. Luna wins easily.}

Darian: What the...

Shay: You just don't know how to pick them.

Darian: Hey, Magikarp, you sure don't live up to your name, do you?

Shay: (Just give him another 11 levels though...) Hmm, there's a house with a small boat moored next to it.

Girl: That seaside cottage is where Mr. Briney lives. He was once a mighty sailor who never feared the sea, however stormy.

Shay: Oh, I should have guessed.

{Shay finds more Oran Berries and Pecha berries}

Shay: These trees are really tightly packed. I see one opening up ahead, but...

Lady Cindy: We must have been fated to meet. May I ask you for a battle?

{Cindy uses a single Zigzagoon. Luna puts up a good fight, but when Cindy uses a Full Restore, Shay decides to switch out and let Exde handle things.}

Shay: {I'm just lucky no one else has figured out the easy way to get around Bide.}

Cindy: Oh, my! ..."Hello" is the beginning of "good-bye." Ihope we meet again.

{After healing, Shay enters the Petalburg Woods.}

Shay: Hm, I wonder what I'll find in this forest...

Man: Sometimes, there are things on the ground even if you can't see them. That's why I always check where I'm walking.

Shay: Good advice. And here's a potion.

{Luna battles a wild Poochyena.}

Shay: Too easy. Hm, there's another exit here.

{Shay emerges onto a wide, mid-high ledge.}

Shay: Hm, a shortcut back.

Lady: You're a thief if you try to steal someone else's Pokemon. You should throw Poke Balls only at wild Pokemon.

Shay: It's not like pokeballs work on trained Pokemon anyway. ...And here's an unused Pokeball. I wonder who would have dropped it here?

{A short while later, back in Petalburg Woods:}

Bug Catcher Lyle: I caught a whole bunch of Pokemon! Go, go, go! My bug Pokemon team!

{Lyle's four Wurmple have hardly been trained at all, so they don't put up much of a fight for Luna. At the conclusion of the battle, Luna learns Sand Attack.}

Lyle:I have all these Pokemon, but I couldn't win...

Shay: A well balanced team, or a few elites. It's hard to tell which one is better sometimes.

Lyle: I caught a bunch of Pokemon. Now I'm out of Poke balls.

Shay: Then there's that problem.

{Shay finds a Parlyz Heal}

Shay: You know, If I have all these berries, we should start using them. Hold onto these Oran berries, you two.

Businessman: Hmmm... Not a one to be found.

{The businessman walks over to Shay.}

Businessman: Hello, have you seen any Pokemon called Shroomish around here? I really love that Pokemon.

Shay: No, I-

{Suddenly, a man in navy with a skull bandana approaches!}

Pirate?: I was going to ambush you, but you had to dawdle in Petalburg woods forever, didn't you? I got sick of waiting, so here I am!

{The Pirate? rushes the Businessman}

Pirate?: You! Devon Researcher! Hand over those papers!

{The Devon Researcher hides behind Shay}

Devon: Aiyeeeh! You're a Pokemon Trainer, aren't you? You've got to help me, please!

Shay: Very well.

Pirate?: Hunh? What do you think you're doing? What, you're going to protect him?

Shay: You're an idiot to underestimate me.

Pirate?: No one who crosses Team Aqua gets any mercy, not even a kid!

Team Aqua Grunt: Come on and battle me!

{Event Battle: Team Aqua Grunt}

Shay: Engage, Luna!

Aqua: Go, Poochyena!

Shay: Time for a new tactic. Sand attack!

{Luna strikes first. The enemy's attack misses.}

Shay: {Grin} Keep it up.

{Luna is definitely faster. The enemy howls.}

Shay: Three times...

{The enemy howls again.}

Shay: (This is getting risky. But still...) Fourth layer.

{The enemy lands a tackle. Luna eats her Berry to recover.}

Shay: Fifth layer.

{The enemy howls.}

Shay: This is the last time!

{The enemy tries sand attack, but has no idea where to aim.}

Shay: Now, Start attacking.

{The enemy misses.}

Shay: Keep Tackling.

{The enemy lands a Sand attack.}

Shay: Brush it off and continue.

{The enemy misses}

Shay: He can't take much more.

{The enemy lands a tackle. It's strong, but-}

Shay: Too little, too late! Finish this Luna!

{Both sides whiff for a few rounds. But in the end...}

Aqua: You're kidding me! You're tough!

{Battle end.}

Team Aqua Grunt: Grrr... You've got some nerve meddling with Team Aqua!

Shay: Hmph. You're about as threatening as a baby Togepi.

Team Aqua Grunt: Come on and battle me again! I wish I could say that, but I'm out of Pokemon... And, hey, we of Team Aqua are also after something in Rustboro. I'll let you go today!

{The grunt runs away}

Devon: Whew... That was awfully close!

Shay: All a matter of luck.

Devon: Thanks to you, he didn't rob me of these important papers. I know, I'll give you a Great Ball as my thanks!

Shay: Thanks. I may need this later...

Devon: Didn't that Team Aqua thug say they were after something in Rustboro too?

Shay: ...Yeah, he did!

Devon: Uh Oh! It's a crisis! I can't be wasting time!

{The Devon Researcher runs off}

Shay: Hmm... I'd been looking for something else to keep me going. Fighting Team Aqua might be it. Strange... I would expect someone using the name Aqua to use Water types. I guess they don't try to live up to their image.

Boy: Yo, there! Your Pokemon doing okay? If your Pokemon are weak and you want to avoid battles, you should stay out of tall grass.

Shay: That's not always an option, though.

{Shay finds a hidden Poke ball.}

Bug Catcher James: If you take Bug Pokemon to school, you get to be instantly popular!

{James starts with a Nincada, which proves formidable with it's Leech Life attack. Luna wins by kicking up so much sand, the bug can't land a move. She then Howls up to maximum power and takes down the first Nincada, and the second.}

James: I can't be popular if I lose.

Shay: Anything else you wanted to say about bugs?

James: If you have a big Bug Pokemon, people respect you for it.

Shay: ...I have nothing to say to that.

{Shay finds an Ether.}

Shay: These are rare. I'd better keep this for an emergency.

{Shay makes it through the woods, and into the other side of Route 104}

Boy: I like filling my mouth with seeds, then spitting them out fast! You can have this, so you try it out! Use it on a Pokemon, and it will learn a move for firing seeds rapidly.

Shay: TM09 Bullet Seed. Well, I have a seed of my own without any dependable attacks...

Boy: A word of advice! A TM Technical Machine, is good only for one-time use. Once you use it, it's gone. Think twice before using it!

Shay: Well, Bullet seed isn't that good, I doubt any other Pokemon will need it later.

{Shay teaches Exde Bullet Seed}

{Shay finds some Cheri and Oran Berries. She also checks out a nearby building}

Lady: Hello! This is the Pretty Petal flower shop. Spreading flowers all over the world! Your name is?

Shay: I'm Shay.

Lady: Shay. That's a nice name. Shay, would you like to learn about berries?

Shay: Sure.

{Later, Shay has been given a novelty watering can}

Shay: Luna and Exde are getting tired. I guess now would be a good enough time to rest...

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