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Live Blog Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age
SomeColorMage2011-04-01 20:25:21

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So, we've killed the Doom Dragon. As we leave the battle, the exploded corpse transforms into three people.

Oh... oh dear. Those three look familiar.

Wall of Text warning still applies, BTW.

Ivan: ...Who are they?

Kraden: That's what I was trying to warn you about! It wasn't just the dragon you killed...

Garet: I remember you warning us, but it was too late for us to stop...

Mia: Kraden, what do you know? Why were you trying to stop us from fighting the dragon?

Kraden: It was the Wise One's final trap...

Ivan: Trap? What do you mean?

Kraden: The Wise One knew he couldn't stop you, so he played a cruel, wretched trick on you instead.

Isaac: Kraden, I don't understand... What are you trying to tell us?

Jenna: Sheba, let's see who those people are while they try to sort this out.

Kraden: No, Jenna! Don't look! You mustn't look! It will only bring you pain...

Of course, the one time we should really be listening to Kraden, we don't.

Sheba: What are you talking about, Kraden? They can't hurt us anymore... We'll just—

Jenna becomes really alarmed at seeing the three people.

Sheba: What's the matter, Jenna?

Jenna: It... can't be... How? How...

Kyle: Nnn... Uhnnn...

Kyle? Oh... oh crap. Oh crap oh crap oh crap.

Mia: What is it, Isaac?

Kyle: Uhhh... unnnn...

Garet: Isaac! I... I know that guy! That's your dad!

Sheba: Then... does that mean... the other two are...

Felix and Jenna's Dad: Hhnnnng...

Felix and Jenna's Mum: Hhhnnn...

Jenna: Mom... Dad...

Piers: I'll heal Jenna's parents! Quickly, Mia! Tend to Isaac's father!

Kraden: If only... If only I'd realized it sooner...

Time passes. Piers and Mia stop casting Psynergy.

Sheba: What's the matter, Piers? Why did you stop? Jenna's parents need you...

Ivan: Don't give up, Mia. You can't! You have to save them...

Mia: It's no use, Ivan... I'm tapped...

Piers: I am, too... And even if I weren't, it's just too late...

So, we killed the three people we were trying to find because it was clear the Proxians were inept at looking after them.


We've messed that up, haven't we?

Jenna: What are you saying!? They're not... They can't be...

Piers: That's not what I'm saying, Jenna... I...

Jenna: I finally found them... I was going to be with them again... For the first time in years...

Sheba: Jenna...

Jenna: Please... It can't be... Mom... Wake up! It's me... It's Jenna! ...Don't leave me...

Kraden: Jenna, you must prepare yourself for what comes next... Being transformed into a dragon, fighting in that form... This requires tremendous power.

Jenna: What are you saying, Kraden?

Kraden: In fighting you, your parents were forced to use every last ounce of their energy.

Jenna: They don't have the strength to...

Kraden: Even if they had won the battle, they would not have survived. You cannot blame yourself...

You know the Wise One is a dick. "Oh, you want to save the world, do you? Well I'll just kill your parents! How does that sound?"

Garet leaves the group and looks into the skies.

Garet: You monster!!! Why did you do this? Why did you make us fight Jenna's parents?

And Kyle, don't forget Kyle.

Sheba: You're no god! You're no protector! You're evil!

Piers: You don't understand the pain you have caused, Wise One. You have no idea the damage done to a child who learns she has destroyed her own parents.

Isaac: That's enough... I knew what I was doing the moment I raised my sword. We defied the Wise One in order to save the world. Our parents would understand. Don't you think so, Felix?

That's harsh, man. But I guess he's right.

(Felix: Yes)

Jenna: You're right. It hurts, but it's true. We didn't do this for ourselves. We did it for all of Weyard.

Garet: We still have a chance to save Prox.

Sheba: Perhaps we can't save your parents, but we can save countless others.

Ivan: Kyle and the others saved them, too... They sacrificed their lives, so that we could go on.

I honestly don't think they were throwing the fight, Ivan. Pissy Boss Mode was in full force.

Piers: I never imagined that my action would help to save the world...

Mia: Even though lighting the beacon may create wars and strife, I regret none of this.

Kraden: There's little time left, Felix... Use the Mars Star and light the beacon.

We can talk to the others now, and the three we just beat still have enough energy to say some parting words. We approach the beacon.

Will you cast in the Mars Star?

(Felix: Yes)

We throw it in, and a huge explosion similar to what happened at Venus Lighthouse occurred.

Mia: The beacon is lit!

Ivan: And to think, I joined this quest hoping to prevent exactly this from happening...

Sheba: And I began this quest as a prisoner, taken against my will.

Piers: And if that tidal wave hadn't sent me far off course, I wouldn't even be here now.

Garet: How many lives have been taken and changed forever just to light this beacon?

Jenna: Mom... Dad... Weyard is safe now.

You're right! I hear voices, too!

I told you... I told you I could hear them!

Isaac: Who said that? Where are you?!

We're in Imil! We're at the base of Mercury Lighthouse!

So the first thing that happens when the four beacons were lit is creating magic psychic radios.

Mia: You... You can't be!

Meanwhile, at Mercury Lighthouse...

Boy: Hey! I know that voice! It's Mia, I just know it! Mia!!!

Mia: It's you!

Girl: Of course it's us! We can hear you, Mia! You're all right! I'm so happy!

Old lady: Who are those two kids talking to?

Old man: I don't know. They've been standing here telling everyone to leave the lighthouse. ...Weird couple of kids if you ask me!

Mia: How is it that we can hear you?

Boy: I don't know, but he told us we'd be able to talk to you if we came here now.

Mia: He? Who's "he"?

Girl: I don't know... We were sleeping, and he came to us in a dream... He said, "Go to the lighthouse!"

Mia: The lighthouse? Why?

Boy: He said that we have to deliver a message... He was too busy to do it himself...

Mia: What message?

Girl: We have to warn everyone to stay clear of the lighthouses!

Mia: What's going to happen?

Boy: I don't know, but he told us to warn people away from Mt. Aleph as well!

Garet: But who is "he"!? You still haven't told us!!!

Girl: You're a meanie! I don't tell meanies anything!

Garet is great with kids, isn't he?

Mia: Don't pay any attention to him... It's me, Mia... Can you tell me who spoke to you?

Boy: I told you, I don't know, but he looked like a big rock... with a big, rocky eye!

Sheba: The... The Wise One!

Back to Mars Lighthouse, and the beacon has now formed into a glowing, red ball.

Sheba: What could he be doing?

Kraden: Of course! I understand... The Wise One said that when all four lighthouses have been lit, the Golden Sun will shine... When that happens, Mt. Aleph and the lighthouses will probably become quite dangerous...

Piers: So, the Wise One is warning people in dreams, telling them to seek refuge?

Garet: Why would he do that!? You saw what he did to us... He can't be up to anything good...

Hamma: Have you not learned? One's actions do not always reveal one's true intentions.

Ivan: Hamma... Sister...

Isaac: Master Hamma! Did you receive a message, too?

Hamma: Yes. I was called to Jupiter Lighthouse in a dream. You have completed your quest, but I see it comes with great loss... Your suffering has been almost unbearable.

Jenna: Master Hamma... My parents...

Hamma: I know, Jenna, and I am sorry. But do not give up hope for them just yet...

Jenna: What do you mean, Master Hamma?

Hamma: Appearances can be an illusion... The Wise One has a caring heart.

He's still a jerk.

Garet: He forced us to fight Isaac's and Jenna's parents! What's so "caring" about that!?


Hamma: If the Wise One were truly evil, he would not be warning me of danger in my dreams.

Garet: Well, I... I guess not... But then, what's he up to?

Hamma: We do not have time to discuss it right now.

Kraden: She's right. If the Wise One said it's not safe to be near the lighthouses, then I think we should listen.

Hamma: I am heading for safety, too. All of you must get away from the lighthouse now.

Kraden: Hurry, everyone! Let's go!

Jenna: What about our parents?

Isaac: We can't leave them behind...

Piers: I understand how you feel, but we won't make it if we have to take them with us!

Ivan: Make the decision, Felix! should we take them with us?


(Felix: Yes)

The light turns gold.

Garet: It's too dangerous... The Golden Sun is forming!

Piers: A ray of light is emanating from the beacon... From the Mars Star.

Technically, that's been happening for the last 10 minutes or so.

Sheba: What will happen?

Kraden: The power of Alchemy will be unleashed upon the world!

Mia: We must take Isaac's father and Jenna's parents and flee!

Garet jumps back.

Garet: Stop it! Let go of my wrist!

Isaac: Garet, get a grip! No one's touching you!

Garet: I'm serious! I...

Mia: The beacon!

Piers: Jenna... We have to move your parents!

Jenna: Mom! Dad!

Ivan: What's happening?

Kraden: There's no time for questions! Just carry them! Carry them and go!

The light obscures the screen, and next thing we see, we're in Prox.

Elder: Thank you, Felix. And you, too, Isaac and Kraden. By igniting Mars Lighthouse, you stopped Gaia Falls from devouring our town.

Isaac: We're just glad to have helped save Weyard...

Puelle: You've been through many trials, more than any of us can ever know...

Kraden: We had no idea what to expect when we lit the final beacon...

Some Lady: When we saw the flash of the beacon, we had no idea what you suffered to light it...

Isaac: I thought we were done for... There was no way we could escape with our parents' bodies.

Kraden: Well, at least, not if we hadn't pulled together and overcome our sorrows...

Some Guy: That light was brilliant!

Kraden: You know, I shall always regret that I didn't get to look upon the beacon's light from afar...

Elder: I understand your regret... As a scholar of Alchemy, you would have been most impressed.

Isaac: I saw the beams of blue, red, and purple streaming out towards the southeast...

Some Lady: That's the direction in which Vale lies, is it not? Was the light headed to your hometown?

Isaac: Indeed it was. The Wise One said the beams were going to merge into one above Mt. Aleph.

Elder: The orb of golden light we saw... That was shining directly over Vale?

Kraden: Yes. That was the Golden Sun forming over Mt. Aleph.

Puelle: If I remember the tales correctly... The Golden Sun is the blast of light emitted at the very moment the Stone of Sages forms...

Kraden: Such legends exist even here? I wish that I'd known that sooner!

Elder: I fear for Vale, to think that all this energy is being released right over your hometown.

Isaac: we're all worried about that. We're hoping we can return to Vale as quickly as possible.

Puelle: Oh... Is there nothing we can do to convince you to stay?

Elder: We had hoped you might stay in Prox a while, but that sounds unlikely...

Isaac: Don't worry. We plan on returning as soon as things quiet down, don't we?

(Felix: Yes)

Elder: Our village will not soon forget that you saved us from the edge of destruction. Do visit us again.

Kraden: When that time comes, I may no linger be in this world.

Puelle: Don't say such things... I'm sure a long life awaits you.

Kraden: Well, I suppose we should be departing for Vale soon.

Isaac: You're right, Kraden... If we don't, you-know-who might start causing trouble...

Elder: At least some of your cares have been remedied... You must be glad to know we've brought all three back from the brink of death.


Puelle: I would not have thought it possible had I not seen it.

Kraden: Even I do not fully understand it... But their can be no doubt. The fire Psynergy released by the beacon rekindled their spirits.

Oh no, a Deus ex Machina ruined by a typo! How sad!

Kraden: I hadn't expected so much Psynergy to be released by the lighthouse's beam... I have no real explanation, other than that their life force had not been fully extinguished. It was a miracle, but the fire Psynergy seems to have recharged them somehow.

Elder: And had your parents not been Adepts, the wave of Psynergy would have passed them by.

Jenna: Isaac! What's taking you two so long? Don't keep me waiting!

Kraden: Uh-oh! It's Jenna... We're late, and she looks rather displeased with us.

Isaac: Should I let her know we're leaving now?

(Felix: Yes)

Isaac: I'm sorry! We're almost done. Can you wait for us at the village gates with the others?

Jenna: I'm serious! If I have to wait much longer, you're not going to be happy!

Some Guy: I'll wait outside with them.

Isaac: I don't think they want to wait anymore, Felix. We're all set to head home...

Kraden: They have no patience whatsoever. Ah, well... I suppose it is time to leave.

Puelle: May your journey home be safe and uneventful...

Elder: We shall never forget what you have done for Prox.

We can talk to people here, but I don't care. Let's just go.

Jenna: What took you so long? Mom and Dad are tired of waiting for you...

Felix and Jenna's Mum: That's not true, Felix. You take as long as you need to say farewell to the people of Prox.

Felix and Jenna's Dad: Don't worry about us, Felix... Puelle and the others took good care of us.

Jenna: Don't tell him that! We'll be stuck here forever!

I think you've gotten a bit too used to being an orphan who can run her own life, Jenna.

Sheba: You look like you're feeling back to your old self, Jenna!

Piers: You were weeping such mournful tears after the battle...

Jenna: What!? As if! You can't prove anything!

Mia: Go easy on her. You have to remember, she thought that both of her parents had died.

Felix and Jenna's Mum: Oh, were you crying, Jenna?

Jenna: No! I said... I said I wasn't!

Garet: Now you've got me thinking about my family... I didn't think I'd miss them this much...

Ivan: I only hope that they're all safe back in Vale...

Isaac: I just want to be home again... I want to see how my mother is doing...

Kyle: Don't worry, Son. I'm sure Dora's doing fine. She's a strong woman.

Isaac: But last time I saw her, she looked so sick, so weak... Even if nothing happened to Vale, I'm still worried...

Kyle: Don't worry, Isaac. I'm sure she's in wonderful shape. I think she'll be surprised to see me!

Kraden: Sorry to keep you all waiting. At last, the time has come for us to return to Vale... As soon as we leave Prox, we'll head towards Angara, and from there, to Vale...

Felix and Jenna's Mum: I can't wait to see this winged ship of yours! It sounds so incredible!

Felix and Jenna's Dad: I remember so little of our trip to Prox... This is really my first voyage on a ship.

Kyle: I've heard the wind and waves make the boat rock... I hope I don't get sick...

Kraden: This ancient ship of ours actually flies above the ocean... It's quite a cosy ride.

Isaac: It looks like we've got an exciting last trip ahead of us, doesn't it?

(Felix: Yes)

Isaac: Wow... Setting out like this takes me back to our own quest's start... It was so long ago.

Jenna: If you keep talking like this, we'll never go anywhere! Let's go, Felix!

Everyone starts to leave, but Isaac and Felix stop. Kraden, Garet and Jenna stop too.

Kraden: What's the matter, boys? Are you reluctant to depart?

(Felix: Yes)

Kraden: It's hard to believe that our quest is almost at its end. I know how you feel.

Isaac: I just hope that Vale came out of this in as good a condition as Prox did...

Kraden: We won't know until we get there.

Garet: I can't stop thinking about how my parents are doing...

Kraden: Were the both of them in Vale?

Jenna: Can't you make a guess, Kraden? Will Vale still be standing when we arrive?

Kraden: Not even I can know that...

Garet: I can see it in your eyes, Kraden! You think something's happened, don't you?

Kraden: It's a possibility... One that cannot be ignored...

Isaac: If it's not there, then what's the point in even going back?

Kraden: Is that really how you feel, Isaac? What about you, Felix?

(Felix: No)

Kraden: You remember, don't you, Felix? Think about it for a moment, Isaac.

Garet: What do you mean?

Kraden: Our conversation with Hamma after we ignited the beacon...

Jenna: Don't you remember us talking to the children from Imil at the base of Mercury Lighthouse?

Isaac: When they were warning people away from the lighthouses?

Kraden: Yes. The Wise One instructed everyone to seek refuge.

Garet: Yeah, so what about it?

Kraden: You still don't see, Garet? Even if Vale were destroyed, I'd expect that the villagers have all escaped to safety.

Jenna, I guess that's true... They might still be all right.

Garet: That's true... So whatever happens, my family's alive!

Isaac: I'd forgotten about that... Thanks, Kraden.

Jenna: Garet, can you make sure everyone else knows that?

Garet and Jenna leave.

Kraden: OK, let's go. The both of you! We have to catch up to everyone.

Isaac: Kraden... Why did the Wise One change our parents into a dragon? Why did he make us fight them? I mean, we almost killed them... He tried to make us kill our own parents. Why?

Kraden: Do you think that he intended for them to die from the start?

(Felix: No)

Kraden: Ah... You don't understand why he put you through all this if he knew they'd survive... We cannot hope to fathom the motives of a being as all-powerful as the Wise One...

Isaac: You don't know either, Kraden?

Kraden: I can only hazard a guess... The Wise One... wanted to test you.

Isaac: What do you mean, test us?

Kraden: I cannot tell you more... It is up to you to find the answer. Will we use Alchemy to wage war, to raise armies? Or will we use it to grow wise, to rise above our petty feuds and perform great deeds? You were willing to sacrifice everything for your quest. I'd say you've risen to this challenge. Oops! Is everyone else that far ahead of us? We'd better hurry and catch up to the others before they leave us behind! After all, I'm not terribly interested in trying to walk all the way back to Vale. If you feel the same, then we'd better be hurrying. Isaac! Felix! We're off!

The three strike a pose. Cue credits.

During the credits, we see Alex climb up Mt. Aleph. Despite the fact he can teleport. And fly.

Alex: The Golden Sun... The very quintessence of Alchemy's power! It's beginning! Wait for me! Please, wait! Wait until I reach the summit of Mt. Aleph!

As the credits progress, the camera flies to each of the lighthouses on the world map, and their lights fly towards Vale. All four lights gather at Vale, and form a gold light. It beams down to Mt. Aleph... Right where Alex is standing. The mountain now glows gold.

Alex: At last! I have it! Eternal life... and limitless power! At last, the power of nature is mine to control as I will!

Well, shit.

Alex: Rise, storms! Rise up and unleash your might upon Vale and the foothills of Mt. Aleph!

Nothing happens.

Alex: That's odd... I should have limitless power... So why can't I call up a simple storm?

The Wise One flies up to him.

Alex: Wh-Who are you?

TWO: I am called the Wise One...

Alex: The Wise One? Vale's protector?

TWO: You wish to have limitless power?

Alex: Wish to? I just got it?

TWO: No. Your power is nearly limitless, but it has boundaries.

Alex: Nearly limitless? You speak in riddles. Can't you see? The power is mine!

TWO: Yes. You also have nearly endless life. And your Psynergy is... somewhat stronger.

Alex: If you are trying to anger me, have a little taste of exactly how much power I have attained!

He starts casting a huge spell.

Alex: Look at me! My body is brimming with power!

The Wise One then instantly knocks him down with his own spell and then lifts him into the air.

Alex: How!? What's going on? I should be all-powerful! How can you defeat me?!?

The Wise One slams him to the ground.

TWO: You are not all-powerful, Alex. Your power has its limits, as does your life.

Alex: That cannot be! Who is responsible for this treachery? Who has robbed me of my dream?

TWO: I, the Wise One, imbued the Mars Star with some of the power of the forming Golden Sun. It rests even now in the hands of young Isaac.

Ooh, Sorry Alex, but THAT is how you manipulate everything to your advantage! The Wise One could beat you in a Xanatos Gambit fight any day of the week!

Alex: Why?

An earthquake starts.

TWO: The heavens and earth are changing, Alex! You must flee now!

Alex: Wha-What!?

TWO: Mt. Aleph will soon be drawn into the heart of the earth! You must flee or join it forever!

Alex: Flee?! I can't flee! I can't even move!

TWO: Ah, yes. You now see the limits of your power. If you are swallowed by the earth, you may not survive. If you survive, perhaps we shall meet again someday...

The Wise One disappears, and Alex falls with Mt. Aleph...

Cut to black

Jenna: Finally! We've reached Vale.

Garet: ... ...

Sheba: What's the matter, Garet? You're finally home again. Aren't you happy?

Ivan: Garet's just worried about what's happened to everyone in Vale.

Mia: So it's just over that last hill?

Piers: I can't wait to see what your hometown looks like.

Kraden: It's beautiful... I'm sure you will like it, Piers.

Felix and Jenna's Dad: I'm... just going to close my eyes. Someone tell me if it's all right to open them.

Felix and Jenna's Mum: Me too... Would someone else see how things are?

Isaac: I'll go. Come with me, Felix.

Kyle: How's it look, Isaac?

Isaac: I'm almost there... It... It can't be...

Jenna: What is it, Isaac? ...Felix? Say something!

Felix: I'm sorry, Jenna, but... Vale... Mt. Aleph... They're gone!

Garet: What!?

The rest of this ending is done with artwork instead of sprites, which considering this is a GBA game, is a very nice touch. We are shown a picture of the plains where Vale once stood. Mt. Aleph is glowing gold, but there's nothing else.

Felix and Jenna's Dad: This... This is terrible.

Felix and Jenna's Mum: Is that Mt. Aleph?

Isaac: Mom...

Kyle: Dora...

Garet: Mom... Dad...

Jenna: Isaac... Garet... What can I do? What can I say to comfort you?

The picture pans over to show Isaac, Garet and Kyle looking at Mt. Aleph.

Jenna: They're here somewhere... They have to be here...

Piers: What can we do? How can we help them now?

Kraden: I don't know... Call out to them... Such a tragedy...

Felix: I'll call them... Isaac... Garet... I understand what you're feeling. I've felt it, too. But standing here won't bring them back. Let's go back to Vault. We can rest there and think...

Isaac: ... ...

Kyle: ... ...

Garet: Your family's safe, Felix. You don't have anything to worry about anymore... But what am I supposed to do? I'm all alone now.

Sheba: Aw... Poor baby...

Jenna: Sheba, what's gotten into you? how could you say that to Garet?

Mia: Tee hee! I wonder...

Garet: Sheba, Mia!? You think this is funny!? I've lost everyone! My whole family!

Garet! Don't be so sad!

Isaac: ???

I'd thought you might be a little more confident after all your adventures!

Isaac: !

Ha ha! I got to see my brother crying!

Garet: !!!

The picture changes to that of Garet's family.

Garet's Dad: So, you made it back, Garet... I knew it would take more than this to beat you, Son.

Garet's Mum: Welcome home, Garet...

Garet's Grandpa: You look surprised to see us, Garet.

Kyle: How did you survive?

Garet's Sister: The Wise One warned is of danger. He guided us here to safety.

Garet's Grandma: Everything was destroyed... Our homes, our town...

Kraden: But the Wise One saved you all?

Garet: I'm... I'm not alone!

Kraden: If you all made it out, did Dora as well?

The image pans over to show Dora.

Kyle: Dora...

Isaac: ...Mom...

Dora: Welcome home, Kyle... Isaac...

Kyle: You survived!!!

Dora: So did you...

Isaac, Kyle and Dora hug. We see shots of the other characters in our group. The scene switches back to Mt. Aleph.

Well, that's it. I hope you liked this and put up with the massive delays towards the end there. I'd like to thank my sources, in particular Golden Sun Universe, which is where I got most of the Class, Summon and Djinn information from. I wouldn't be able to have been able to describe a lot of things about the gameplay without them.

Will I do anything next? Who knows? A Dark Dawn playthrough may be tempting, but I don't want to do that for a while, maybe something else... Either way, I guess I'll see you if I do something else. Bye!

The End

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