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Live Blog Do the time warp, doods! Let's play Disgaea Infinite!
EndarkCuli2011-12-08 01:18:56

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Violence soves everything! ...Well, everything involving Overlord Laharl, apparently.

Last time, on a very special episode of Disgaea Infinte, Laharl overcame his chronic stupidity over pudding-related matters in order to help his underlings seek revenge, only for tragedy to strike when our Prinny protagonist was unwillingly shipped off to a far away land. Tonight/today/whenever you bother to read this, as there haven’t been any recent comments, I’ve decided to take the same steps as last time and stop Laharl from eating the fuel pack in the throne room.

After all the steps that are required to return to the events before ‘Our Goal 2’, instead of having Etna talk about her form, I decide to let her offer a Prinny. Following Etna asking about the loyal Prinnies, a bunch of them appear at the bottom of the screen. The first wave forms kanji before dogpiling on Laharl, while the second forms the word ‘LOVE’ before doing the same. Flonne then makes the whole screen glow pink with a giant heart, Etna asks if they can forget about the pudding and get along, and Laharl considers this a lame distraction. While Etna wants some acid to wash her mouth with for speaking of friendship in such a way, at least her mind isn’t nearly as scarred as before.

And now, the main reason for choosing to perform these events instead of any other options: so I can borrow another of Mr. Throng’s (full name NSFW unless you like chickens) videos from Youtube and save myself from writing about the other two ways Flonne’s mind can be controlled! Yay laziness! Not shown: if no mind control options are picked, Flonne just says that it’s Etna’s package, and that it needs to be exchanged for the real deal. This only leads Laharl to want to eat both puddings, starts with the fake one in his hands, and then explodes. Really, the current stupidity of this blue-haired overlord speaks for itself, doods.

Y’see? Just like I said in the last update, picking ‘Crab Brain’ causes Flonne to perform some kind of archery special attack, and then everyone splits up to search for the pudding. Not that I assumed that you assumed that I’d make up something like that…oh, and for those curious, the options that do not involve Flonne being aggressive lead to an instant time reset back to the Defenders of Earth’s meeting.

Now, since this is a liveblog and not merely a poor transcript, you’d probably like to know my reaction to these other possible scenarios. And when it comes to the ’10 seconds’ one, I have nothing interesting to say. However, that first one was pretty sweet, right doods? Unnecessary violence! Giant explosions! Machines that are probably from Makai Kingdom, but since it’s been a while since I’ve played it, I completely forget what they’re trying to reference! Oh, and another funny afro. Those never get old.

And now…well, that’s it, doods. I have to finish an essay for a University course by the end of the week, and while I’ll try to post now and then on the forums, I don’t want to spend a lot of time just playing video games until real life stops trying to bring me down. Next time, which will probably be Sunday or Monday, will we follow Laharl, Etna, Flonne, or one of the characters that they are bound to meet? Leave a comment, dood, and help put the apostrophe and “s” in “Let’s Play”!

Other No. 44 – Hero’s Duty

The Netherworld Hero takes on an important role in the Overlord’s Castle.

Cleaning, laundry, security, watching over RosenQueen shops, reporting to the Prince when he calls meetings…

Wait, are we talking about Prinnies?

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