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Cliche2010-12-10 17:15:51

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Trouble at Twin Bells

It's a peaceful, tranquil night as a girl sleeps amongst her stuffed animals and dreamy, yet eerie music. Of course, this always means something odd is about to happen. The toys bounce around of their own will and escape, with the panda face featuring most prominently.

She's just a minor character though, so we cut back to Sakura rollerblading, eager to find out what's waiting today just around the corner. Turns out there's a new toy shop opening today! Its owner is a real klutz, though, so Sakura helps her clean up the boxes she dropped. She introduces herself as Maggie (hmm...why does this name sound familiar? She does look like a certain other girl we all know) and tells Sakura the shop will be ready after school. Of course, the falling boxes aren't give a good omen.

Sakura, impressed, just has to tell her friends all about these cute toys, and the gang goes to the store to find out Maggie's still having trouble getting all set up. They're willing to help since they get to see all the animals! Chelsea in particular has a huge collection of stuffed animals! The mysterious panda suddenly bounces out of a box to her adoration and Maggie's horror. Back at her house, as the girls admire Chelsea's collection, her room suddenly becomes a mess of toys and she realizes her panda has gone missing! Quite a fast burglar, Madison observes.

At the athletic field, Madison discusses matters with Sakura, wondering how anyone could have come in unnoticed and escaped so fast. At this point in the series, we can easily figure out this is the work of...A CLOW CARD!

When they return to Maggie's store, they discover that the panda has returned as well. This is not an isolated occurence either. Rumours claim any time someone bought a toy from her store, it would be stolen and brought back. Perhaps she's cursed, and the best option would be to close the store, yet the store is her life! No need to worry, Madam, Sakura is here!

Kero, skeptical, points out that Clow Cards don't play with toys, but agrees they might as well investigate. Madison creates a diversion by asking Maggie to teach her how to make tea and constantly chatters about various things as Sakura and Kero break in. Of course, adults love hearing about those young uns' newfangled technology, so that should keep her at bay! Eventually, Sakura finds the panda, but the spirit had already switched toys, so the search continues. After failing to sense anything in the toys, they find a demonic rabbit; the Jump Card! Its cover blown, it wreaks havoc as the toys bounce around chaotically then fly out the window following Jump. As Madison tends to the fainted Maggie, the chase is on! It's quite a fast little bugger, and even when Sakura catches it, it bounces her high in the sky like those annoying blocks from Super Mario 64. Good thing she has Fly, as that would have been a fatal dive. Eventually, she succeeds in trapping Jump with Wood, but it has other tricks up its fur. Summoning all the toys, it transforms into Jumpzilla, King of the Stuffed Animals! "It's like a bad horror movie!" As it raises its foot to crush Sakura, the force of gravity causes the toys to collapse on itself, leaving it stunned and ready for capture into a friendlier-looking form. It may be quite the fighter, but it's not the smartest card in the book!

In the end, Maggie's shop ends up prospering, Chelsea gets her panda back, and Sakura catches "The Clumsy". All's Well That Ends Well, right? Wait, whatever happened to that girl in the intro? And how could Jump be harassing Maggie for so long if the Clow Cards were only released recently?

Kero's Corner takes us into Sakura's house, except Tori's room since he always keeps it locked. I guess there are some things too mysterious even for Madison's closet.

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