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WillyFourEyes2011-02-24 11:14:05

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29: Slugging It Out (or: Lord of Arcanium)

[As the Overlord exits the Dwarven brewery, he is approached by a panicked elf, who is considerably less "dead" than the ones he met in Evernight Forest.]

Elf: The Arcanium mine is overrun!

More elves? Oh, what is it with you people? Can you not handle your own problems?

Elf: We did not even have time to save the smelter!

Gnarl: Locate that smelter, Sire! Then our Minions could create some armor truly worthy of you!

Such a pity. I had grown to appreciate this set of armor...but any opportunity to steal from those whiny Elves is one well worth accepting. Since we are cut off from Goldo's palace at present, this mine will have to do for our next destination.

Gnarl: More flamethrowers, Lord. Goldo must have sent them here to clear out the slugs.

[The Overlord spots a group of slugs wandering about near a fire.]

Not the most sound of plans, now is it?

Gnarl: Master: These levers control the furnaces below.

[The Overlord flips a switch and sends the Greens to counter the advancing slugs.]

Oh, if only there were a way to stop them from appearing altogether.

[As the Overlord attempts to steal a spell, the mother slug creeps into view.]

Rose: That's just not hygienic! There's never a cart-load of salt around when you need one.

[The mother slug meanders about slowly as the Greens sacrifice themselves to attack her.]

This one has quite the tough skin. My Flamethrower spell can barely penetrate that layer of slime.

[It takes the Overlord's Red Minions to bring it down. As the mother dies, the colonies of slugspawn seal up, allowing the Greens to commit genocide with relative impunity.]

Gnarl: The Combustion spell will not harm innocents, Sire. It's a pilar of fire so tall and wide you'd think it could burn the Gods from the sky! Not a bad idea, knowing most Gods.

Hmph. With that giant slug gone, I have practically done the Dwarves' job for them. I seriously doubt that the greedy little bastards would be willing to negotiate any type of reward, so this smelter will do just fine.

Gnarl: Good! Return it to the Tower and we will make you something suitably befitting. However, that Smelter isn't built for a quick getaway, Master. You must search out a route for it.

You say that as if that would be a problem for me, Gnarl. Do you doubt my path-making abilities?

[With nothing to stand in his way, the Minions lug the heavy Smelter back to the Tower.]

What do those Dwarves need with Arcanium, anyway?

Gnarl: It's the Arcanium smelter! The smelter of smelters, Sire! It will allow you to create some truly superior weaponry and armor.

Good, good. Giblet needs work to do, anyway. The prices, however...this will not do. We will need to loot some more gold if I am to wear a set of armor truly fit for an Overlord. For now, this shiny new Arcanium Axe will have to do.


Mar 11th 2011 at 12:11:52 PM
My lord, I would recommend just killing the Rock Giant. He may be tough, but he's not invincible.

Also, it appears that you have not yet visited the private quarters of the tower. Shouldn't keep Rose waiting, now should we?