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Hey guys. Name's General Tommy here on the internets, but my friends usually just refer to me as Tommy (or my Real Life name if they actually do know me in Real Life, or in one case, being a very good friend). There really isn't too much to say about me other than I have a very Short Fuse and a couple Berserk Buttons. The biggest one is when I see bullying going on (due to my history of being a big target for bullies, I tend not to be a happy camper when I see bullying going on, and if it's one of my friends, expect a good fist to the face before anything else).


I've got a couple of plans for my future, but as of this moment, they're pretty far away. I'm still getting used to the coding on this site (I know how to link and how to make italics, but that's all). I would be making a Troper Works page for the two series I have in mind, but as of yet I don't know any of that. I'll be spending time looking over the forum before I make those pages.

Couple of other things. I'm a very friendly guy, so if you need someone to talk do, go right ahead and PM me. I like to give conversation, but don't expect an immediate reply, as a good number of times, I'm probably pre-occupied with something. I'll respond when I get the time, not before.

Do try to be civil when discussing with me, okay? I don't exactly like it when having to deal with a rude person online. I've dealt with enough Trolls already, thank you very much.


Right, that's about it. Have a nice day!


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