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SomeColorMage2010-12-10 16:26:43

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Venus Lighthouse Aerie

Well, this is it, we've been across one and a half continents, defeated an evil tree, witnessed the return of essentially the cure to everything, got a lot of confusing statements from temple masters, got complained at for not saving the world fast enough, got a ship lost in the middle of a lake, saved the biggest arsehole ruler in the world, utterly humiliated people in a tournament, saved an idiot merchant from a town of thieves, got complained at AGAIN for not saving the world fast enough, followed a trail of death and defeated what I assume is a robot pirate. And now, we are ready to finish this thing.

First, I prepare my final setup.

Isaac Level 31 Dragoon (1 Venus, 3 Mercury, 3 Mars)

HP:536 PP:178 Attack:382 Defence:256 Agility:173 Luck:14

Garet Level 31 Berserker (6 Venus, 1 Mars)

HP:630 PP:128 Attack:425 Defence:250 Agility:246 Luck:7

Ivan Level 30 Ranger (3 Mercury, 3 Mars, 1 Jupiter)

HP:438 PP:227 Attack:304 Defence:236 Agility:276 Luck:15

Mia Level 30 Sage (1 Mercury, 6 Jupiter)

HP:477 PP:239 Attack:309 Defence:237 Agility:304 Luck:9

That's pretty good for this game. Then, I split up my healing items so everyone's got some, just in case.

Okay, now that we're ready, we slide down a notch in the last room of the Venus Lighthouse, and we land on a platform that takes us to the Venus Lighthouse Aerie.

Menardi: At long last, the time has come to light Venus Lighthouse's beacon.

Looks like we've found them. Saturos, Menardi and Sheba are at the opening where the Venus Star will end up in if we're not quick.

Saturos: With the second beacon lit, only two will remain.

Menardi: No. Lighting Jupiter is virtually the same as lighting Mars.

Saturos: That is true. Jupiter is really all that remains.

How cryptic.

Felix: That's right. Your dreams are within your grasp now.

Felix approaches the other three. Apparently, he was supposed to be back at the ship, which is at Idejima. However, he's come back for Sheba, which he thought should have been released by now.

Felix: You promised to free her once you got into Venus Lighthouse.

Menardi: And that's what brought you back here?

Felix: You promised not to involve anyone who wasn't related to this matter.

Saturos: Sheba is special.

Felix: Of course... Because Sheba is a special Adept? You guys learned something from the first two lighthouses.

Menardi: And what would that be?

Felix: In order to enter each lighthouse, you needed an Adept of that clan. Right now, we have Fire, Earth, and Water Adepts, but no Wind Adept.

Saturos: That does seem to be the case.

So the group need Sheba, because without her, they can't enter Jupiter Lighthouse. Felix understands. He is told to leave, but refuses to leave Sheba behind. He wants to take her to the ship in case some strange stuff happens upon lighting the beacon. Saturos and Menardi want Sheba to stay here, so arguments ensue.

That's our cue. We approach the group.

Felix: Isaac...

Saturos: So! You've come to stop us?

Menardi: Look what your defiance has brought us, Felix!

Would you stop arguing so we can kill you guys please? Saturos and Menardi seem eager to fight Felix and Sheba, but we speak out so we don't fail Faran.

Saturos: Don't worry. We won't hurt Sheba... if you meet our conditions.

Menardi: What are you doing, Saturos?

Saturos: Leave this to me! Sheba! Do you remember the rod connected to Hesperia?

Sheba: The Rod of Hesperia?

Well, duh.

Saturos: The rod required to reach the Jupiter Lighthouse!

Sheba: Ye-Yes...

Saturos: Those who pursue us bear a rod... Is it the one?

Sheba proceeds to cast something.

Sheba: Their minds are veiled. I cannot see clearly... but I think... it's the one.

Saturos and Menardi take that as a yes.

Saturos: Do you know the terms we will require before we agree not to harm Sheba?

(Isaac: Yes)

Saturos: You're smarter than I thought if you've already figured it out. If you give us the Shaman's Rod, Sheba will not be harmed. Agreed?

Well, I guess we don't have much of a choice, really. We accept. We give the Shaman's Rod to Felix. Sheba proceeds to leave, when...

Menardi: Where do you think you're going, Sheba?

Mia: We gave you the rod. Now, release Sheba!

Saturos: Whatever do you mean?

Ivan: You said you'd free Sheba if we gave you the rod.

No he didn't, he said not be harmed.

Saturos: You seem to have misunderstood. I said we wouldn't harm Sheba... but I never said we'd let her go!

Told you. You guys need to learn to listen properly. They explain that if Sheba were released, there's no chance she'd make it back to Lalivero. But we were going to...

Crap. Them's fighting words. Garet seems willing to fight though.

Saturos: Bring it on, whelp! You won't live long enough to regret your stupidity!

Menardi: Prepare to experience first-hand the horror of a master Fire Adept!

So now we have to fight Saturos and Menardi. Saturos is similar to the Mecury Lighthouse fight, but stronger. He is able to inflict Delusion and has some pretty strong spells. Menardi is slightly weaker, but can inflict instant Down and also has some strong spells, so I guess it balances out. She also, for some reason, has Wish. Both are weak to Mercury of course. We go after Menardi first, as she's got less HP and the most threatening attack. Once Menardi somewhat quickly goes down, we focus on Saturos.

Ivan and Mia reach level 31 after the battle. Mia learns Drain.

Garet: We did it! We beat 'em!

You got that right.

Mia: All right, Sheba... Let's go!

Felix approaches Saturos and Menardi. He also refuses to hand over Sheba, announcing his intentions to light the lighthouse beacons himself. Damn it.

Garet: So, wait... If he means to light the beacons, then he's our enemy, right?

(Isaac: Yes)

Felix: Do what you will, Isaac, but if you try to stop me, I'll fight you.

Saturos: I hope you don't think you've finished us off.

Crap. Saturos and Menardi get up injured, but we point out they have no chance.

Menardi: Right now, yes... But we'll be back on our feet... as soon as we do THIS!

And then they throw the Venus Star into the hole. Well, shit. We messed up again.

Saturos: That's not all...

What now?

Saturos: The energy of the beacon will restore our power.

Garet: How can it restore their power? Venus is the earth elemental, right?

(Isaac: Yes)

Garet: Then why would Venus give power to Fire Adepts?

A light starts appearing from the hole.

Menardi: Fire and earth share a symbiotic relationship.

Saturos: This light will restore our Psynergy!

Mia: We'll fight you as many times as it takes. We won't lose!

Saturos: You may have beaten the two of us...

Menardi: But now, you face the true might of Fire Clan of the North!

That's not a typo, they forgot a 'the' there. Anyway, they let Felix and Sheba go, as after they do what they're going to do, they may be unable to keep watch over her. Felix wants to stay, but that results in another argument, as Menardi thinks that Felix may help his old friends. So he leaves.

Garet: Wait, Felix! I won't let you go!

Saturos: Heh heh... Felix is the least of your worries right now.

Saturos and Menardi start glowing.

Mia: Oh my—-they're glowing!

I already said that.

Menardi: It's time you learned what true power is!

Ivan: They're Psynergy is overflowing!

Saturos: Hya ha ha! It's too late to run!

Then they merge together. What the hell?!?

Garet: Uh-oh... They're fusing!

Ivan: They've merged into one another! Everyone get back!

They turn into a dragon so bloody huge IT BREAKS THE SCREEN OPEN. Well, that's definitely the final boss right there. It's called the Fusion Dragon. Weak to Mercury as should be expected. He can inflict Haunt (like Poison, but whether or not damage is dealt is random) and Venom and also gets summon parodies of Tiamat (Dragon Diver) and Meteor (Outer Space). Really strong too and attacks twice. We've got a long fight ahead.

The attack it uses to inflict Venom is called Deadly Gas. Heheh, Fusion Dragon unleashes Deadly Gas.

We do finally kill it. Oddly, it dies just like every other enemy; turning grey and disintegrating.

Saturos: How... How... did we lose?

Menardi: We are superior in every way, but still we were defeated...

It's because you didn't have healing. The two then fall into the hole in the lighthouse. Serves the arseholes right.

Garet: We did it! We won!

Ivan: We beat them... but have we really won?

(Isaac: No)

Ivan: All our efforts were for naught.

Garet: What are you talking about? We did everything we could! Sure we couldn't save the Venus Lighthouse, but... We beat them! They're gone! You saw them fall down into the pit... So we don't have to worry about any more beacons being lit!

Mia: But Felix is gone, and he's taken Sheba...

It turns out Felix and Sheba are still here, but Felix knows that it'd be suicidal to fight us. He still feels the need to light Jupiter and Mars Lighthouses though, so he starts to leave.

But then the lighthouse splits into four. Holy shit. Then the beacon shoots up and an immense light goes out.

Felix: Noooo! Sheba!

Oh, oh crap, she's hanging on the edge of the lighthouse.

Felix: Hold on, Sheba! Take my hand!

Sheba: I can't...

Felix: You must try! If you don't, you'll fall!

Sheba: Look down... The foundations of the lighthouse are crumbling!

Felix: Why is this happening? Is it to protect Venus Lighthouse?

Sheba: I'm slipping... I can't hold on any longer...

Felix: Nooo! Don't let go! You can't! You'll...

Sheba: Good-bye, Felix, and thank you.

Then she falls off. Why do we keep failing at our tasks?

Felix: Sheba!!! No! I won't let you die!

Then he jumps off the lighthouse.

Wait, HE JUMPED OFF THE LIGHTHOUSE?!?!?!?!?!?!? That has GOT to be the STUPIDEST thing I've seen anyone do in this game!!

Isaac: !!!



Okay, I think I've gotten all of that rage out of me. Our group discusses what just happened and how stupid Felix is. Then...

Garet: I'm at a loss, Isaac. We have to decide what to do next.

Ivan: What to do? What can we do?

Mia: What about Jenna and the others at Idejima?

Garet: Oh yeah! I completely forgot about Jenna! Isaac! Listen up! We've got to find Jenna!

But, how are we gonna get down from here? The exit is in the southwest, and we're stuck on the southeast.

Then the lighthouse fixes itself. That's... odd.

Garet: All right, let's go Isaac! It's time to find Jenna.

And with that, we leave.

But despite a long and tiring search, Jenna was nowhere to be found.

Crap. We return to Lalivero and go see Iodem and Faran. They couldn't find Sheba. So we now have no leads to find anything. Damn it! Throughout this entire game, our total progress has been negative! We killed Saturos and Menardi, but now Felix is taking over, and we don't know where any of the people we were trying to save are!

Ivan: Apparently, everything at Idejima, including the ship, was swept away...

Iodem: So, Idejima itself was washed out to sea?


No seriously, what? Plate tectonics do not work that way! This ending is driving me insane.

We think that Jenna, Kraden and maybe Alex are still on Idejima, wherever Idejima is. Faran also thinks Sheba is okay, as she's survived other dangerous situations.

Faran: Who knew the sea would rise up to the lighthouse just as she fell?

WHAT? I can accept Idejima turning into an island, but that makes no sense whatsoever.

Iodem lets loose the A word and now has to explain to Faran what an Adept is. Apparently, Garet's tried to tell him before, but Faran just doesn't get it.

But still, it's time for us to leave.

Iodem: Please wait for me outside Faran's house. I wish to speak with you.

Okay. Outside, Iodem talks to us about Lemuria. At some point, or group looked out from the Venus Lighthouse Aerie, and saw an area surrounded by mist. Iodem suspects that that's Lemuria. We agree to check it out.

Iodem: Good. Then it's settled. I'll make arrangements for you to leave at once.

Iodem also gives us the Black Orb. It turns out Babi's ship has been hidden in Lalivero the entire time.

Iodem: Babi told me the ship of the ancients is an incredible vessel. It will make your search for Jenna easier.

We take the Black Orb.

Iodem: The ship is docked at the edge of town. You will know it when you see it. Farewell! And bring back news of Lemuria!

And then he leaves.

Garet: Right on, Isaac! We finally get to see the ocean!

We've been through this before, Garet, we've already seen it. It's just water. Get over it. Anyway, we go to the docks. We use the Black Orb to raise the Lemurian Ship from under the water.

Garet: It looks like it's finally time to leave Gondowan.

Ivan: It's so strange... We've been travelling for so long, and yet it feels like we've only just begun.

Mia: Now that I think of it, so many things have happened.

Garet: But our journey will be over as soon as we find Jenna, right?

(Isaac: No)

Garet: What did you say? Our next journey? What journey is that?

Ivan: You didn't forget, did you, Garet?

Mia: Our promise to Babi.

Garet: Oh... Lemuria!

Ivan: I wonder what kind of place Lemuria is.

Mia: We have to find Jenna before going to Lemuria, don't we?

(Isaac: Yes)

Garet: Yeah. That's important.

Ivan: At any rate, this will be our first time on the ocean.

Garet: So this is the ocean Kraden wanted me to see.

Mia: The seas are very rough. Do you think we'll be okay?

(Isaac: Yes)

Mia: This is a Lemurian ship. We'll be fine.

Garet: Well... Shall we, then?

Ivan: To sea...

Mia: Jenna is waiting for us!

We get on the ship and leave. Roll credits.

Well, that's it. It's not much, but we've defeated the main villains and the exploration is about to get a lot more open, so I guess that's a good cut off point. We save our game in a different slot. This is important.

But wait, there's more! We see the now island of Idejima, floating in the ocean. Hey look, it's Jenna and Kraden!

Jenna: Oh, Kraden... How long will this island continue to drift?

Kraden: I don't know... I wish you could tell me.

Jenna: Sheesh... You're no help in times like this.

Kraden: Hey, I'm hungry...

Jenna: How can you think about food? I wonder what happened to my brother...

Kraden: I can't be certain, but it looks like they lit the Venus beacon.

Jenna: You don't have to tell me that. That's how we wound up adrift at sea, right?

Kraden: You are so cranky today, Jenna! Well, I suppose you must be worried about Felix.

Jenna: Isaac and his friends must have been nearby, too.

Kraden: They probably were...

Jenna: I miss them... Isaac... Felix...

Then Alex walks up.

Alex: There is something I wish to show you. Walk this way.

He takes them to Felix and Sheba! They've washed up on the beach, unconscious.

Kraden: Felix! Sheba!

Jenna: Felix... Sheba...

Kraden: They... They're alive.

Jenna: They're alive!

Kraden: What is this? Alex, what happened?

To Be Continued

The game now soft resets. By holding R and Left while starting up, then pressing Start, a new option at the start screen appears: Send.

You see, Isaac and group are back in The Lost Age. And you can transfer over everything they had. The downside is, because I'm using an emulator, I have to use a 260 character long password. I think this is probably more brain breaking than Felix jumping off the lighthouse. Anyway, I screenshot the password to use later.

Like in my next Lets Play. I'll see you then.

Note: OK, that's the end of it. I do plan to start a Let's Play of Golden Sun: The Lost Age soon, and I hope to see you then.

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