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WillyFourEyes2011-03-08 06:33:50

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75: Barn to Be Wild

While Raguna waits for Kanno to decipher the Grimoire of Time, he silently congratulates himself on the progress of the farm. Most of the debris has been cleared, leaving him plenty of room to grow more crops if he wanted. His monster helpers have certainly done him proud.

He sees Tabatha cross his path after he leaves the Green Ruins, and it gives him the idea to visit Kross to make a second extension to his barn, costing him 800 lumber and 50000 gold, both of which he has more than enough. The barn is now large enough to house 70 captured monsters. Raguna doubts he'll need that many, but he decides to comb the Lava Ruins for a few more. That open space won't occupy itself, he thinks.

Raguna goes to visit Rosetta, who waxes unpoetically about a poet who used to visit her father's store in Kaldia, but then goes all tsundere after mentioning it. Raguna shrugs, and makes a small delivery of strawberries before leaving.

Instead of starting at the top as he usually does, he sneaks in through the bottom, working his way up. He tames a Dark Slime, but not before its poisonous ooze gets into his skin. Without any Antidotes, he tries to endure the sickness until it passes through his body. The Weagles, the bird-like creatures that used to give him trouble, are little more than a casual annoyance to him, and he is able to make one submit to his kindness. His new monsters are in no condition or mood to help him with farm work (though they are quite capable of holding their own in a fight), but he hopes that in time, they'll be able to effectively help gather materials for the farm. Weagle is good at gathering lumber and Sludge (his Dark Slime) can gather rocks, but since Maggey and Puyo, respectively, are already doing their jobs, they're being made to sit in the barn until their services are needed.

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