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Live Blog Let's Read John Carter of Mars
DrRockopolis2010-12-09 10:18:37

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Well, I'm waiting for the train, watching the freight trains go by, and reading ebooks on my phone. I downloaded the first few John Carter Of Mars books from Project Gutenberg to read on my trip, and I figured I'd pass the time by liveblogging them.

I've never read any of Burroughs' work; the closest I've come is watching Disney's Tarzan. Nevertheless, I've heard they were quite good.

This would probably be easier if I had Wifi for my computer and weren't trying to do this on my phone, but I'll give it a shot.

Edit; You know, I've also got the audiobook of the first one from Project Gutenberg, and the narrator has a groovy Scottish accent; I might try that, too.

Edit Edit: Edgar Rice Burroughs' Project Gutenberg Mobile entry;

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