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Live Blog Let's listen to Meta Four's iPod
MetaFour2010-12-08 20:09:24

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Note: This is a repost of an LB I began on the forum system, back in June 2010.

See here for a handy-dandy index of stuff I've blogged so far.

Welcome, one and all, to a parallel universe whose landscape of popular music is almost completely alien to you. You are now listening to The Twilight Zone my iPod.

I'm doing this to jibber-jabber about music I like, not to show off how great my taste in music is. I have taste, lots of it, but I can't promise that any of it is good taste. My interests are a thousand miles wide and three inches deep; I've got a little bit of everything, and I mean everything. (Okay, maybe no post-rock.) I've found that this has its advantages and its disadvantages: no matter who I talk to, I'm almost guaranteed to have a few musical interests in common with the other person; but at the same time, I'm guaranteed to never have more than a few interests in common, either.

All my music is organized into playlists, and the majority of these are just albums. So for this thing, I'll be working through the albums on my iPod—and the occasional mixtape—in the mindless way iTunes alphabetizes playlists. Except when it comes to multiple albums by the same artist, in which case I'll be tackling those in chronological order.

Note from December 2010: Wow, things certainly didn't work out that way. And I don't really have much intention of going back to alphabetical order.

With each entry, I'll post a link to somewhere, usually Grooveshark, where you can listen to the album for yourself or—if the band released it for free—download it.