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Live Blog Let's Watch the "7-Year Old and Needs More Love" Sketch Comedy
ACDrawings2010-12-11 06:09:09

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On your Marks, Get Set, Go:

Jangles and Jones

  • (An opportunity for Graham and Morgan to try out new and funny costumes
    • The costumes work, they most certainly look like 80's buddy cop stereotypes.
  • A Rule breaker and a rule maker... That... Doesn't sound like your normal team up. I think one of them is supposed to be a rule follower?
  • You ca tell generic crook guy is a crook becuase he wears a mask
  • Why are they all at an abandoned lot anyway? Crime slow that day?
  • USE YOUR GUNS! You're 'police aren't you? Or are guns an American thing? I always assumed so.
    • I'm so glad the Canadians are enlightened enough to not have to use guns to solve their problems, elaborate chase scenes are far more nonsensical and nobody dies.
  • That rock the crook threw? Totally didn't hit Jangles, what's up with that?
  • You gotta love this music, it's so groovy.
  • This part of the chase with a play on the scooby doo door sequence is definitely funny.
  • Oh hey, I didn't know they had 4:00 tea in Canada as well as England. I wonder if it's for anybody who lives under the Queen.
  • Really? A Banana? But that's so... Retro... oh wait, right, nigh forgot the format.
  • The ending is Priceless!

The LRR Year One Retrospective

  • Nice hats. Well, Graham's is nice
  • Nice gay joke.
  • Yes, not that anybody noticed, and frankly nobody notices now. Sorry.
  • A Brief History of lame, I would've watched that.
  • Poor James...
  • Girly Magazine quizzes? I'd watch that.
  • Men with pumpkins on heads? I'd watch that.
  • An Alternative to telemarketers I would've watched that.
  • 14 ways to eat fries/ I'd watch that
  • Fascinating retrospective interruption. Split screen didn't work too well.
  • Ways to make someone leave a room? I'd watch that.
  • Brilliant recreation of the Quantum Documentary. Now you've just made it even MORE quantum. GAH!
  • Aww, Andy is my favorite guy, I would've loved to have seen his multi-talentedness.
  • Arrogant Worms?
  • The introduction to Bill's ability to eat anything. I wish I had seen the video, I am now curious to know what the concoction was.
  • I didn't know Machinima was as old as 2004.
  • 24? Never heard of it.
  • An interruption of "Who watches movies"? Wait, it wasn't even that interesting, how did it get so popular?
  • Simulacra? Cool sounding word.
  • ... Wow, they really loved that split-screen, it must've been quite the gimmick back then.
  • A retrospective on their retrospective?... Dear lord, this is confusing!
  • but seriously, WHERE ARE THESE VIDEOS!?

The Loading Ready Rap.

  • The intro to 64K, the rap group with the cast Graham, Morgan, and more recently introduced, Jeremy, the duck lover.
  • I beleive this is a parody of old day rap vids.
  • I hate rap, and yet this is far better than a lot of rap I hear.
  • Wow, you can really tell they're lip-synching.
  • Rap to fix a console, brilliant logic there.
  • What's up with these guys and the Commodore?
  • Ice Trey, ever notice rap stars have "ice" in their name? Vanilla Ice? Ice T? Ice Cube? and now Ice Trey? I mean at least G-Star and JP have named based on their real ones, Morgan's makes no sense.
  • Get your faces out of my face!
  • The dancing is hilarious. Their movements are perfect.
  • Well there's your problem, 1983? It's that old? Dear lord.
  • What's with the clocks?