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I am N1KF, a user from various places on the Internet, mainly the Everybody Edits community. My full username is "Number1KirbyFan," though I have shortened it.

I'm usually The Idealist, particularly of the romanticist type, but sometimes my ideals can be too high. On the other hand, I'm a bit odd (likely due to my lack of social experience or understanding) and mischievous at times. While that has gone a bit too far at times, I've been trying to avoid repeating those mistakes more recently. How I act on the Internet doesn't at all represent how I act in real life.


I very much like to keep my privacy, so I will not reveal much here about myself anytime soon.

Work on this wiki:

I mostly work in the background, while polishing, fixing, and indexing the wiki in small bite-sized chunks. I do, however, do lots of Entry Pimping for works I like.

Here's a list of pages I edit a lot, made major edits to, or created. Pages with no description listed were created by me.


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