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Historical Events and Toku, Part II: Electric Boogaloo! Rika Liveblogs vs. Power Rangers: Revolution!
Oh my... The Dakari-King... I wish you the best of luck, Rika. I have heard tales and legends of the Dakari-King Mykan...

Wait, Liberty's Kids? I remembered this show... Oh boy, here we go! :P
.... Dakari-King Mykan? Is he that notorious as Psyga said? I'm sorry, I don't follow much...

Good luck anyway, Rika!
@ Psyga: Thanks. Needless to say, there's a bit of a reason why this story's B-plot may resemble a bit of Akibaranger.

@ ChrisX: Yep, he is. The guy wrote My Little Unicorn, a Hate Fic of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and lists all the reasons why he hated the show. That's not getting into the fact that the guy has a bit of a temper problem, as well as him getting an Encyclopedia Dramatica page.
@ChrisX: Not only that, but he also started (or made a preexisting one worse) a Ship To Ship Combat between the Davis/Kari shippers and the TK/Kari shippers (He was on the former's side, hence his title) before coming back from being banned and saying how everyone should get along and treat the ships as equal... and declare his ship to be the superior.

He also doesn't like a fictional character's decision to remain a normal school girl as opposed to a superhero, to the point where he allegedly lost sleep over it. Given his reputation, he's a major Die For Our Ship writer, and I can only predict he will do something like that in PRR.

@Rika: I only just now begun to think about what the b-plot might be... but right now I'm just guessing.
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
...also, Psyga, if memory served me right, didn't he show up in the "So Bad It's Horrible" page, you know, back when it had a fanfic section?
Yeah, he had a section in the Giftedly Bad Authors section.

Yeah, I kind of miss that section...whatever happened to it?
What happened was that it was deleted due to content, flame wars, and thinly-veiled recommendations of MSTs or something.

In a way, I do miss it, too, because I was able to choose the infamous targets, like Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers, as long as they didn't have the skeevy stuff.
Hm... The story has a tad of an interesting premise, though all Mykan did was change the villain from Ransik to an expy of Malcolm Frink and change the Rangers' origins from "Time Police" to "Smart kid invents morphers and mechas."

The "tell, don't show" nature is pretty prevalent in Mykan's fanfic. He's blabbing on and on about himself and Ebenezer, then talks about Ebenezer's little time travel incident, even though he's doing a first-person perspective, meaning that he wouldn't be able to see that happen.

Well, that's one hurdle down. Twenty more to go.
Wow, the super short paragraphs just tell how much this is gonna suck. Not to mention, one chapter and we don't even see any ranger stuffs or explanations. Mentor figures, enemy organization? Where?

And uh... Liberty Kids? What is that? It's considered a crossover between that in the site, but not even TV Tropes has a page about it. A little exposition here?
@ Psyga: Admittedly, it does have an interesting premise, but the entire ideas are just...I dunno. And I've noticed quite a lot of "tell, don't show", either. And that bit about the first-person perspective is...I dunno. You'd think you'd use it in a third-person perspective, but...

@ ChrisX: I don't think there's really a mentor figure in this fic, but the villain organization, well...considering that we're told that Ebenezer here wants to change history so he wouldn't get picked on, I think he is the villain organization.

As for "Liberty's Kids", it's a show that teaches kids about the origins of the United States of America, focusing on the Revolutionary War. The Other Wiki has more information about the show, if you want to check that out, by googling the name of the show and clicking on the Other Wiki's link (because, for whatever reason, it wouldn't allow me to get the full name).
arcadiarika (edited by: arcadiarika)
...sorry for the accidental added comment.
arcadiarika (edited by: arcadiarika)
I think he is the villain organization.

Well, when you invented a machine that reanimates and grows anything, that's a clear sign you're gonna fall to the dark side... or have your gear stolen by another villain... or be manipulated into working with them.
This is probably because I haven't seen much of Liberty's Kids, but is Sarah really kinda bitchy like that? Or is it just her flanderized?

I wouldn't be surprised either way. I recalled her in the show to be a tad bitchy in the regards that Lisa Simpson or Brian Griffin were bitchy (as in she was usually the one standing on top of a soapbox) though it's probably my imagination. And considering Mykan's track record, it could just be flanderization.

We have lost them, but we have captured someone much stranger looking, and now have him as a prisoner. It is our belief that he is an adversary from a world not of our own.

Tell me, how did you jump to that conclusion? Apple of Eden, maybe? ... No, that'd give him too much credit... It would be awesome if the events of this fanfic caused the rise of King Washington.

Though it could be that Mykan told him he came from the future and that translated to "world not of our own".

"You have summed me My, Lord?"


Sarah did take a few more steps. "Hey… you're no witch, you're a young man." She said to me.

"Well of course… what did you think I was, some sort of a zombie?" I asked.

{urges himself not to make a Madoka reference}

Who exactly is this Red Ranger

Gee, maybe if you didn't show the opening, that would have been a surprise. Even In Space had to hide the new villains and red ranger for a bit with their opening.
@ Psyga: Ah. That explains things. And I wouldn't be surprised if it's flanderization, either.

And I have no idea how they got to that conclusion, either.

As for the "summoned" thing...already covered entirely with the "misspellings" thing. Finally, with the Red Ranger thing...yeaaaaah. Even though I've skipped the "next time on" thing (for a reason: it's just not worth spoiling the next chapters, especially since I'm going into it blind), that's just...

And I'm really sorry for the lack of effort in these installments. Especially with this one, it seems a bit...rushed. (Which is because it was.)
Liberty's Kids!? Seriously, how old are these people?
@Hamburger Time: According to ED's entry on him, he was born in 1986. This fanfic was published around 2006, so he was around 20.
All the bouncing around made the blast take his body, but not his spirit.

Waaaait... this is starting to sound familiar...

AHAH! Well, at least he tried to vary it in some way... maybe...
Holy crap, this guy wrote a Twelve Angry Men Setting Update... with Digimon. That sounds So Bad Its Good, but I get the feeling it... isn't.

EDIT: And of course Davis and TK are Jurors 8 and 3 respectively. Matt is #10 so I guess even being related to TK makes you scum. :P
HamburgerTime (edited by: HamburgerTime)
Put it this way. That Twelve Angry Men Setting Update with DIGIMON CHARACTERS!? That was actually referenced when So Bad, It's Horrible had a fanfic section back in the day.
arcadiarika (edited by: arcadiarika)
Some of these character equivalents do sort of fit. Mimi as #2, Sora as #6, Cody as #9 (apart from that being the youngest Digimon character playing the oldest TEM character)... I can kinda see these. Maybe Joe as #4, but #4's much more of a jackass than Joe is.

Yolei as #12, though? LOLNOPE.
> Future Defender

Meet Quantum Defender.
@ Hamburger: Granted, I've read...probably the first chapter of Twelve Angry People, so I can't really say about that.

@ Psyga: Well, I'll be damned. Looks like they finally ripped off something from Time Force. And that took, what, about over one hundred times it ripped off from other series?
Wait... [[ Cy4q2s5zw Strata-Cycle]]?
Yup. I didn't think it even existed, until I saw it "mentioned" in that Power Rangers Monopoly game.
Can someone give me a link to that Twelve Angry Men with Digimon characters thing? I'd like to see just how bad it really is.
Did we just ninja each other?
I think so, I dunno.