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The campaign is being derailed again ~ Let's Play D&D 3.5e
While I'm no good with names and such, I can say that I think a halfling ranger (the shooty type, of course) would be neat. Preferably with dragons as a favoured enemy.
Are warforged available for this? A warforged barbarian who sounds like RECR when he goes into rage mode would be rather funny. "I was designed to protect this land, and I will do it by destroying everyone!"

Otherwise I like the halfling ranger idea, but I might suggest you give him/her a bit of an Adventurer Archaeologist bent.
Most of warforgeds that I've found for 3.5e are unbalanced beyond reason, but if you manage to find one that sounds reasonable, I could run it by my DM and see if it's alright.
The only warforged I know of is the Eberron one. +2 con, -2 wis and cha, no need to eat, sleep or breathe but must be repaired to heal, has +2 natural armor but can be hurt by spells that usually only damage metal and wood.
Be a human cleic and turn yourself into a necromacer make the dead your puppets then if you can take the steps to turn yourself into a Lich
scrap the last comment samething but a wizard just for more offencive powers while being a necromacer as well
Hm... How about a pure Orc (No half) Barbarian with a Chaotic Evil alignment?
I don't think you can be an Orc
Just have to find me a link to page with the orc race being statted out as a player race. I then just have to run it by my DM and we'll be all set to go.
I vote for the Eberronian Warforged, though I personally prefer Fighters to Barbarians.
Those are some damn fine stat rolls.

Barbarian, you say? I'd say Chaotic Neutral, with 17 STR, 16 CON, 14 DEX, 9 INT, 12 WIS, 13 CHA, a Greataxe if you can get away with it, and Weapon Focus on whatever weapon you do choose.
It should be pretty obvious for me but...

Strength: 17
Constitution: 16
Dexterity: 14
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 9

I know, a little lazy, but it to me accurately sums up what a barbarian is in terms of stats.

Race: I thought we're going with Warforged.
Name: Hm... Silverkin Goldstein?
Gender: Male... though do Warforged have genders?
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Skills: Climb, Jump, and Swim.
Feat: Power Attack or Cleave.
Weapon: Greatclub.
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
I'm going to say the following for your abilities.

Go with 17 strength, 14 dexterity, 16 constitution (I don't think there'll be any disagreement on what these ones should be), 12 intelligence (be a reasonably clever barbarian), 9 wisdom (it's not like you'll ever have a decent Will save when not raging anyway), and 13 charisma (so you're the rare barbarian with decent table manners).

For race, I'm going to jump on the Warforged bandwagon now that we're going with a Barbarian. For alignment I say go with Chaotic Good, the alignment of Boisterous Bruisers everywhere. For skills take Intimidate and Jump. Make the guy's weapon a greataxe and take Power Attack for your first feat.
be a Half Orc clone of Thog
Warforged seems to be the most popular right now with half orc being second. In the case of warforged, that means that wisdom and charisma will take a hit, keep that in mind.

I know the basics of Dn D but not the specifics. I thought I'd post this anyway. Feel free to inore if it I'm screwing up somehow.

I'm not going to bother with stats, the stats Psyga315 posted seem fine, but, based on his stats...

  • Race: Half-Orc
  • Name: Hoovgard the Illiterate
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Skills: Intimidate, Jump, Swim
  • Feat: Cleave
  • Weapon: Greatsword
  • Race: Still going with warforged. I love the idea of having him go into a creepy, Orwellian mode when he rages.
  • Name: Liberty Enforcement Engine (LEE for short)
  • Gender: Probably self-identifies as male, but a female one might shake things up nicely.
  • Skills: Focus on climbing, jumping and other mobility-based skills. He should be built from the ground up to make things dead.
  • Feat: Definitely cleave.
Weapon: Greatsword or Greataxe. Both are fine choices.
^ Oh, and his alignment can be anything, but I like the idea of a Chaotic Good character who dislikes his rage mode because it reverts him to that oppressive, propaganda-spewing programming.
Wait, your DM isn't doing the sane thing and doing point buy.
We all live on a college campus, so it's not exactly hard to run up and roll up some new characters. Plus, it gives an extra little layer of fun.
Resa Age: 21 Gender: Female Moral Axis: Chaos Neutral
  • Name: LEE (Liberty Enforcement Engine)
  • Gender: I'm liking female more and more.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good

The Liberty Enforcement Engine was originally constructed to help quell borderland rebellions in a nearby empire. It was deployed at one village after another, and its wit and tactical intelligence as a sentient construct afforded it a great deal of freedom in executing its duties. Traveling on its own for long stretches gave it time to develop an appreciation for freedom and the open wilderness. Seeing the way the simple country people managed to survive and even thrive in this lovely and brutal land, LEE slowly began developing respect and admiration for the very rebels it was built to slay.

Brutally punished time and time again for displaying any sort of compassion eventually fractured LEE's mind. Whenever it was forced to kill those who represented everything it held dear, it would black out, allowing its combat programming to take over completely.

One day, when meeting its superior officer to receive its next batch of instructions, its bivouac was attacked by an organized rebel force. It witnessed its own employer slain before being immobilized by an artificer and dragged away into the wilderness.

It awoke to find itself prisoner in a rebel encampment, and spent the next several days being interrogated by the woman in charge of the underground resistance. It told its story honestly, free to express its true feelings for the first time, and the two became fast friends. It was through her admiration of the charismatic rebel leader that LEE first started identifying as female.

It wasn't long before the retaliatory strike came. Not wanting LEE to be recaptured and reprogrammed, the rebel leader ordered her to disappear into the wilderness, refusing to let her aid in their doomed defense. She dutifully ran off, and wandered the woods until she came to a town in another kingdom and agreed to travel with a group of adventurers.
I don't think there are Female Warforged they have no gender so it does not matter.

Name:Dinorzeo (prenouced Die-Nor-Zeo) I just thought of a fantasy sounding name on the spot but I don't care about the name.

Alingnment:Chaotic Neutral (so pretty much whatever It feel's like at the time)

Personality: Prigmatic, Cunning, rather selfish but loyal do to its nature as a warforged being a solider at heart. It can be caring when it feel's like it but It has an awful temper that clouds its judgement. Does what ever It wants to not careing if its good or bad but will tend to go with whatever the party dicide's unless it conflicts with its goal's or does not feel like it but will mostly do what is asked of do to normal warforged mentality.

Motive: Dinorzo was a solider who did what ever It was asked of like normal warforged until for some reason it felt like change. It desserted and became a mercenary who's main goal was to do whatever it felt like doing cruel or kind acts on a whim. It only real goal is to get stronger so that no one can oppose it giving it the freedom to do anything it wants without fear of retaliation wether good or bad.
ok just found out there are no female warforged they have no gender you can have a female body shape but its only cosmetic and up to the DM if there are female shaped Warforged
Awesome, so then if the Warforged has a gender, it'll just be cosmetic. Well, more cosmetic than usual.
Remember, I'm going to need a consensus here for what the character will be, otherwise I'm going to have to cherry pick/randomize the final outcome.
Well, I can say for sure that darnpenguin's multiple paragraphs of backstory won me over. Therefore, I'm inclined to suggest going with LEE.
Milfred von Freud Milfred is a killing machine, but it (or, by her preference, she) also considers herself a student of the social sciences and psychology. Ascribing to a philosophy of Chaotic (smartass) Good, she hopes to better examine organic society by completely and utterly defying their expectations for her, and eventually, life in general. Far from Chaotic Stupid, any apparent randomness usually stems from something you've missed that she hasn't. Though her unorthodox mentality has removed her from a traditional military role (read: slipped out amidst chaos during bootcamp [haha, computer joke]), her creators may one day try to track her down to find out what is so unique about her wonderful (and faintly terrifying) mind.

Milfred's prime motivation is fun. Whether that manifests as making life interesting for her friends, or making her boring friends relax a little to make things more interesting for other people, she's in the adventuring business for the adventure. What use is immortality if you don't put it to good use?

If you're into transhumanism enough not to just toss random "Haha, puny meatlings" comments, you might try putting a bit of that edge onto things, regardless of how you take things otherwise. I mean, this is a walking, talking, self-aware killing machine, right?

Also: Bear warrior. Why? Robot bears.

Also also: see if you can swap out Fast Movement for Pounce (Tacklehugs from the happy robot? I don't know.) with...spirit lion totem? I think is the feature? Which is supposed to be good. Also, jumping robots.
Hm... Okay, I'd go with LEE too if it's one consensus.
Damn you Psyga
Ehh... I'm Going to vote for Dinorzeo.
If I may make an addendum to my concept: Everything I said previously, but with Brillig's choice of eventual prestige class. Because YES.
Darn you Penguin I will not lose

Same for my guy

Its between me and Darnpenguin were the only one's with more then 1 vote

Oh, thing you should know! Assuming you're using the stats from the Ebberon Campaign Setting, Warforged can't wear armor. Their Composite Plating racial trait gets in the way, so as awesome as a robot in a suit of armor would be* the chainmail isn't useful as armor. Though I guess you could probably fluff it as the warforged equivalent of a security blanket? Albeit a very expensive one.

The plating can be enchanted, so that's a plus, and it's free, so that's another. If +2 to armor seems too wimpy, the feats Mithril Body (+5 to armor, it counts as light armor, increased spell failure chance, assorted skill penalties) and Adamantine Body (+8 to armor, DR 4?/Adamantine, counts as heavy armor, heftier penalties including 20ft movement) are available. As it is, I'd say Power Attack is probably the better choice.

  • In Pathfinder (and elsewhere), there are rules for wearing constructs as suits of armor. So that makes the details of this trait somewhat unfortunate since it prevents a robot wearing another robot. I mean there is just so much potential there.
Hmm, I should play more Warforged and get to know about this sort of stuff.

Well, as is, we can only take Mithril Body feat on the first level. It'll serve as a nice bonus to pretty much everything, and though we'll be slower at getting around to killing everything faster, it'll allow full movement that chainmail wouldn't. Also, with Mithril Body, we can also later get Mithril Reflexes, which gives us +2 to initiative, and more importantly, for level/2 rounds per day, act as if hasted, so you know, in case we didn't have a fast enough all terrain death machine, we can make it faster.

Power Attack we can get at any other point, so... or you know, we could just forgo armor and do it in the (robotic) nude, which would be pretty barbarianesque.

Whatever you guys decide. I'm personally leaning Mithril Body solely because hasting at will later on.
Okay, Mithril Body makes more sense. Go with that.
Rail Roading. The mark of a poor DM... or a rebellious group. This is going to be fun to read.
Reminds me of the last game. "Come back at level 21."

I'm glad LEE is turning out to be rather awesome. Tell your friend that his bard also rules.
Hm... I have an idea for going Off The Rails. Make the machines, then set fire to Mandra.
Yeah, expect LEE to be out performing just about everyone who isn't the cleric for a while. She's quite painfully superior in all manners until the squishies actually start getting some useful spells.
Hm. Make airplanes out of the Stone Heart Pieces. Then fly back to Mandra and set it on fire. >:)
We might actually be able to do that in the future. It'll probably just take some high level crafting checks.
Feed 'em to La'quin the Punctuation Shaker. Ha, ha, just kidding. Keep them until they explode in your face and / or become useful, or try and repair them so you could fly the ship.
Have LEE stick some of it into her chest cavity as justification for a mechanical being suddenly becoming quicker and hardier without ready access to a workshop.
Hm... When you make repairs, place a crossbow in the severed area ala Guts.

Also, I love the Halfway Plot Switch Once An Episode.
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
Yeah, we do that a lot, don't we?
A character who can't remember their involvement in the larger plot due to a previous death? Didn't that same thing happen in the 4E game you blogged before?

Anyway, I'd say take the Power Attack since cleave is a must. Saving the reflexes for level 9 or 12 when it'll make you storm of metallic death sounds like it can only work to your advantage.
It's worth noting that mithril reflexes is a homebrew feat, so make extra sure to run it by your DM. I'd go with Power Attack, as it's actually pretty essential for your damage output.

Check with your DM about stealing an arm off of Mister Rippentear. Ironic turnabout, tear off his arm for a...transplant? Prosthesis? Whatever. Giant crushing hand. Basically, either it's awesome and you get a big arm, or it's awesome and you get a big arm with some sort of stat bonus attached.
Actually, darnpenguin, the previous game was some guy getting reincarnated. I think Vosh actually knew about the past this time since he didn't mention not remembering his past, he just didn't want to tell us about his past.

Plus he's True Neutral with some vaguely Neutral Evil in there, so if I were to take a bet, Vosh is with us to simply get revenge or start up his own little project.
Yeah, Power Attack's pretty necessary, though if you want something you can reap the benefits of immediately try Blindfight or Improved Init.
Pft, what's the point of having your arm ripped off if you're just going to replace it with the first wimpy arm you see lying around? I vote that any possible replacement arm needs to be at least twice as big as the last one, be a crossbow/laser, or just be a bigass axe taped to your shoulder; until then, LEE should have the new arm forged with her old arm in order to make a Warforged-material handaxe for herself.

Also, care to remind me how 3.5's multiclassing went? I never played 3.5, but I seem to recall that the multiclassing mechanics were simultaneously the worst and best part about it.
Basically, you leveled up in two classes separately, so at character level 1, you could be a fighter and then at character level 2, you can take a level in rogue, so you'd have a single level in both. If the difference between these class levels ever exceeded 1, there would be disadvantages of some sort. There's also the whole thing of "All the advantages and disadvantages of both classes". Long story short, I'd prefer not to do that.
But you could see if you can convince Snat to eventually multi into artificer and get free repairs.
No session this weekend?
Nope. Sorry, DM had a ton of homework to do.
As a beat stick, you can actually benefit a lot from multiclassing. If nothing else, it solves the illiteracy issue for barbarians without skill points. Given splats, warblade and dungeoncrasher fighter can both do you some goodness.

Maybe see if you could get a variable socket for your arm, ala Moon is a Harsh Mistress, so you can swap out regular-sized arms, giant-size arms, axe-arms, tentacle-arms, whisk-arms...