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Let's Play Fate Of The World (Blind)
Really liking the playthrough. The writing is highly enjoyable and damn funny - but I wasn't expecting an in-characterization of the playthrough on this page and didn't get that it was what you were doing until the OOC thing.

Last link doesn't work on this page (4).

Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the heads-up, Barcode. A few of those links near the end were pointing to the wrong thing.
Thank you for keeping this liveblog! It's a well-made account about a game that is - at the very least - fresh and very peculiar.

I'm eager to see more of your opinions. I went nuts over the prospect of an Earth simulator and pushed my way past the game's flaws with a grin. Your skeptical, snarky, yet honest view is proving to be a much-needed shot of perspective.

I was worrying that you'd get stuck on Oil Fix It, failing to raise India's GDP over and over again. This is a stock topic on the game's Steam forum, and though I've aced most missions, I'm completely unable to complete this mission. Getting it right on your second try is marvellous, verging on ridiculous. If you can describe your card choices for India in detail, it might help a lot of people.
Just quickly before I go to bed, the killer card combination for India (once you get it stable) is One Child Policy, Disinformation, Medical Aid, Education and the Wildfire/Storm defense cards that provide cheap and easy P.R boosts. Education is a big economic force multiplier, and one child policy combined with that reduces competition for scarce resources. Medical aid reduces the stress that sick (and thus non-working) people play on the economy. Failure to provide medical aid when doing a one child policy leads to horrible poverty (as I'm finding on Scenario 3 - Fuel Crisis). Just about everything else is about offsetting the MASSIVE approval hit you'll get from implementing a one child policy. Indians love the hell out of big families in this game.
If you think the consumerist regions are bad, just wait till the dark green regions start a nuclear war because they don't think you're cutting emissions enough.