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Magical Girls and German Poets: Let's Watch Madoka Magica
Huh, odd style.
I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that "Kyuubee" is supposed to be rendered in English as "Cubé".
Interesting so far. I'll be a regular.
pussy nigger

Never noticed the shadow without an owner before. Looks kind of like Kyuubey or another animal like that, doesn't it?
^ Never noticed it either! So strange. Thanks for pointing it out.

All these subtle clues and hints give me chills. :D
Wow. I totally missed the ownerless shadow.

A good translation for kekkai in this case might be "sealed space".
Weren't they walking next to the hospital that Kamijou is in when they found the grief seed? Sakaya had just attempted to visit him and they were going home. The fact that it was on the hospital would explain A) the hospital symbolism of the witch-world and B) why Sayaka was so insistent about dealing with it immediately, to the point where she volunteers to go inside alone without powers. Obviously, she didn't want to take the chance of anything happening to Kamijou.
That'd make sense
Once again, you choice of what to emphasize and what to skim over is significantly different from mine. Intriguing.
The witch-kissed cultists were probably mixing bleach and ammonia, not bleach and detergent... Many people, including zerky, mix bleach and detergent with no ill effects. In fact, some brands will save you the trouble and pre-mix the two for you. :P

Depending on what quantity the bleach and ammonia are being combined and how, they could do a number of different things. Chlorine gas would be released, although with a single bucket in a big warehouse like that, probably not enough to kill everyone immediately. N Cl 3 (nitrogen trichloride) could be produced, which is highly toxic and explosive. If there's a high ammonia to bleach ratio, hydrazine could also be synthesized, which also toxic, and way more explosive. It'd catch fire at the very least and maybe even go boom.
Huh. So I guess Madoka is definite about not wanting to be a Magical Girl? That's a first. I'm rather surprised, actually. This series is turning my expectations on my head.

Kyouko also sounds like a douche :/
Kyouko is very much at the Cynical end of the Sliding Scale. If she joins the good guys, she'll be a Heroic Sociopath at best.
Touhou - it infects ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

That breakdown scene near the end of the episode made this stoic's heart skip a few beats... that level of emotionality (along with Madoka's "breakdown" scene at breakfast) I haven't experienced since Code Geass...
The trainyard in the early part is a near-duplicate (layout, shots and lighting) of the one from Asuka's mind-rape scene in the director's cut of EVA.

Kyouko's hairpin is actually something that belongs to her father. Watch her flashback in ep7 and you'll spot it
I doubt that Kyouko's death was actually planned by Kyuubey, but he definitely has no scruple with using it to press his advantage against Homura.
Shorter version, moved here from the main page:

The timelines shown in episode 10 are as follows: the "origin" timeline is when Madoka became a Magi very early and saved Homura, with aid from Mami, from a witch; eventually, both die during Walpurgisnacht and Homura makes the contract that gives her time powers in order to save Madoka's life. The second timeline involves Homura joining Team Magi very early on, and they do great up until Walpurgisnacht; Madoka survives but the horror and pain she experiences causes her to witchify (which, we learn, gives her the power to destroy the planet). Timeline 3 involves Homura trying to let everyone in on the big witch secret early and uniting everyone under one banner, which sort of works until Sayaka's Despair Event Horizon breach; this causes everyone to break down, Mami tries to kill everyone out of despair, kills Kyoko, Madoka kills her, and then she and Homura fight Walpurgis and both nearly witchify before Madoka barely saves Homura; Homura then kills Madoka and travels back to Timeline 4, wherein she takes on everything, including Walpurgis, by herself using her now-incredibly-honed skills so that no-one else, especially Madoka, has to suffer. This is the dream from the first episode, and it still doesn't work, as Madoka becomes a Magi to save her and ends up witchifying again. Homura timejumps again, leading to the show's main timeline.