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1* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: The [[ Final Boss]] music. * GameBreaker:** The Snapdragons; see InfinityPlusOneSword on the main page.** Also, liches, who are good spellcasters with downright insane physical defense stats. Considering they'll usually be standing behind your frontliners anyway, you typically don't need to bother giving them armor.** The Teleport spell is gamebreaking for the optional treasure maps accessible through special books. You can just teleport your heaviest hitter right behind the boss and OHKO them, [[InstantWinCondition winning instantly]].* GoddamnBats: Fights with lots of undead enemies. Unless you're absurdly efficient, there's a good chance that the first ones down will auto-revive before you finish the rest off. Keep an exorcism spell handy for those fights.* ScrappyWeapon: ** Axes. Despite some classes having a preferred weapon as axe... only ''one'' of which is available to the player who [[GuideDangIt you can easily miss]]. Soldiers can use them, but [[MasterOfNone they aren't any better with an axe than they would be with a much cheaper sword or spear]]. Not only that but while virtually every other weapon gets a generic upgrade, axes don't. ** Hammers. Much like axes, only ''one'' is available from the shop and is a starting weapon. Only the Hawkman (who is fortunately a generic class) prefers to use them, but if you want any stronger hammers you have to either persuade enemies who happen to carry one, or play through Quest Mode a ''lot''. ** Bow Guns. Only three are available in the game, and they are much less powerful than a regular bow is. Bows in general have been {{Nerf}}ed from the original Tactics Ogre, so bow guns are seen as much less useful.


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