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1* AccidentalInnuendo: Hard Man -- as Creator/{{Seanbaby}} put it, "This guy's outfit looks like a frat boy's "Armored Penis" halloween costume, and his name makes you think of gay porn."* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation:** One of the most common is [[RonTheDeathEater interpreting Mega Man as a]] {{serial killer}}-esque character.** Quint is something of a blank slate for the fanbase due to ''VideoGame/MegaManII'' not exploring the implications of being a future Mega Man; a number of fans generally portray him as still having heroic attributes, while others make him another Copy Robot.** [[ This fan video]] offers a rather popular and twisted take on the series. Mega Man is a [[TheBerserker mindless]], [[{{Hypocrite}} hypocritical]] [[AxCrazy psychopath]] who thoughtlessly slaughters robots by the hundreds [[DisproportionateRetribution because they stole some factories]]. The horrifying thing is, if you go off of the games and the games only, that's not entirely implausible. Bomb Man lampshades just how [[TheDreaded terrifying]] and [[NightmareFuel disturbing]] an individual like ([[{{Fanon}} this]]) Mega Man would be viewed as in real life.** How ''human'' the robots act is also up for interpretation. Sometimes they're [[RidiculouslyHumanRobot almost human in every way,]] other times only Rock, Roll, Blues, and Bass act human while the Robot Masters only have shades of humanity. Even then some interpret Rock and Roll [[DeceptivelyHumanRobot don't act entirely human either.]]* AnnoyingVideoGameHelper: Eddie is very infamous for giving you the power-up ''you don't need''. Weapon Energy in a Robot Master level, which usually isn't long enough to warrant it, and a Health Pellet when you already have full health. The rare E-Tank or extra lives are always useful, though.[[labelnote:*]]You can counter this if he appears in a room you enter through a ladder. Just climb up and down the ladder to make him reappear until he drops something useful.[[/labelnote]]* AntiClimaxBoss: Given his backstory, Quint should be one of the most epic bosses in the series. In practice, most intro bosses put up a better fight.* ArchivePanic: Thirty-one games in the Classic era alone, not counting ports, remakes and mobile game releases.* BaseBreakingCharacter:** Bass. Regardless of opinions about the game itself, many agree he was the best thing to come from ''VideoGame/MegaMan7'', and there was much rejoicing indeed when he was announced as playable for ''10''. With that said, fan reception to him post-debut is mixed; either he's an interesting counterpart to Mega Man and gives Wily the chance to have a robot who can actually counter him, or he's a [[StockShonenRival cliché anime rival]] with no interesting characteristics other than being Wily's anti-Mega Man. Others dislike him for considering him a jealous, whiny brat.** Bad Boxart Mega Man, based on his baffling appearance on the front cover of the American version of the first game. When fans looked back on it at first, it became one of the most iconic cases of CoversAlwaysLie. As people dove deeper into it over time, it became pretty funny. Then Capcom caught on and started making nods to it, making the ''Mega Man 9'' and ''Mega Man 10'' 'box arts' very much in a tongue-in-cheek style reminiscent of the first game. Gradually, it started getting run into the ground, the climax of that being his appearance in ''VideoGame/StreetFighterXTekken'', depicted as a fat, washed up loser. This appearance solidly broke the base's opinion on it between "pretty funny joke" and "tired one-note joke." It didn't help that in 2011, this was about the ''only'' thing that wasn't straight-up cancelled in the ''Mega Man'' franchise. His later appearance in reference in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil3Remake'' split opinions further.* BigLippedAlligatorMoment:** In the Japanese version of ''7'', [[ these]] events happen, courtesy of Auto. [[HurricaneOfPuns Complete with puns]] and a ShoutOut to VideoGame/{{Strider}} Hiryu!** In ''VideoGame/MegaMan3'', we're introduced to Shadow Man, who, [[AllThereInTheManual according to supplementary material]], is possibly alien in origin. Never before has an ''alien'' concept been played with (Wily's hologram in ''2'' notwithstanding), and it wasn't seen again until ''VideoGame/MegaManV'', ''VideoGame/SuperAdventureRockman'', and ''VideoGame/MegaMan8'', all of which seem completely unrelated to one another.* BrokenBase:** Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2. Parts of the fandom complain about Capcom splitting the games in two collections instead of launching a single collection, like the ''Anniversary Collection'' did. The lack of other classic games like ''Mega Man's Soccer'', ''Mega Man: The Wily Wars'', ''VideoGame/MegaManAndBass'', ''VideoGame/MegaManThePowerBattle'', and ''VideoGame/MegaMan2ThePowerFighters'' is another issue pointed by the critics. Others think it was an interesting idea splitting the collection into the classic [=NES=] era and the SNES/PSX/Saturn era and this made possible the release of the first half to [=3DS=].** The topic of [[VideoGame/MegaManX Zero]] is contested among classic fans, especially with regards to whether he should appear in the classic games [[spoiler:since he's a creation of Wily's and was intended to be the original Mega Man's ultimate enemy/challenge]]. While some fans would like this plot point expanded upon in the classic games, others dislike how the tone of it clashes with the LighterAndSofter classic series and point out how WordOfGod specifically denied that [[spoiler:Zero ended up destroying the original Mega Man]].* CommonKnowledge:** Mega Man is, as far as the fandom at large is concerned, well aware that Proto Man is his "older brother". After all, Proto Man states such in ''VideoGame/MegaMan7'' [[spoiler:before his BonusBoss fight]], and it's the case in [[WesternAnimation/MegaMan the Ruby-Spears cartoon]] and [[ComicBook/MegaMan the Archie comic]], so it must be true! However, in the Japanese canon, [[ Mega Man (or Rockman) remains unaware of their relationship]], and the references to it made in ''7'' were added by the translators.** While Mega Man's art-style was heavily inspired by ''Anime/AstroBoy'', the claims that the original game began life as a licensed game based on it are untrue. In reality, [[ the team behind the original game were inspired by their love for all kinds of television and manga heroes of the day]] (such as ''[[Anime/NeoHumanCasshern Casshern]]'' and ''Series/KamenRider'').** Many believe every Robot Master in the series was created by Dr. Wily, when this is only partially true. He created the rosters of ''2'', ''5'', ''7'', and ''8'' (and for the latter two, about half of them were modified from pre-existing robots), while the rosters of ''1'' and ''9'' were built by Dr. Light, ''3'''s were a collaboration between Wily and Light, Cossack built the ''4'' group (though Wily extensively remodeled them), and the Robot Masters of ''6'', ''10'', and ''11'' were each built by different creators.* DirectorDisplacement: While he was the lead artist on all the games up to ''8'', Keiji Inafune didn't actually become the head designer until partway through production of ''3''. The first two games were designed by Akira Kitamura, while the third was initially designed by Masayoshi Kurokawa, who subsequently quit during production, forcing Inafune to take over.* EnsembleDarkHorse:** Proto Man, thus starting a tradition of [[CharClone red-colored]] side characters who steal the show whenever they appear.** Though not quite as popular as Proto Man, Roll is still very popular thanks to her kindhearted personality, her unique fighting style in ''VideoGame/TatsunokoVsCapcom'', and her catchy theme song "Kaze Yo Tsutaete."** The Mega Man Killers were always fairly obscure due to originating from Minakuchi Engineering's Game Boy ''Mega Man'' titles, but their role as combat-specialized Robot Masters with unique designs built with [[LaserGuidedTykebomb the sole purpose of defeating Mega Man]] is unique and well-liked. Fans were very happy to see them appear as DLC {{Bonus Boss}}es in ''10''. Inafune himself considers Punk to be one of his favorite characters from the Classic series, and drew up the design for the ''[[VideoGame/MegaManBattleNetwork Battle Network]]'' incarnation of the character.** Dr. Cossack only appeared in ''4'', ''5'' (only as part of the backstory and the ''Complete Works''' Navi Mode), and the ''[=RockBoard=]'' spinoff, but is popular for being one of the only other robot scientists seen in the classic series. His daughter Kalinka is even less present but just as popular, frequently getting a place in fan works that extend into the ''Mega Man X'' continuity.** Splash Woman is quite popular for being an [[MsFanservice attractive]] female Robot Master, and currently being the [[TheSmurfettePrinciple only female boss]] in the classic series.** The Robot Masters in general tend to get a lot more love than the majority of one-shot bosses like [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Gleeok or the Armos Knights]]. It's probably their interesting designs, which ooze with character, and their catchy stage themes, which inevitably get associated with the Robots themselves. The Robot Masters of ''1'', ''2'', and ''3'' are especially popular, in accordance to their respective games. Cut Man, Guts Man, Shadow Man, Quick Man, and Crash Man get special mention.** Out of all the Robot Masters, Guts Man and Cut Man are easily the most well-known, mostly due to appearing in almost every episode of the cartoon show. Cut Man [[VideoGame/MegaMan8 frequent]] [[VideoGame/MegaManX8 returns]] as a BonusBoss in later games; Guts Man's design motif is shared with the recurring Metall enemies, bosses designed after him such as the Guts Dozer and Guts Man R appear in the fortresses of later games, and, thanks to MemeticMutation, [[ his ass]] has become the [[{{Pun}} butt]] of many jokes. ** ''VideoGame/MegaMan4'' gained mixed reaction from fans, but it had two cool-looking Robot Masters that became quite popular; Skull Man and Pharaoh Man. The latter became even more popular from his [[WesternAnimation/MegaMan animated adaption]].** Air Man's (semi-undeserved) reputation for being ThatOneBoss thanks to fan music makes him a popular choice for fights and in-jokes in fan games.** [[VideoGame/MegaManPoweredUp Time Man and Oil Man]] aren't part of the official DWN line of Robot Masters due to only appearing in a poorly selling remake, but they're both fan favorites for being new additions to bring the first ''Mega Man'' game's boss roster up to eight. Time Man has a leg up on Oil Man (Oil Man has a controversial design and is [[TierInducedScrappy one of the weakest characters in the game]]), but people were happy to see both of them return in [[ComicBook/MegaMan the comic series]], with the latter getting a slight redesign to make him look better.* EpilepticTrees:** Fans believe the [=RT-55J=] enemy in ''VideoGame/MegaManX1'' is an upgrade of Auto (or is at least related to him), owing to their shared color schemes and its location near a [[InexplicableTreasureChests Light Capsule]], even in spite of [[AllThereInTheManual external material]] explaining it as a sumo wrestler robot with no mention of it being related to Dr. Light in any way.** People keep trying to link the Evil Energy in ''[[VideoGame/MegaMan8 8]]'' and the Roboenza virus in ''[[VideoGame/MegaMan10 10]]'' to both each other and ''VideoGame/MegaManX''[='s=] [[TheVirus Maverick Virus]].** The various alien robots in the series, such as the Stardroids, Duo, and ([[MysteriousPast possibly]]) Shadow Man, are often thought to be related. [[ComicBook/MegaMan The Archie comic]] even took this and ran with it.* EvenBetterSequel:** ''VideoGame/MegaMan2'' is considered one of the textbook examples in gaming history. It took everything that was great about [[VideoGame/MegaMan1 the first one]] and improved upon it, and took out the things that didn't work or didn't matter. It was also less difficult, providing a challenging but not frustrating experience.** About half the fandom believes ''[[VideoGame/MegaMan3 3]]'' is even better than ''2''. The mildly slippery movement was finally fixed, Mega Man's sluggish ladder speed was upped, and this entry gives him his defining slide ability, which adds an incredible amount of depth to the game.** Some fans consider ''4'' to be the most balanced entry of the [[UsefulNotes/NintendoEntertainmentSystem NES]] games, even compared to the above, thanks to a more balanced weapon roster and lack of major {{difficulty spike}}s like in the first three games.* EvilIsSexy:** Bass. While Mega Man is built as a young boy, his EvilCounterpart, Bass was built as a handsome teenager. [[ See for yourself.]]** Splash Woman, too (though as a Dr. Light robot, she's not ''usually'' evil). [[ The gal's got]] [[HartmanHips a rather nice figure]].* {{Fanon}}:** [[EpilepticTrees Theories]] abound for what happened to the classic characters before the ''X'' series, the most popular (and {{Jossed}} by a [[AllThereInTheManual Japanese sourcebook]] and WordOfGod) being that Zero [[KillEmAll killed 'em all]]. Other fanon includes Mega Man being [[IdiotHero an idiot]] and Dr. Light being an alcoholic. All three of these (particularly the latter two) originate with the WebComic ''Webcomic/BobAndGeorge''. There's even a [[ Fanon Wiki]]!** What happens to the Robot Masters Mega Man defeats? Some believe they're [[KilledOffForReal all decommissioned and placed in the museum forever]]. A much more popular idea is that Dr. Light (or Wily) rebuilt them and continue to work on their skills. ** [[DistaffCounterpart Female Robot Masters]] -- more prevalent in fanfiction and fan games than in the actual games, as the only game-canon ones are Roll (DLN.002) and Splash Woman from ''9'' (DLN.067) -- are commonly referred to as [[FanNickname Robot Mistresses]].* FanonDiscontinuity:** Many fans disregard all the entries not produced in the 8-bit style (meaning ''7'', ''8'', and ''[[VideoGame/MegaManAndBass Mega Man & Bass]]''). Some of the more hardcore fans prefer to think that Dr. Wily got fatally crushed in ''3'' and so ignore everything from ''4'' onward. The mentality mostly faded away by the time ''11'' released, though the NES style are still the most popular choice for fan content.** On the spin-off side of things, ''Rockman & Forte: Challenger From the Future'' and both PC entries are often ignored, due to questionable Robot Master designs (most infamously in the former), poorly-written stories (even by the series' [[ExcusePlot standards]]), and being all-around mediocre games.** Due to Quint being [[AntiClimaxBoss ridiculously weak despite his backstory]], some fans pass him off as just being another Copy Robot rather than a future version of Mega Man.* FanPreferredCouple: ** Mega Man and Roll are supposed to be siblings, but you wouldn't know that going by all the [[BrotherSisterIncest romantic (or worse) fanart involving them]]. Capcom [[RelationshipWritingFumble has never helped themselves with this]], portraying Roll as [[IncestSubtext very clingy and a bit too fond of her brother]] in certain games and materials (''VideoGame/MegaManPoweredUp'' being a major offender) while also making Mega Man and Roll actual couples in separate universes where they aren't related (''VideoGame/MegaManLegends'' and ''VideoGame/MegaManBattleNetwork'', although ''Legends'' has the same problem of NotBloodSiblings). It's common for the incest angle to be downplayed by certain fans due to both characters being robots with no actual genetic connection, although it ignores the fact that Dr. Light, their creator/father, views them as brother and sister.** Proto Man/Kalinka is very popular due to the former's role as the latter's actual rescuer in ''VideoGame/MegaMan4''. ** Though Splash Woman [[LauncherOfAThousandShips has been shipped with numerous characters]], she is most commonly shipped with Bubble Man, a fellow aquatic Robot Master. Perhaps it's because both of them are more suited for water than land. Perhaps it's because Bubble Man is a [[TheWoobie Woobie]], and thus, it feels like he [[ThrowTheDogABone deserves]] to find someone who loves him. Or perhaps it's the idea of them being an underwater BattleCouple. Either way, Bubble Man/Splash Woman is very popular with the fandom, and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who dislikes it.** Splash Woman/Dive Man has its fans, too. Out of all the water-themed Robot Masters, Dive Man is arguably the most "handsome" with a buff, manly build, and his sailor motif compliments Splash Woman's mermaid motif well. While Dive Man may not be as much of a woobie as Bubble Man, he does get motion sickness rather easily, so he's not without sympathetic qualities. It helps that he's one of Dr. Cossack's creations, which adds a level of inherent coolness on top of the whole submarine design.* FoeYay: ** [[LauncherOfAThousandShips Mega Man]]/the Robot Masters is inevitable. Thanks to Music/{{Hyadain}}, the most popular of those are Mega Man/Crash Man, Mega Man/Flash Man, and Mega Man/Quick Man. One of the most popular non-Robot Masters ships is Mega/[[TheRival Bass]].** Metal Man/Cut Man is also popular given that Metal is Cut's [[EvilCounterpart stronger successor.]]** Despite the fact that Gemini Man canonically hates snakes and is weak to the Search Snake (or perhaps ''because'' of it), Gemini Man/Snake Man remains one of the most popular ships in the fandom. * GameBreaker: [[GameBreaker/MegaMan The series has enough to warrant a page unto itself]].* GoodBadBugs:** A glitch in earlier games allowed you to make specific enemies [[labelnote:*]]ones that had a set pattern of movement in which it would move, turn around, move some more, and turn around again[[/labelnote]] disappear by aligning the place where they turned around at the edge of the screen. Very handy with those GoddamnedBats that moved across the ground quickly when you were level with them and were too short to be hit by the peashooter.** In the first ''Mega Man'' game, you could use any weapon (most often Elec Man's Thunder Beam) to repeatedly damage a boss by [[PauseScumming pausing the game frequently while the beam is in collision]]. Really handy for getting past the Yellow Devil.** In the NES games, if a weapon took more than one shot to use a unit from the weapon energy bar, you could more or less use it infinitely by pausing between shots.** If the player reaches an Eddie room and leaves before he teleports out, then he'll reset when the player returns, even if Eddie's already given out a power-up. As long as the player doesn't pick up that power-up (which will also cause him to leave) they get an infinite number of do-overs if Eddie gives them a power-up they don't want.* GoddamnedBoss:** Many fans will agree that all of the Wily Capsule fights introduced in almost all the games after ''VideoGame/MegaMan4'' are just plain annoying. All the fights are very similar and can be easily summarized: Wily teleports to a random spot in the arena, shoots Mega Man, then teleports away, waits a moment, then continues. The fact that Wily spends so much of the fight invulnerable and can appear near the top of the arena where [[DenialOfDiagonalAttack Mega Man can't hit him]] can drive some people up the wall.** All of the "Devil" bosses, too. They also follow a closely related attack pattern: assemble itself from goo, eye opens and shoots, disassemble goo, rinse and repeat. Like the Wily capsule fights, the annoying bit about Devil bosses is that most of the fight is spent with them invincible: the eye is the only vulnerable part of it, and it's only open for a second after each cycle of the attack, and this drags out the fight quite a bit. Not helping is most of them also disassemble and reassemble themselves from goo in the exact same pattern every time, leading the fight to just being about monotonous memorization. And if you thought that wasn't nasty enough, [[spoiler:''11'' equips it with the Speed Gear with each of ''nine'' mini Devils hopping and running about to harass Mega Man, meaning if you don't keep up with it, you're going to eat a lot of damage]].* HilariousInHindsight:** [[ This scene]] is from [[VideoGame/SuperAdventureRockman a game]] that never came out of Japan, depicting Quick Man saving Mega Man's life by taking a shuriken in the back; later in Japan, nearly the exact same thing happens in the first issue of ''Manga/{{Naruto}}''. What makes this even more hilarious is that Quick Man died from some relatively small shuriken, while Iruka ''survived a really big one in his spine''.** The BetterThanABareBulb MythologyGag bonanza that was ''9'', which came after the {{retraux}} ''a'' mini-game of ''ZX Advent''.** Proto Man is voiced by Creator/RyotaroOkiayu in ''8'', ''VideoGame/SuperAdventureRockman'', and ''Battle & Chase''. What makes it funny is that this was the same guy who voiced Zero in the ''X'' series, when there was a prevalent [[EpilepticTrees fan theory in the old days]] that Proto Man ''is'' Zero.** A ''Magazine/NintendoPower'' Robot Master contest contains quite a few of these:*** [[VideoGame/MegaMan6 Wind Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan7 Freeze Man and Spring Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan8 Frost Man and Clown Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaManAndBass Magic Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan10 Blade Man and Sun Man]] (though he's named Solar Man in the final game)... Dang.*** In addition, one page also has a section with proposed upgrades to Rush, like [[VideoGame/MegaMan8 a motorcycle]] and [[VideoGame/Rockman4MinusInfinity a cannon]].** Remember that crappy ''Mega Man 3'' DOS game? Well, four of the six Robot Masters are named [[VideoGame/MegaManPoweredUp Oil Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan5 Wave Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan10 Blade Man]], and [[VideoGame/MegaMan11 Torch Man]].** There was a scrapped form for Rush in ''VideoGame/MegaMan3'' called [[VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcomClashOfSuperHeroes Rush Drill]].** Quick Man's vehicle in Battle & Chase is named "[[VideoGame/SonictheHedgehog Sonic]] Formula". Appropriate, given that Quick Man's a super-fast robot. Then, almost 20 years later in Archie's [[ComicBook/SonicTheHedgehogMegaManWorldsCollide Worlds Collide]] crossover between Sonic and Mega Man, Quick Man's inevitable showdown with the blue hedgehog ends rather poorly for Quick Man and his fellow "sorta-fast" Robot Masters (Metal Man, Charge Man, Slash Man, Turbo Man, and Nitro Man), with Quick Man getting tripped, sent into an uncontrollable spin while yelling "[[WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!]]", and ending up in a pileup with the rest of the "sorta-fast" Robot Masters, all topped off with Sonic taunting "Though [[ComicBook/MegaMan he]] may not have your don't have his '''''skills'''''!"* ItWasHisSled:** Even people who haven't played ''Mega Man 3'' are likely to be aware that Proto Man was Dr. Light's first robot and thus Mega Man's brother.** If you play ''7'' now, you'll probably already know [[EvilCounterpart just what Bass's deal is]].* JerkassWoobie: Bass. He was created to do one thing specifically (kill Mega Man), but he's done nothing but fail and get effectively disowned by his father. He has Proto Man's independent spirit, alienating him from his creator, but because of his HotBlooded nature and obsession with killing Rock, he can't find any sort of absolution with Light either. Wily even calls [[spoiler:Zero]] his greatest creation ''to Bass's face'', making him TheUnfavorite. As a Robot Master and not a Reploid, it's InTheBlood for him to want to fight Mega Man without much he can do about it. It's hard to have any sympathy for him at times, but he's very high on the list of characters that need a really, really big hug.* JustHereForGodzilla: Some people are only interested in the Mega Man series because they like the Robot Masters, whether it be because of their colorful designs and personalities or because [[YaoiFangirl they're a large cast of shippable male characters]].* LauncherOfAThousandShips: Roll and Splash Woman, due to being the only female Robot Masters in the entire series.* MemeticBadass:** Air Man, due to [[ThatOneBoss the frustration he's caused players worldwide]], tends to be portrayed by fans as pretty badass. In fact, his toughness inspired the project-Delta song [[ "Air Man ga Taosenai"]] ("I Can't Beat Air Man" among other varying translations).*** [[ Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Air Man, bitch, and I'm bringin' the pain! I got a fan installed in my grill! No lie! I'm gonna blow your ass straight off the map! Good bye!]]** Pharaoh Man is often seen as this thanks to his sole appearance in [[WesternAnimation/MegaMan the Ruby-Spears series]], where after having his power stolen, he straight up [[PunchedAcrossTheRoom punches]] Mega Man as opposed to fleeing like most Robot Masters.* MemeticLoser: ** [[VideoGame/MegaMan2 Bubble Man]] is one both in and out of universe. Not only is his theme [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway bubbles]], but he's saddled with the Bubble Lead, one of the silliest weapons in the franchise.** [[VideoGame/MegaMan3 Top Man]], due to having a similarly ridiculous theme and having one of the [[ScrappyWeapon hardest weapons to use]] in the series.** [[VideoGame/MegaMan7 Spring Man]] is a distant third due to the inherent goofiness of his concept, which was brought to many a fan's attention in [[ this fan animation]]. Said video, on the other hand, also managed to turn Spring Man into [[TheChewToy a strangely endearing character]] because of how silly his design is.* MemeticMolester: [[VideoGame/MegaMan2 Crash Man]], thanks to Music/{{Hyadain}}'s song [[ CRASH!! (Let's Do It)]].* MemeticMutation:** It's Dr. Wily ''[[HijackedByGanon yet again?!]]''** Among other things, Sheep Man actually becoming a meme upon his announcement.** [[ The Mega Man Rap.]]** [[ Okkusenman (110 Million).]]** YOU GET: Meme\... And Rush Jet[[labelnote:Explanation]]The "Get Equipped With" screens seen while receiving a Robot Master's weapon are popular for parodies.[[/labelnote]]** ''VideoGame/MegaMan8'' brings us [[SoBadItsGood "classics"]] such as Dr. Light's [[ElmuhFuddSyndwome speech patterns]], Mega Man [[ItIsPronouncedTroPAY being unable to pronounce Bass correctly]][[note]]he says "bass" (as in the fish) instead of "base" (the musical instrument)[[/note]] as he [[AcCENTUponTheWrongSylLABle puts emphasis on the wrong syllables]], and, of course, '''JUMP JUMP! SLIDE SLIDE!!''' [[note]]Frost Man's stage and Wily Tower 1 feature [[UnexpectedGameplayChange auto-scrolling snowboard segments]] [[ThatOneLevel that are loathed by many a player]].[[/note]]*** Bass's [[LameComeback "... Shut up!"]], his retort to Mega Man's "Hey, [[NoPronunciationGuide BASS]]! [[AcCENTUponTheWrongSylLABle Why must I fight you? We are not ENEMIES!]]", is at least semi-memetic by association.** Though the fad has died down recently, the late 2000s saw various "remixes" of Robot Master themes syncing voice clips and sound effects from other games to the music. [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 The Scout]] and [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaCDiGames Morshu]] [[ were often]] [[ seen during]] [[ this period,]] but other sources were not unheard of ([[ such as]] ''VideoGame/BloodyRoar'').** Native to Brazil is "Patel de Carica" (or simply just "Carica"), which is what you get when you take [[ Search Man's theme]] and mash it together with a picture of [[Series/ICarly Jerry Trainor's]] head. [[ For]] [[ example...]]** "Maybe you better sit this one out." Cue the [[ Sad Violin...]]*** "AH, MY WAIT IS OVER!"*** "He who hesitates is lost!"* {{Misblamed}}: A lot of fans chastise Capcom for "running out of ideas" for the Robot Masters, without knowing that Capcom (and other developers who've worked on the series) didn't make most of them. From ''2'' all the way to ''8'' (except Astro Man and Tengu Man), they're fan designs submitted for contests, chosen by Capcom and slightly modified for their in-game designs.* {{Moe}}: As a rare male example, Mega Man ''himself'' qualifies, along with [[ Roll]] and many others. Justified because the series is inspired by ''Anime/AstroBoy'' from story to design, of course.* MoralEventHorizon: Wily either crossed it when he [[VideoGame/MegaMan4 kidnapped Kalinka and forced her dad to work for him]], [[VideoGame/MegaManX or posthumously in the next series]].* SugarWiki/MostWonderfulSound: While ''Pow pow pow pow pow!'' is horrible when it means you're dead, it becomes this when it's an enemy Robot Master dying.* PolishedPort:** ''Mega Man: The Wily Wars'' for the UsefulNotes/SegaGenesis. It takes the first three games NES games and give them enhanced 16-bit graphics and updated sound effects, cranked up the difficulty, adds a save feature, and adds an all-new ''Wily Tower'' game once unlocked.** The ''Complete Works'' series of ports of ''Mega Man 1''-''6'' for the [=PlayStation=] not only retains the NES version of these games, they also feature a new Navi Mode which adds a revised menus and HUD, a hint system for new players, memory card saves in addition to passwords (when available), and for those with a [=PocketStation=] can level-up Mega Man and the Robot Masters. These ports also fix the sprite flickering and slowdown from their original version, the ability to use the shoulder buttons to cycle through weapons in real-time, remixed music (the first three only had few taken from [[VideoGame/MegaManThePowerBattle the two]] [[VideoGame/MegaMan2ThePowerFighters arcade games]], while the later half of the ''Complete Works'' games have proper remixes), unlockable items to use in Navi Mode, a database with a wealth of information on characters and enemies, and a Mission Mode where players can complete various challenges. Unfortunately this series of ports never got an official English release; although the first four games in the ''Complete Works'' series were re-released through [=PlayStation=] Network in the U.S., they are not translated in any way and ''Mega Man 5'' and ''6'' were never released overseas.* PortingDisaster:** The images featured in the ending credits of ''VideoGame/MegaMan7'' were missing in all three versions of ''[[CompilationRerelease Anniversary Collection]]'' because the developers (Atomic Planet) couldn't figure out how to properly emulate the Mode-7 features of the [[UsefulNotes/SuperNintendoEntertainmentSystem SNES]]. The UsefulNotes/NintendoGameCube version of ''Anniversary Collection'' also received flak for [[DamnYouMuscleMemory switching the shoot and jump buttons]]. Regardless, the ports of these games are still very playable, and it was nice to not have the music get muddled by certain sound effects, as well as removing the sprite flickering. Having an actual save feature while keeping the password feature for the first seven games was also appreciated.** The [[UsefulNotes/GameBoyAdvance GBA]] port of ''Mega Man & Bass'' made Bass's dash far more difficult to perform due to the lack of a dedicated dash button and suffers from a lot more ScreenCrunch.** The European version of ''Mega Man 4'' was rendered near-unplayable due to severe PAL slowdown. The Virtual Console re-release fixes it somewhat, but it can still be noticeable when there are a lot of enemies on the screen.** The mobile ports of the NES games, which are probably the laziest ''Mega Man'' ports ever released (somehow even beating out the infamous ''VideoGame/MegaManX'' port). The controls are imprecise and unresponsive (unforgivable offenses with the degree of precision these games require), but even worse, all six games run like molasses even when nothing but Mega Man himself is on the screen, despite numerous areas where the graphics have been noticeably ''downgraded'' from the original games.[[note]]To put this in perspective, modern smartphones are ''several orders of magnitude'' more powerful than the NES.[[/note]] And, seemingly just to rub salt in the wound, they're priced at $1.99... for ''each'' game. The entire affair just reeks of half-heartedness.* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap: When first unveiled, Sheep Man was widely hated due to being seen as dumb and overly-childish. However after the game came out, he ended up becoming quite popular due to his powers, stage design, and NarmCharm factor.* RootingForTheEmpire: Due to their distinctive designs and personalities, many fans find the Robot Masters more likable and interesting than [[VanillaProtagonist Mega Man]].* ScrappyMechanic: ** Or rather the ScrappyMechanic being the ''lack'' of a mechanic. Some complaints against ''9'' and ''10'' are leveled at the lack of the slide and charge shot mechanics to make the games more like series darling ''Mega Man 2''.** If you die to a boss, more often not you're dumped back at a one-way hallway between the main body of the stage and the boss room, ''minus whatever weapon energy you used up''. You may end up having to use the far weaker Mega Buster over whatever weakness-hitting weapon you were using.** Enemies respawn once you scroll far enough for their respawn points to be off-screen. Meaning that if you destroy a rather [[GoddamnedBats annoying]] or [[DemonicSpiders dangerous enemy]] but something (like a hazard or a pit) pushes you back, you'll have to fight it again.** A comic mocking the [[TemporaryPlatform disappearing and reappearing blocks]] is the page image. The gist of them is that the blocks will follow a set pattern that one must memorize in order to avoid falling off, but the fact that the games tend to pair them up with BottomlessPits and OneHitKO hazards means that this process of memorization often amounts to TrialAndErrorGameplay. Certain items such as Item-2 and Rush Jet can help make things easier, but they have to be unlocked beforehand and aren't in every game.* ScrappyWeapon: [[ArchivePanic Due to how many entries there are in this series]], there will always be one or two weapons in each game that aren't very good.** The Power Stone from ''Mega Man 5''. It creates three or four rocks that make circles around the screen until they fly out of bounds. The problem? It never works like you'd want it to. It's very hard to hit anything with it and it's not as powerful as you'd think it is, making it one of the worst shield-type Special Weapons -- if not ''the'' worst.** Top Spin is easily the most iconically bad weapon in the series, requiring Mega Man to make contact with the enemy in a game with collision damage, and the weapon is insanely finicky over how much weapon energy it drains (sometimes taking the entire meter in one go) or whether it'll even work at all. [[WeaksauceWeakness It's also the final boss' weakness.]]* SelfFanservice: Several fan artists not only portray the Robot Masters as [[RidiculouslyHumanRobots so close to human]] that them being robots may as well be an InformedAttribute, but they also make them [[{{Bishonen}} significantly prettier]].* ShockingMoments: Bass's ending in ''The Power Fighters 2''; Wily gloats to Bass about a robot he's working on that will surpass Bass and destroy Mega Man, and lowers the blueprints for Bass to see. [[spoiler:It's [[VideoGame/MegaManX Zero]].]]* ThatOneAchievement:** ''Mega Man Legacy Collection'' has two related to challenges:*** "All Appearing Blocks" has you facing [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin every single appearing block section]] throughout the first six ''Mega Man'' games that the collection covers, one after the other. The hard part is that you don't have any items besides Rush Coil in the appropriate sections to help you bypass them easily. Item-2? No chance. Rush Jet? Forget it.*** The "Unstoppable" achievement, which puts you in a massive BossRush against every Robot Master from all six games... [[NoGearLevel with only your Mega Buster]]. Good luck trying to take down [[ThatOneBoss Elec Man, Ice Man, and Shadow Man among others]]. Fortunately, if you die, you just restart at the current Robot Master... except however, DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist is completely averted; [[FromBadToWorse the whole thing is on a]] '''[[TimedMission time limit]]''', something the ''Mega Man'' franchise rarely uses. Run out of time, and you have to ''start all over and your effort is for naught''. Try not to lose to the Robot Masters from ''4'', otherwise you'll lose too many seconds due to ''4'' having the slowest-filling boss energy bar (it doesn't help that it has the most grating energy-filling sound in the series).** ''Mega Man Legacy Collection 2'' has [[ThatOneBoss the infamous Wily Capsule fight from]] ''[[ThatOneBoss 7]]'' as one of that game's challenges, but it's much, much worse than the fight in ''7'' proper. The fight is the same, but what makes it difficult in the challenge is that, along with being a TimedMission, ''you don't have Energy Tanks at all'', so you have to really be a master at the game to beat it, and be able to unlock all challenges... [[BribingYourWayToVictory unless you have the Switch version and use the Mega Man amiibo to unlock additional challenges that count towards the score to bypass this challenge, that is.]]* ThatOneAttack: The Wily Capsule in ''7'' probably wouldn't have his ThatOneBoss status if it wasn't for that damn quadruple homing shot that required either pure luck or superhuman reflexes to dodge.* ThatOneBoss: [[ThatOneBoss/MegaMan It has its own page]].* ThemePairing: Given how fond the fans are of shipping Robot Masters with each other, this is a given. Some notable examples:** Quick Man x Elec Man, because both of them are confident and speedy- not to mention Quick Man was canonically based on Elec Man.** Wood Man x Plant Man, since they're both plant-based Robot Masters.** Bubble Man x Splash Woman, since they're both aquatic Robot Masters that are more suited for water than land (Bubble Man can only move on land by jumping, and Splash Woman can't move on land at all due to being a mermaid). * TheScrappy: Certain Robot Masters can end up like this if their design, level or fighting style turn out to be ridiculous or annoying. Examples include Bubble Man, Toad Man, Dust Man, Plant Man, Clown Man, Aqua Man and Sheep Man.* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot: ** [[VideoGame/MegaManII The second Game Boy game]]: Doctor Wily stole a ''time machine,'' travels thirty years into the future, kidnaps the future Mega Man, and reprograms him into Quint. What does this brilliant paradox-causing plan amount to? His boss fight consists of him jumping around on a pogo stick/jackhammer and not being particularly effective at it. There's no explanation as to what happens after you defeat him, although he shows up briefly with the rest of the Killers in ''[[VideoGame/MegaManV V]]'' (though likely as a copy). The only other game to address anything related to this is ''VideoGame/RockmanAndForteMiraiKaraNoChosensha'', one of the most obscure games in the classic series.** [[MissionControl Navi Mode]] in the ''3'' and ''4'' remakes. Not so much the concept, but rather the execution. The beings used as MissionControl for those two games each induce a LateArrivalSpoiler. [[spoiler:Proto Man in ''3'', who you fight on four occasions, and Kalinka in ''4'', who's been kidnapped. How'd she get to the radio room?]] Though it's kind of hard to have someone different in ''4'' [[spoiler:due to the fact that Proto was rescuing Kalinka. The only option left would be Roll reprising from ''2'']]. There was also a missed opportunity to use [[spoiler:the supposedly reformed Dr. Wily]] as the MissionControl for ''3''.** ''VideoGame/MegaMan3'', ''VideoGame/MegaManV'', and ''VideoGame/MegaMan8'' all introduce some level of alien involvement or presence, however the series never expands on this, the three mentioned extraterrestrial involvements don't seem connected whatsoever (the comic does do a fairly decent job at welding them together, however), and the semi-important plot point of alien robots is [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome completely dropped]] by the time ''VideoGame/MegaManX'' and beyond came along. * UncannyValley: As a general rule, Mega Man does ''not'' look good when realistically rendered, but since laughably ugly boxarts quickly became a beloved series tradition, Capcom has naturally rendered him so for kicks a good number of times. [[ One "classic" example.]]* UnfortunateCharacterDesign:** Some take note of Hard Man's strong resemblance to a beer keg. The character's costume, along with his name, gives him rather phallic undertones.** Oil Man originally resembled a blackface stereotype from the 1920s before his colors were changed overseas to hide it.* WhatAnIdiot: ''Mega Man 9'' has the Blue Bomber tricked by Dr. Wily where he believes that Dr. Light has fallen ill. Proto Man appears and flat out tells Mega Man that the Dr. Light in the cell is a robot. What does Mega Man do? He ''ignores Proto Man's warning'' on the assumption that the robot ''may'' be the real Dr. Light. Mega Man gets electrocuted as a result while Dr. Wily escapes and sets the castle to self destruct. Proto Man also gets this as he watches all this happen and refuses to lift a finger, just to make a point.* TheWoobie:** Many of the Robot Masters who are reprogrammed into villains by Wily. The Robot Masters from ''Mega Man 9'' stand out, since they were about to be scrapped for parts when Wily enslaved them.** Bubble Man, who can't walk well due to his design and has the worst weapon ever. Wily could fix his walking problems, [[KickTheDog but doesn't because]] [[{{Jerkass}} he thinks it's funny]].** Dr. Cossack, a nice guy who Wily sets up as the RedHerring for his latest scheme by ''kidnapping the man's daughter''. That's just low.** Dynamo Man from ''Mega Man & Bass'' used to have a job giving school children tours of a power plant. After King replaced his power generator to convert him into a WalkingWasteland (its energy output made him lethal to be around), he resented humanity for avoiding him and leaving him in isolation.** Also from ''Mega Man & Bass'' is Burner Man, whom King motivated to burn a forest to the ground daily by making him believe that if he didn't, a non-existent bomb inside him would blow up, destroying him.** Dr. Light as of ''VideoGame/MegaMan11''. The poor man just wanted to create truly intelligent robots, but thanks to a single moment of callousness towards Wily's Double Gear system, he's now the series' ultimate UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom, and every single bad thing that happens throughout the franchise (ultimately culminating in [[spoiler:the extinction of mankind at some point before ''VideoGame/MegaManLegends'']]) can be traced back to him.


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