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1* ComplacentGamingSyndrome: Not many players will opt to use Builders or Landlords as their effectiveness simply cannot match that of Marshals, Merchants, Clerics or Spies.** On Clerics, players are going to use them more for nostalgia removal than religious conversion. Removing nostalgia is safe, instantaneous and more importantly eliminates the spawning of loyalist rebels. In contrast, religious conversion can fail, and even kill the Cleric. ** One thing almost every player would want to do ASAP is to get their Kingdom Power up to maximum. As Kingdom Power increases, revolt risk is reduced and your income increases, which in turn allows you to store more gold before inflation sets in.** As a non-Catholic power, it is almost pointless to have Catholic vassals, as the Papacy can still ask them to lead a crusade against you. However, having the Papacy as a vassal is not an issue.* GuideDangIt: It is not stated in the manual that loyalist rebels may spawn even if the overall revolt risk is negative. This mechanic caught many players off guard.* ItsEasySoItSucks: Players have argued that it is easy to earn tons of money by securing trade deals with major powers and then use that money to build a rock-solid foundation. It doesn't help that the AI's ability to evaluate war targets is somewhat questionable, giving the player opportunities to occupy provinces when a weak AI kingdom declares war. This is more apparent when the AI demands provinces via the royal marriage system when your king dies....and your empire is vastly more powerful. The resulting war is often easy to win for the player as the AI kingdom is further weakened due to the unsuccessful demand. * ParanoiaFuel: Any Knight who's a non-royal is a possible foreign spy. The manual has a section on the list of actions your spy can do once he's successfully infiltrated a foreign court. [[OhCrap This list of actions can also happen to you and your realm.]] Spies can be detected by having a royal member with good Espionage as your spy and leaving him at home.


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